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Published on Oct 6, 2018

THE LIES are YELLOW! A Documentary Film by Joe McPeek

00:00 hi everyone its Joe mcpeak with true
00:04 bones motions and today I'm going to
00:09 show you why the lie is yellow and I'm
00:14 going to expose a mass theft and
00:16 conspiracy now when I use the word
00:20 conspiracy that doesn't mean some
00:23 outlandish plan that's been hatched by
00:27 some mad scientist all the word
00:30 conspiracy means is that more than one
00:33 people were involved in a crime and they
00:36 don't even have to know if they were
00:39 part of the crime in order to prove a
00:43 conspiracy
00:44 you only need to catch a lie from one
00:46 person so we're gonna expose what I call
00:50 a mass theft and I'm gonna show you the
00:53 actors involved I'm gonna show you the
00:55 people involve the companies involved
00:57 how they pretty much there they're not
01:00 even that smart let's put it that way
01:02 they don't even know that they committed
01:05 a crime so we're gonna lay it out all on
01:08 the table and show you what exactly has
01:11 happened and why it's very important
01:15 that we put a stop to this okay so first
01:19 I'm going to open annum and this is part
01:24 of why the lie is yellow so this whole
01:28 thing has a yellow tone to it I don't
01:31 know if that's because it's cowardly or
01:33 that somebody's mad anam Street as you
01:38 probably know is a website that has
01:41 animations if you look right here it
01:43 says true bones so obviously true bones
01:47 used to be here except that true bones
01:50 was here at the beginning when there was
01:52 no downloads and no clips and no members
01:55 basically what you can do is you can
01:58 come here and log in and download
02:01 motions now where are these motions from
02:03 guess what yeah you know it these are
02:06 all stolen motions not only from true
02:09 bones but from miksa MO and they even
02:12 have this
02:13 emu motions in here so as you notice
02:16 true bones is logged in there are no
02:19 true bones motions in here
02:21 they've all been deleted why because I
02:24 demanded that they deleted them because
02:27 what they did is they put a free button
02:30 on there and just gave away all of my
02:32 emotions that I had spent years and
02:35 years and years uploading I come here
02:38 one day and it says free on all of my
02:40 emotions and I'm like what's going on
02:42 here so I'm gonna click on the true
02:44 bones it says I've been a member for
02:46 five years and forty six weeks my clips
02:50 so I'm gonna hit my clips there aren't
02:53 any there used to be 24,000 of them in
02:56 here then you can deposit with your
03:00 paypal into a wallet so here's my wallet
03:04 details where my account is my profile
03:07 oh my my file downloads okay so here you
03:12 see all the things that people have
03:16 purchased from me and as you can see
03:18 it's all 0 0 0 1 so as you see I sold a
03:27 bunch in here and for some reason I come
03:30 here one day and they're all gone I come
03:34 here one day and it says free on every
03:36 button I went through the roof so I
03:39 demanded that he delete all of my
03:42 motions because he was just giving him
03:44 all the way for free and this stems from
03:48 the Unreal site by the way because I had
03:52 posted on the Unreal forum my offering
03:56 of motions to the Unreal community and
03:59 we're gonna go show you where they ended
04:01 up in the Unreal community so just know
04:05 in particular that Adam Street really
04:09 took advantage of true bones generosity
04:12 not only that true bones helped start
04:14 this site true bones who was the biggest
04:17 seller and biggest attractor for all of
04:20 these members so technically these are
04:24 all true bones customers anyways chilli
04:26 there was
04:27 only three vendors on here and true
04:30 bones was 99.9% of all of it also you
04:34 see here that they have a tutorial so
04:38 when you play the tutorial and we've
04:40 already done that before it shows you
04:42 how to use true bones so basically the
04:46 even made a tutorial of how to steal and
04:49 use true bones without my permission so
04:55 now that you see that this is yellow
04:57 it's yellow because I think they're
05:00 cowards we're gonna go over to YouTube
05:03 real quick and I'm gonna show you I
05:04 Kinema and how I Kenema fits into all
05:07 this ok so here we are at the ikinema
05:10 results in YouTube and right away you
05:13 see that they have a new website called
05:15 ikinema support that only has 33 and the
05:20 guy is blue and there's elephants then
05:23 you got another website here that's just
05:26 I can't mom it's yellow so what we're
05:29 gonna do first is we're gonna go into
05:31 the ikinema site and show you how
05:34 there's so much yellow in here I know
05:37 you're thinking what do you mean yellow
05:39 what do you mean yellow well this is the
05:41 cover-up color for the mass theft so I
05:48 started going through these and I
05:51 noticed that they say live action but
05:54 when you actually go there they're just
05:56 using true bones they're not using live
05:59 action
06:00 so the perpetuating of fraud as you see
06:04 it's all yellow right yellow yellow
06:06 yellow yellow yellow yellow though the
06:09 whole lie is yellow where did they get
06:11 all these motions you can guess it they
06:14 stole them right off of the Anam street
06:17 it's a mass theft of like 24,000 motions
06:23 look at this look how look house look at
06:27 this spectacle it's just it's just a
06:32 complete spectacle anywhere you see
06:35 motions or animals
06:38 guess where they got those guess where
06:45 they got him they got him from me they
06:46 got him from mr. bones true bones they
06:49 didn't ask permission to use elephants
06:52 and motions in their videos and that's
06:55 all they're doing now I know you're
06:59 probably thinking sure Joe you really
07:01 don't know what you're talking about
07:03 but you know what I was I kin a'mma
