The 3D Hypocrites
Published on 30 May 2017

Listen  2 these Knumb skulls making threats against Truebones and conspiring to get rid of (KILL) HIM and HiS Youtube channel.

That means its pre meditated and aggravated Stalking and Public Menacing.

This is what you call Terrorists at HOME Folks, Dont worry Ive already reported this to the Police more than Once.

Thanks and Cheers from Truebones Motions Animation Studios.
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00:00  you know so so I I don't do any Mena
00:08  psychosis big norm
00:11  I mean I'm try try stop stop
00:16  no well we ignore the worst you will get
00:20  we have to get rid of this on your
00:23  system you're working
00:25  bitch I'll type it up I mean the owner
00:29  wouldn't get rid of that use them as the
00:32  go to youtube and tell YouTube to
00:35  physically take stuff in you channel
00:38  away well know what you see don't know
00:44  nope well it's not look it's not as
00:47  motions without you even advertised to
00:52  Bob Moses no boy he just advertised
00:54  slandering of me that gets on that just
00:56  what power is is this gentle right now
01:00  yeah ignoring him is this gonna make
01:03  it's gonna intensify I did I did for 36  01:06  hours I ignored them till I woke it up
01:08  or what about few hours ago and saw the
01:11  new video three-round I like that a
01:16  little colorful said he's gone for that
01:18  because now he's hope well he's been
01:21  harassing but now he's like getting
01:23  worse so yeah you gonna like if I open
01:26  another new video to kind of tame any
01:28  kind of like left me alone sorta kinda
01:31  but this new video is it is just I'm
01:35  like like this is like I'm like no do
01:40  you know that if you take it did you
01:42  take my name you slandered it for no
01:44  apparent reason other the fact you think
01:46  I'm doing silky dumb not on this one

Key Points

  • Truebones false claims.