Forum Spamming and Trolling to divert attention

This section deals with forum spam and trolling. To see rants on Youtube, see Youtube Rants to distract from what Truebones is selling.
This section deals with Truebones. For his friend’s mayhem, see Friends with benefits.

Why is it our business?

  • Truebones does nothing useful except spam, spam and spam. Example: spam about iPiSoft, then later disses them and Boycott Animeeple.

  • Truebones spreads controversies and false allegations and require continuous baby-sitting from moderators who are tired of his constant private-messaging and false requests to 'ban' without proof.

  • Truebones has a history of asking to be banned, gets banned and begging to get back to the forum, or lying about it, then slander the moderators, when he does not approve of their actions. Example: Reallusion Slander Video

  • Obviously - Truebones can view these forums - but he cannot participate in them. If he creates a new account, he will get banned again.

Timeline of Bans