07:05 employee for six years I do know what
07:09 I'm talking about and what I'm talking
07:11 about here is a mass theft of
07:14 intellectual property if you see
07:17 anything that's an animal or anything
07:19 that remotely looks like true bones
07:22 it was probably stolen why would they
07:24 paint a wolf yellow quadrupeds I don't
07:28 know if you recall Mick's mo requesting
07:30 quadrupeds everybody send us your
07:32 quadrupeds so this elephant here guess
07:39 where it came from
07:39 true bones one day I saw all this and I
07:43 just couldn't believe it
07:45 so I really had to do my homework and
07:47 look further into it and all this stuff
07:54 basically was stolen because I tried to
08:01 contact ikinema and they don't return my
08:03 calls it's like they're like we don't
08:05 know who you are I'm like I'm Joe I'm
08:08 the developer that worked on this for
08:10 six years and they're like we don't know
08:13 any Joe so it's just they're covering up
08:15 a mass theft and I'm bringing light to
08:17 it right now today and I think it's
08:20 right about here where the elephant is
08:23 that I was banned off the Unreal forum
08:27 so I kind of put two and two together is
08:30 I kendama just kind of shoved me out of
08:33 the way so they could exploit my content
08:37 and use it so they can make a bunch of
08:40 money I mean it's no coincidence it's
08:44 very obvious actually I mean I'm not
08:48 even worried about it really but I just
08:51 need to call it
08:52 mentioned to it first and show you that
08:55 this is some really bug stuff after he
08:59 started putting up the elephants and
09:00 yellow people I was banned from unreal
09:04 how convenient right so now when you go
09:07 into the unreal forum you see that I
09:11 Kinema is spamming all over the forum
09:14 they're spamming what's called a runtime
09:17 stole the runtime from was web animate
09:21 so they basically bastardized web
09:24 animate the desktop version stole all
09:28 the good money-making bits out of it and
09:31 push mr. bones out of the way of the
09:34 marketplace so they're part of this
09:37 conspiracy see right there
09:40 I Kinema there's true bones so they
09:46 can't hide from it anymore and they
09:48 really think that they're just gonna sit
09:50 behind a keyboard and hide from the fact
09:52 of what they did and what they did was
09:55 inhumane I just want you to know when
09:58 you go to the ikinema YouTube anything
10:02 that's an animal or yellow is a lie so
10:05 basically right around here is where
10:08 they pushed true bones out of the market
10:11 and they got a little bit too big for
10:14 their britches see stolen stolen stolen
10:16 stolen stolen stolen stolen stolen
10:18 stolen why would they make it yellow I
10:21 mean I'm just saying it's because
10:24 they're cowards that's exactly why they
10:26 made it yellow they thought they could
10:28 pull a fast one over your eyes and just
10:31 paint it yellow and maybe they won't
10:34 notice all of these are just loaded with
10:37 lies
10:38 they're not even retargeting setups with
10:42 motion capture they're just putting true
10:44 bones and then they're using true bones
10:47 and not only that but if you look in
10:50 their video here they're using true
10:52 bones in their video right there you see
10:57 that boxing walk and also if if it
11:04 scrolled up it was
11:06 Keith Moon and that was a drummer motion
11:09 that I made with Kinect so when you
11:12 download ikinema guess what my emotions
11:15 are inside of it they don't even know it
11:17 well I think they do know it and they
11:20 purposely stole true bones content to
11:23 put in their web animate that I worked
11:26 on so I've showed you I Kinema and I've
11:29 showed you anima Street and they're both
11:33 yellow so now you know why the lie is
11:36 yellow now let's come over here to this
11:38 unity3d scammer blog now this guy was a
11:43 guy that I thought was just a slander
11:46 troll because at first he was like oh
11:48 true bones is a thief and he stole all
11:50 his motions and bla bla bla bla but then
11:53 he did his own investigation and found
11:55 out the truth so this is what he said
11:57 after finding out the truth a slander
12:00 troll that changed his mind truth from
12:03 the bones the blog did fact check the
12:06 allegations against Jo and were found
12:08 false Jo or true bones is a victim of an
12:12 elaborate conspiracy where Jo offended
12:15 several scam artists and they conspired
12:19 to ruin his reputation this happened on
12:22 the unity and recently unreal forums
12:25 blog is going after the hardcore
12:28 dishonest lying cheating scammers who
12:31 don't have much of art or coding
12:33 portfolios not the average Jo person the
12:37 statement is as follows
12:39 number one mocap and animation is per
12:43 specific to the character and
12:45 retargeting is expected many of the true
12:49 bones customers were disappointed as the
12:51 bought animations were not to their
12:53 expectations I did check out the true
12:56 bones and there were a reasonable
12:58 quality yeah like it won't fulfill every
13:01 situation what would suit most general
13:04 needs customers disappointed with this
13:07 should do their own mocap and own
13:09 rigging own animations to see how hard
13:12 it is many of the allegations stem from
13:14 the reselling of cleaned up Carnegie
13:17 Mellon University animation
13:19 Tiles true bones has stopped doing this
13:22 okay so I showed you over on the annum
13:26 Street site that they have all the
13:29 Carnegie Mellon animation files they
13:32 were retargeted they weren't resold we
13:35 were just including them as a free bonus
13:37 the people who conspired are stated
13:39 things against true bones don't have
13:41 much of a portfolio they are in
13:44 moderator or positions where they can
13:46 pull a moderator to ban or make an
13:49 infraction against true bones the Unreal
13:51 forum moderators do disservice to the
13:54 community by allowing scammers such as
13:56 Steven Davis who scams on the unity
