Beware of Truebones

Truebones talking about a fake DMCA notice from Parker Poe
Figure 1. Truebones talking about a fake DMCA notice from Parker Poe. Notice the words 'scammers' :)

Truebones doesn’t know how to file a DMCA counter-notice to get back his best-selling FortNite motions. He used to make US$10,000 a month selling stolen content (Proof).

What’s New

October 4th 2021 - Don’t buy game-rips from Joe. Nobody buys game-rips. That is dishonest work.

August 1st 2021 - Truebones is served a PPO (Personal Protection Order). Truebones constantly flout it. When will he learn?

August 2nd 2020 - Truebones gets Magic seven YouTube accounts terminated (updated).

Figure 2. Truebones YouTube account termination #1
Figure 3. Truebones YouTube account termination #2

August 1st 2020 - Truebones removed from Vimeo

June 20th 2020 - Truebones baits the race-card. See what’s discovered?

Truebones Youtube Channel only does live-streams slander, defamation, libel, threatening to take-down content via DMCA notices. After many, many complaints, his two channels were taken down.

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