Predator Vision

Truebones is scam mo-cap studio that uses non-standard, pirated or express version of iPiSoft.

Truebones plays back recordings of iPiSoft. He does not show himself recording, or using iPi Recording.

Some reasons why?

Figure 1. Error exporting MoCap
iPi Soft
Figure 2. Chatbox messages asking why Truebones is using Expired version of iPiSoft

Other people using iPiSoft, they use iPiSoft FIRST to record the content, then play-back in iPi Motion Studio.

iPi Studio Wiki
Figure 3. iPi Recorder is required (from iPi Wiki)
iPi Recorder
Figure 4. iPi Recorder is required prior to using iPi Motion Studio

What Truebones does, is dance infront of the motion-capture, pretending to do mo-cap and pretending to export out his motions.

Truebones has the EXPRESS version of iPiSoft and EXPIRED version BIO MECH.

iPi Recorder
Figure 5. iPi Recorder

Since Truebones only has EXPRESS version, join-rotations are disabled

Figure 6. Joint Rotation are disabled

Do you believe that Truebones is able to make all the motions?