13:59 forums to do they're dishonest dealings
14:02 then delete the forum post while the
14:04 true bones person is banned and that's
14:07 true also because you saw over yesterday
14:10 on the unity forum how they got the
14:13 moderator to do their dirty work the
14:16 Unreal forum moderators allows scammers
14:19 to create alternative accounts then
14:21 later delete the forum post against them
14:23 while true bones posts are left there
14:26 for commenting against true bones
14:29 the reputation of the scam artists are
14:31 usually protected and blameless the
14:33 Unreal forum moderators allow scammers
14:36 to ask for a free work with proofs when
14:39 the artists complain or don't comply the
14:41 artists give bans instead while the scam
14:44 artists are protected by his moderator
14:47 friends so then I put down here can you
14:50 also address the unity forum disaster
14:52 just type true bones into google and you
14:55 will see that someone has built a forum
14:57 bug to refresh every 5 seconds that
15:00 thread therefore drives it to the top of
15:03 google otherwise it would have faded out
15:05 because it's a lock thread from three
15:07 years ago
15:08 thanks so I wanted to show you again
15:13 anam street so you know that true bones
15:17 had 24,000 clips on here
15:20 he came and discovered that they were
15:23 all being given away free where were
15:26 they begin away free at the Unreal forum
15:30 so my question is
15:32 is anybody who downloaded all of those
15:35 motions for free where did they go I'll
15:39 show you where they went so now we got
15:42 to go back over to mix ammo not their
15:46 motions store we know those are all
15:48 stolen we're going to the forum okay so
15:51 here we are at the forum licensing
15:54 royalties ownership EULA this is what I
15:57 was looking for and why would this one
15:59 go on for 58 comments so we showed you a
16:03 little bit of this yesterday and how
16:05 it's just ridiculous
16:08 how they can't answer the question so
16:12 we're gonna go in here and I'm just
16:14 gonna show you really quick the part
16:16 that says we do not claim ownership
16:18 ownership you retain all rights and
16:22 ownership of your content we do not
16:25 claim any ownership rights to your
16:27 content this spells it all out perfectly
16:31 they say that they don't own it
16:34 when you go to their website it says you
16:39 own this so it's all just a bunch of
16:41 legal jargon designed to confuse you if
16:44 they don't claim any ownership rights to
16:47 your content then why does Jeannette
16:49 Mathew say this our only requirement is
16:52 that the content not be distributed in
16:55 an editable format so unless the viewers
16:57 can download the data and edit your good
17:00 she's always said that but it's wrong
17:03 because she can't make claims to
17:06 ownership when she says our she means
17:09 the criminals she works for and she's
17:12 just being paid to say that that's all
17:15 she does she's just a parrot she just
17:17 sits there and answers the question and
17:19 says this every single time even after
17:22 let me show you this even after this guy
17:26 Jacob Cecil I found out he's the biggest
17:30 thief of all so he comes in here and
17:33 Janette doesn't answer the question I
17:38 caught this guy reselling my animation
17:41 packs which changed animation names
17:46 notice he has four down votes then I
17:49 realized he resells miksa mo animations
17:52 - and charges money for it he has a
17:55 growing YouTube channel and uh links to
17:58 his pirate animation store now to save
18:02 us some time I already went and checked
18:03 all this out and it's totally legit he's
18:06 not doing anything of the sort what it
18:09 is is this guy's covering up for his own
18:11 crime and we'll go see his crime in a
18:14 moment
18:15 the accused comes in and defends himself
18:17 he says in reply I have been brought to
18:20 attention that he has been slandering my
18:22 name all over the Internet the
18:23 animations I use privately are as the
18:26 mix MO requires me to and I do not
18:28 redistribute nor sell the products well
18:32 you know what that wasn't really his
18:34 business anyway what products you sell
18:37 yes I use the assets on my YouTube but
18:40 that's for demonstration purposes and if
18:42 the viewers want to download the assets
18:44 I provide links in the descriptions I
18:46 would appreciate if mix ammo would
18:48 remove Kiesel Jacobs slanders comment
18:51 from the site right that's what I wanted
18:55 that's that's what I wanted you know get
18:59 rid of this guy he's just a slob he's
19:02 just a criminal and he goes you remove
19:05 the files good this is no slander you
19:08 did it and I am on to you because you
19:10 were redistributing my animations from
19:13 movement animset Pro so that's what I
19:16 put into YouTube and he's so busted
19:19 hidden as films from professional
19:22 animation your YouTube audience told me
19:25 about it
19:26 did you think I would stand by and watch
19:28 why you keep doing it to other animators
19:30 I'm willing to let this go if you simply
19:33 stop talking now and never do it again
19:35 it is okay if Mik Samoa moves post I
19:38 wish you no further harm
19:39 you can still Google those links I have
19:42 screenshots don't make me do this
19:45 go away this guy's being like a
19:48 terrorist so I did a little sleuthing of
19:52 my own and when you go to youtube and
19:55 put in movement animset Pro
19:59 you're not gonna believe it then the guy
20:01 goes did what all you did is linked to
20:04 three 404 pages well done
20:07 can any admin remove this comment I
20:10 won't need to post here anymore and I
20:12 haven't done anything wrong and the
20:14 admin can verify that so you'd think
20:17 where's Jeanette to straighten this out
20:19 right
20:19 well Jeanette works for Adobe she
20:22 doesn't work for a mixin Mouse so she
20:23 can't get in the middle of mixing most
20:25 stuff and then I say I see where he did
20:28 no wrong admin please remove those
20:30 slanderous comments and the ones from my
20:32 attacker as well because I had a little
20:34 tiff on the previous page then somebody
20:37 comes in and asks a question that is
20:39 totally irrelevant to the big problem
20:44 going on up here she acts like nothing
20:46 happens and she goes like this selling
20:49 the spritesheet is fine as long as the
20:51 3d models animation data are not
20:53 accessible it's good to go she said that
20:56 about 50 times so that leads me to
20:58 believe that's what they're trying to
21:00 hide only requirement is that the
21:02 content not be distributed in an
21:04 editable format so the viewers cannot
21:06 download the data and edit it you're
21:08 good that's the last time that she said
21:11 that it had nothing to do with this
21:13 let's go over to YouTube and show you
21:16 what kind of criminal this guy is if
21:19 you're wondering where all the
21:21 animations went from Anam Street they
21:26 went to the Unreal forum and check this
21:29 out they're pretending that they have a
21:32 motion capture system and they don't and
21:34 not only that they're using as you
21:38 probably guessed true bones content true
21:44 bones motions and reselling them so it's
21:48 not that this guy look at this guy I
21:54 caught this guy reselling my animations
21:57 with changed animation names hey guess
22:04 what I caught this guy stealing true
22:07 bones
22:12 so I just wanted to show everybody the
22:15 truth all of these motions were stolen
22:18 and true bones was pushed out of the way
22:23 without him even with without any of his
22:27 knowledge all of this was going on so
22:30 it's not that anybody was really smart
22:33 in this situation it's just I've
22:35 uncovered the conspiracy and it's all
22:39 right here in black and white so look at
22:42 this I mean I'm honored that true bones
22:46 made it into a video game but this is
22:48 ridiculous I love those I love those
22:54 true bones motions pretty cool pretty
23:03 cool so now that you know the truth I'm
23:07 not sure what I would want you to do I
23:11 would post informs this video I would
23:17 write a letter to the content Community
23:20 Managers of unity and unreal or even
23:24 perhaps the CEO of unity and unreal I've
23:29 already contacted them they don't want
23:31 to talk to me they're part of the
23:33 cover-up I actually called the CEO of
23:38 unity3d
23:39 he said don't do anything stupid like a
23:43 criminal
23:43 thanks for watching I hope this is
23:46 enough information to get you going if
23:48 we find out any more hardcore details
23:51 we'll be sure to put them in the next
23:53 video
23:54 oh see right here a quick scene in ue4
23:57 made some raw mocap data from
23:59 yesterday's sessions animations are
24:01 mostly for my for my own game aliens
24:04 trolls and Dragons but will be available
24:06 for sale on the Unreal and unity asset
24:09 store so this is the guy who pretty much
24:12 decided that true bones wasn't going to
24:15 be doing any business in the community
24:17 pushed him aside and set up shop with
24:21 illegal data
24:23 and believe me I know a true bones when
24:26 I see it these are not his own motions
24:30 pretty bad huh you seen the trail the
24:36 trail starts at Anam Street it goes
24:40 through I Kinema it ended up on the
24:43 Unreal forum which produced this as a
24:46 spawn this crime the sword animset pro
24:51 look at this these are stolen motions
24:55 and he's on the unity and unreal store
25:00 spamming it all over the forums look at
25:04 that I know that such this guy is
25:07 included oh my goodness okay so that's
25:13 enough for now
25:14 and we will have more soon believe me
25:17 thank you for watching we really
25:19 appreciate your support thanks for
25:22 visiting true bones

iPi is a Yellow Snow Job A Documentary Film by Joe McPeek Pt 2

00:00 everyone its Joe with true bones and
00:02 today we're gonna finish part two of the
00:06 lies yellow with perhaps the most yellow
00:09 of them all I pie soft so I want to show
00:14 you the scam going on here first of all
00:17 I don't know if you remember but true
00:20 bones used to sell I pie soft
00:22 in fact in its first year it's sold over
00:25 a hundred and fifty copies true bones
00:28 used to be on the best of terms with I
00:30 pi saw but after true bones sold a
00:34 hundred and fifty copies of their
00:36 software they got just a little bit too
00:38 greedy and they tried to steal part of
00:41 true bones Commission one day I received
00:45 a email from the CEO of I PI soft and it
00:50 says we have decided to break our
00:54 agreement so they said it was because I
00:58 didn't pay them enough my side of the
01:01 story is is that they didn't pay me
01:03 enough because they kind of cheated me
01:06 so after that I was banned off the forum
01:11 although they let me come back and get
01:13 back on the forum and they were also
01:16 letting me enter the monthly animation
01:19 contest so I just want to show you
01:21 really quickly why all of this is pretty
01:24 much a lie okay so let's just take it
01:26 one screen at a time this screen shows
01:29 that I PI supports motion transfer and
01:32 exports it to many popular formats well
01:35 you know what true bones used to be on
01:38 here is it used to say true bones
01:40 compatible but they took true bones off
01:44 of here it says with iPad motion capture
01:46 you can create realistic animations in a
01:49 matter of minutes that's not true
01:51 it's a lengthy process it takes hours
01:54 this one says with iPad motion capture
01:56 you can create realistic animations in a
01:59 matter of minutes that's not true
02:01 it says iPad motion capture is a tool to
02:04 track three human body motions and
02:07 produce 3d animation that's kind of
02:11 close I PI supports off the
02:13 self cameras depth sensors and motion
02:16 controllers yes it does support it but
02:19 only in Russian so you saw that the
02:22 first five slides were a lie now let's
02:26 go ahead and go to the gallery I'll show
02:28 you something else
02:29 the promo video okay what I'm saying is
02:34 you look through all of these demo
02:37 videos I'm going where's the true bones
02:41 where's the true bones I'd say half of
02:46 these people probably bought true bones
02:48 or bought I PI from true bones so
02:52 technically at least half of these
02:54 projects are true bones customers
02:58 probably so my question is if true bones
03:02 sold a hundred and fifty copies of I PI
03:06 in one like two months then where are
03:12 all the true bones movies they're not
03:15 going to be here because they were
03:16 removed why the true bones movies were
03:20 removed because they said that I cheated
03:24 on the monthly contest so I'll show you
03:27 right here my entries into the monthly
03:31 contest and where they say I cheated oh
03:33 here it is
03:35 don't miss your chance to win an iPad
03:38 mocap Pro your subscription in our
03:40 quarterly contest how to win okay that's
03:45 gonna come up in just a minute I'm gonna
03:47 show you how they Hawk true bones
03:51 customers and try to get them to enter
03:53 their contest so we got to go way way
03:56 way way back to where they banned true
04:00 bones so I'm gonna press September of
04:02 2015 I think we're getting closer
04:05 because I'm starting to see some true
04:07 bones stuff in here happy Halloween and
04:10 I remember this one it looked exactly
04:13 like true bones motions there's a
04:15 removed one they probably called him a
04:18 cheater too and oh by the way these
04:21 aren't just hundreds of videos that
04:24 we're looking at
04:25 we're looking at hundreds of crimes
04:27 because everything here is illegitimate
04:31 everything is like partly stolen from
04:34 true bones and half done with IPI soft
04:38 so just going back to the part
04:41 so it'll prove that true bones used to
04:46 be a entrant into this contest aha I
04:51 found it it's right here
04:53 it's the May contest entry Joseph mcpeak
04:57 that's me mr. bones so you see that on
05:01 5:23 of 2013 this is right before they
05:06 perma banned me from the contest they
05:09 sent me an email that said you have been
05:12 banned for life for cheating on the
05:16 monthly contest and in fact they even
05:19 had it listed in here they even had it
05:22 listed in here I used to say this user
05:25 has been banned for cheating so I just
05:29 want to show you where the life starts
05:30 and ends so when we look at this
05:33 animation it shows that I opened a bvh
05:37 file inside I pie and I skipped the
05:40 whole connect process that's why
05:43 everybody was asking me about the feet
05:46 hmm your foot trekking is really solid
05:49 mine is really jittery and slippery did
05:52 use something other than I pie I said no
05:54 I used I pie and technically I did I
05:59 used I pie I opened up a BVH inside I
06:03 pie serve this as a warning you don't
06:05 want to use I pie if you're entering the
06:08 I pie contest because they just might
06:11 ban you speaking of fans I can now show
06:14 you this picture and it says you have
06:18 permanently been banned from this board
06:20 please contact the board administrator
06:22 for more information reason given
06:26 offensive comments on YouTube a ban has
06:30 been issued on your username okay so
06:33 they've let me come back to this forum
06:35 like two or three times already and
06:38 usually it says you have been banned for
06:41 spam this is a new one offensive
06:44 comments on YouTube you know at least
06:47 you're just dealing with liars so let's
06:50 go back to the I PI site now here we are
06:52 back at the I PI site so let's say you
06:56 want to buy this thing so go to the
06:58 store and this is perhaps the biggest
07:00 lie entry-level configuration that works
07:04 with one depth sensor connect to or
07:06 connect easy to use but applicable for
07:09 relatively simple emotions without
07:12 rotation without rotations now how many
07:17 times have I made a movie that showed
07:19 you that you could do it with one Kinect
07:23 you don't need to so that kind of shows
07:27 you how greedy they are really because
07:31 the difference between one and two is
07:33 like hundreds of dollars so let's say
07:37 you wanted to use to connect tubes you
07:40 would have to get two computers they
07:42 don't say that here if that's misleading
07:44 now these little icons of connects are
07:48 to connect to so that's false
07:51 advertising right there and then they
07:53 say without rotations that means you
07:56 have to get to because everybody wants
07:59 rotations right and then it says for
08:02 three months a hundred and sixty-five or
08:06 695 but if you want to go pro that means
08:11 you need four computers it'll never work
08:15 that's what I'm saying is it's such
08:18 overkill you definitely don't want to do
08:20 this if you want to do this just do this
08:24 $45 they're lying to you right here
08:28 without rotations big fat lie big fat
08:31 lie so when we go into the community
08:35 here you're gonna see how they pretend
08:37 that they just don't know people and
08:40 here there's a thread regarding how you
08:43 can load into AI pi a BVH but nowhere
08:48 does it say that you would get banned
08:51 for it
08:51 so if you look under the thread can no
08:54 longer load a BVH or FBX file into I pi
08:57 okay here it says I used the xbox360 and
09:01 did a mocap there was barely any yellow
09:04 and when I tracked my dude his arms and
09:06 legs go everywhere how can I fix this so
09:09 look at the immature response here
09:11 probably you did not do initial
09:13 alignment of model with point-cloud
09:15 that's false - you know why because it
09:18 doesn't matter if you have one connect
09:20 two connects or 10 connects you'll
09:24 always have to put the arms back on for
09:27 them to claim that everything's perfect
09:30 with I pi is pretty far-fetched if you
09:35 ask me does anyone use just one connect
09:39 and then click on it it says I only use
09:45 one connect V 2 to great effect in a
09:49 link to it proves that you don't need
09:53 two connects you don't need three
09:55 connects and you don't need 10 connects
09:58 and 10 computers I just wanted to show
10:00 you a little bit of the jive going on
10:02 here a type I soft and show you that it
10:05 doesn't make sense now they have a
10:08 support wiki that has video tutorials
10:13 and they actually used one of true bones
10:19 and they hit it down in their Wikipedia
10:22 so eventually if you really get into
10:25 this somewhere on this site it has a
10:30 stolen true bones video that explains
10:33 how to use I PI soft and I've asked them
10:39 to take it down and and they actually
10:41 hit it in their site I can't find it
10:46 right this moment but trust me it's in
10:48 there somewhere so I just wanted to show
10:53 you some of the lies I mean it just goes
10:57 on and on and on forever so if true
11:01 bones used to be on here and used to be
11:02 on their home page in their graphics
11:05 in their support and now they're not and
11:10 they removed his his videos from the
11:13 gallery and pretended that he doesn't
11:16 even exist maybe in the next video I can
11:20 show you the emails but we'll save that
11:24 for another time let's let this one soak
11:27 in oh and I almost forgot I need to say
11:30 one more thing before I go if you would
11:34 like you can actually ask them where's
11:37 true bones
11:39 and they might get a little nervous but
11:43 you can go to the community forum and
11:45 pose a question there or you can just
11:49 send an email to I PI a type I soft comm
11:53 they'll get the message but as it stands
11:58 they keep banning they keep banning and
12:02 banning and banning and it just makes
12:05 them look bad you know what I mean I
12:07 mean true bones wasn't cheating when he
12:11 entered that in the contest to get an
12:14 email back from the guy that's he says
12:18 you've been banned forever for cheating
12:21 he sounds really desperate like he has
12:25 no self esteem or something so anyways
12:27 just wanted to keep everybody updated Oh
12:32 another thing one more thing is I would
12:36 ask for a refund that's all you have to
12:39 do is ask for a refund if you use PayPal
12:42 make a PayPal claim this is all false
12:46 advertising you don't need all this and
12:49 they got everybody snookered into
12:51 thinking that they need 10 computers and
12:54 10 connects for the same thing you can
12:57 get for $45 they want you to spend
12:59 thousands thousands so save your money
13:03 don't go to the show and don't you eat
13:05 that yellow snow because motion capture
13:10 for them
13:15 I'll let you fill in the blank

And in the Yellow Trunks, Dirty Russians and iPiSoft LIES Pt 3

00:04 hey everyone its Joe with true bones and
00:08 today I want to talk to you about
00:11 something that is really just not right
00:15 gonna put it into it what it is is
00:19 remember yesterday when we were talking
00:22 about I pie soft and there were some
00:26 lies that I pointed out however some of
00:29 those might have been debatable however
00:32 I returned to the forum and saw that
00:36 although I had been permanently banned
00:39 and they didn't block my IP address so I
00:42 can still see what the threads are in
00:45 there so the first thing I did is I I
00:48 went and I looked for the most recent
00:50 thread and I just want to point out this
00:53 this I mean I don't know what to call it
00:56 except stupid so I'm gonna show you
00:59 really quick that this is what
01:02 corruption does to people these people
01:06 got their heads so far up that they
01:09 don't even know what's going on and
01:11 they're just spouting lie after lie now
01:16 this is under new members so this is how
01:21 they're treating potential new customers
01:24 his first post it's Rick he says hi I
01:28 was wondering if it's possible to import
01:30 animation from sfm via DMX into I PI
01:36 soft and then re export it as bvh for
01:40 use in another software now this is
01:42 probably Rick's first question in his
01:44 whole life about animation so how does
01:47 this guy handle it no it is not possible
01:52 I pad mocap studio is not a retargeting
01:55 tool it supports retargeting only for
01:59 animations of its built-in character
02:01 that usually means animations that would
02:05 have previously exported from mocap
02:08 projects without retargeting with
02:11 arbitrary anime
02:12 since mocap studio can do virtually
02:15 nothing except playing them you know
02:20 what that sounds like it sounds like one
02:23 day they banned me from the board in the
02:27 second day they're already picking on
02:30 people that's the biggest lie I've ever
02:32 heard
02:33 not a retargeting tool I mean okay so
02:37 import into I PI soft now we'll go back
02:42 over to this other thread under issues
02:45 it's the same topic can no longer load a
02:48 bvh or FBX file into I PI so what do
02:53 they say here so let's go in and see
02:56 where the discrepancy is is on one page
02:59 they say one thing about it on the other
03:02 page they say another thing about it can
03:05 no longer load a bvh into I PI in
03:08 version 2 I'm able to import a bvh or
03:11 FBX it loads on to the armature from
03:13 there I could export in version 3 this
03:16 important functionality has recently
03:18 been written out do you need a video for
03:21 me to explain then snaps who is probably
03:27 the most vocal of everybody on the I PI
03:31 forum says I don't know if it's been
03:33 recently written out and then it goes
03:39 down here and we're gonna see what the
03:42 man says from Russia when opening an
03:46 animation only applies to a model of
03:48 structure bone names Matz exactly
03:51 otherwise animation is applied to
03:53 separate character I do not remember any
03:58 changes in the behavior in recent years
04:01 however there were changes in the bone
04:06 structure model so it goes on for three
04:11 pages so he goes okay I've studied the
04:16 code I admit I was wrong here under the
04:19 conditions which imported animation is
04:21 considered native as the building
04:24 so what happened - no it doesn't work
04:29 over on this other page
04:32 why didn't he point him to this thread
04:35 because if it didn't work but then why
04:40 would this guy post these and proof of
04:45 it so when you open these links advanced
04:49 mocap retargeting and all it is is
04:52 retargeting so for the guy in the I PI
04:57 form to say that it's a not a
04:58 retargeting tool look at this
05:02 I'm dragging dropping characters onto
05:03 the animation loading animal owning
05:07 animations and look it does have SMD
05:11 import so it is possible to import an
05:14 SMD so I just wanted to show you a
05:18 continuation of the I pile eyes here's
05:23 retargeting in I pie with drag-and-drop
05:26 characters for them to say it's not a
05:31 retargeting tool is kind of confusing so
05:34 let's go back to where he says it's not
05:36 a retargeting tool import animation into
05:40 IPI soft no it's not possible
05:46 I pie is not a retargeting tool what is
05:50 this guy insane I know he's not very
05:54 smart but what is he insane here he says
05:59 it's not possible on the other thread he
06:02 goes on for pages what I think it is is
06:04 they might have put on the VR helmets
06:07 and forgot who they are and went to the
06:10 moon or something but these Russians are
06:13 virtually out of their head so I just
06:17 wanted to show it to you really quick if
06:19 I see any more of this I will be sure to
06:22 point it out really quick
06:23 thanks oh but one more thing before I go
06:27 I took one more look back before I stop
06:32 this video and I realized that the
06:36 reason given for
06:37 ban offensive comments on YouTube wasn't
06:41 because they were offensive it was
06:43 because they were true so I went back to
06:47 the forum and there's this thread here
06:51 called Kinect for Windows v2 sensor
06:54 hello I understood that Kinect v2 for
06:58 Xbox is not supported due to
07:00 incompatible connection type
07:02 so that means Kinect for Windows v2 is
07:05 supported please confirm and it says
07:10 Kinect for to will be supported in I pi
07:13 in a few days this is in 2014 Microsoft
07:18 plans to release the adapter for the
07:21 Xbox he goes I got it thank you very
07:23 much then he says I have a Kinect for v2
07:26 but it's not trekking when the character
07:29 is falling running slip and fall back
07:31 backflip anything which has a rotation
07:35 it's not working do I need more Kinect
07:38 how many can I add can I mix Xbox with
07:41 Windows 2 or do any ps3 or rotational
07:45 360 animation please guide me so what
07:49 does the dirty Russian say to the newbie
07:52 yes
07:54 you cannot track rotations and other
07:57 complex motions with a single Kinect you
08:01 need at least two sensors for that a max
08:04 of 3 Connect one are supported however
08:09 currently only single Kinect who is
08:13 supported
08:13 due to its limitations of the Kinect SDK
08:18 we will be distributed recording feature
08:21 later this year so you will be able to
08:24 record from multiple connect to where
08:26 multiple pcs connect to cannot be mixed
08:30 with Kinect one this guy's just talking
08:34 out the side of his trumpet and he's
08:37 just bold-faced lies so it just keeps
08:41 going on and on and on then down here at
08:45 the bottom it says um I hate to be the
08:48 bearer of bad news but
08:51 you don't need to connects to get full
08:55 360 rotations
08:56 let's take a look oh that's why they're
09:04 so dense they forgot to take off their
09:08 VR helmets
09:10 okay so going through over here let's
09:14 see this can't do rotations huh well
09:19 this guy shows that you can and he's
09:23 using one Kinect too so watch this guy
09:32 show you that you can do 360 spins you
09:36 can do flips you can do anything
09:39 so I don't know why they are so dense
09:44 over there wait a minute I dunno why
09:46 they're so dense here it's because they
09:50 want you to buy a bunch of stuff the
09:53 more the more money they make right so
09:56 they just lie to your face and say no
09:58 and people go oh okay well here's my
10:02 wallet and take all the money I got so
10:06 even here it says you should use a
10:09 distributed recording feature for that
10:12 and that's a total lie because you don't
10:15 need distributed recording that means
10:18 hooking up to computers and to connect
10:23 tubes it's ridiculous look at this
10:25 distributed recording how much money do
10:28 you got to spend on this we're talking a
10:31 massive amount of time for the
10:34 calibration you go back to their home
10:37 page and it says create animations in
10:40 minutes this is gonna take you weeks so
10:44 I'm just pointing out the disparities of
10:46 truth from the I pie form I think you
10:51 can put it together it's pretty easy to
10:53 see it's very obvious actually so just
10:57 wanted to add this real quick to the
10:59 other video Thanks

iPiSoft Russians, Hacking and Attacks on Truebones continues

00:00 everyone its Joe with true bones motions
00:03 Animation Studios Happy New Year and
00:07 today we are going to find out some very
00:11 eye-opening revelations regarding IP
00:16 soft on December 4th we received this
00:19 message you have been permanently banned
00:22 from this board please contact the board
00:25 administrator for more information
00:27 reason given offensive comments on
00:29 YouTube so we went in search of these
00:33 offensive comments but first I wanted to
00:36 show you why I think the real reason is
00:39 is because I posted this in the forum um
00:43 I hate to be the bearer of bad news but
00:46 you don't need to connects to get the
00:48 full 360 rotations so then I come over
00:52 to this thread and it says you should
00:56 use a distributed recording feature for
00:58 that and that's when I say I only use
01:02 one connect v2 to great effect and link
01:05 to this video so when you click on that
01:09 link it comes over here to some videos
01:12 that show you what is possible with one
01:15 connect to so I just wanted you to know
01:21 here are true bones we're standing up to
01:24 internet bullies and more than that
01:27 we're just standing up to plain liars so
01:34 obviously you can see that they're lying
01:36 to you when they say that you can't do
01:38 360 spins because look at this just
01:44 showing what you can do with one connect
01:46 is really quite extraordinary look at
01:49 the enhanced range it's much farther
01:52 back now and look at this
01:57 but when you go to the I PI site they
02:00 say it can't be done it's just pure
02:03 false advertising and then when you
02:06 click on this video you can plainly see
02:12 that the Russians are lying to you
02:15 they're just bullies they're just thugs
02:19 so I just wanted to say happy new year
02:23 and it's time to wake up and understand
02:26 that I pie is a lie a total lie it's a
02:33 scam they're telling you that you need
02:35 to use two connects three connects four
02:38 connects five ten computers and look
02:42 what this guy is doing with one connect
02:46 so after looking at this I kind of
02:50 understand why I've been permanently
02:55 banned from the board it's not because
02:57 of offensive comments on YouTube
02:59 although maybe it is so let's go on over
03:03 to YouTube and see these offensive
03:06 comments but again I just want to
03:09 reiterate that when it says does anyone
03:13 use just one connect they go on and on
03:17 and on about having two or three and
03:20 then it says you should use a
03:22 distributed recording feature for that
03:24 and then it says I only use one connect
03:28 to great effect pointing to a YouTube
03:30 proving it so then when you go to their
03:33 store let's go to I PI soft dot-com boom
03:38 and go to the store and what does it say
03:40 it says easy to use but relatively
03:44 simple motions without rotations without
03:47 rotations Oh a whole new price only 65 a
03:51 year so this stuff is on sale right now
03:54 but it's still all wrong first of all
03:56 those are connect to icons and they
03:59 should only be connect one icons cuz it
04:02 doesn't say you need multiple computers
04:05 to use this that's false advertising
04:10 you only need one so let's say you go
04:14 here and let's say I want to buy 100
04:17 versions of this let's go quantity let's
04:23 go other let's put it 100 boom update
04:31 cart so for three thousand dollars I can
04:36 get 100 copies of iPod so that's 30
04:41 percent off so basically I could work
04:46 this into the cost of true bones if I
04:48 wanted to I could actually pay for your
04:52 eye pie if I wanted to but first I just
04:55 wanted to show you the lie and make sure
04:58 that you're not like snoozing on this
05:01 the main lie is you don't need to
05:07 connect sort n computers that's a huge
05:12 lie huge so I just was trying to figure
05:16 out why I had been banned it wasn't
05:19 because of offensive comments on YouTube
05:21 although I'm gonna show you that right
05:22 now
05:24 so luckily I recorded it before they
05:27 deleted the video because I just want to
05:30 show you the video that they deleted
05:32 because they're getting nervous that
05:35 they're being stood up to here's this
05:38 video of a guy called just suka gestured
05:44 he made a really nice IP animation
05:50 however he used a true bones character
05:54 that's a true bones character design
05:56 used in his productions so I go like
06:02 awesome you use marika view all replies
06:05 and it goes in there he goes marika the
06:08 character model marika is from the true
06:11 bones Autodesk collection he goes hi I
06:13 tried to look up the character but I
06:16 could only find this is this correct
06:18 it's the same hair the model I used was
06:21 a little different and I got it here
06:22 from TF 3d M
06:24 which is in my description if you want
06:26 to put a link to that model if true
06:28 bones created it and then it says yep it
06:34 says from me mr. bones account on T f3
06:37 DM thanks by the way
06:39 don't enter it in the contest whatever
06:41 you do I PI are liars and thieves as far
06:45 as I'm concerned they tried to rip me
06:46 off and then tried to cover it up by
06:48 calling me a cheat on the monthly
06:50 contest they also lie about having to
06:52 have two sensors to create 360-degree
06:55 animation I approve this false and
06:57 misleading by demonstrating in a video
07:00 yes that's good and correct information
07:04 oh my thank you for the information I'll
07:07 add a link to your channel in the
07:09 description so people can go to you and
07:11 see the work that you do it's
07:14 interesting that you've created your own
07:16 website looks really good keep up the
07:19 great work on your channel too I've
07:21 watched a few of your videos before then
07:24 it says by true bones it says I PI has
07:28 also just deleted my forum account and
07:31 banded and deactivated my version of I
07:35 pi for what I said here why I have no
07:38 idea
07:39 ask the troll below he is the manager of
07:41 I PI I am now making a movie regarding
07:45 his disturbing behavior over the last 5
07:48 years
07:48 awesome bring the truth true bones show
07:51 the light its Pavel he says Wow why
07:56 don't you take a chance to win I PI
07:58 Studio Pro in AI PI mocap contest then
08:03 puts a link to his pirate blog and then
08:07 true bound says you know why he goes
08:11 listen up you little twerp you can't go
08:14 around banning people's accounts and
08:16 deactivating just for speaking the truth
08:18 I am now making a video about you to
08:21 enjoy stop fishing for comments Pavel
08:25 stop Hawking true bones customers true
08:28 bones said he's not letting that gift
08:30 submitted it contains his artwork his
08:33 intellectual property is not yours to
08:35 exploit
08:38 then it says I also see on your blog
08:41 where you have posted my videos without
08:43 permission remove them Italy immediately
08:45 or I will report you then he goes Pavel
08:50 goes Joe you are absolutely gave us
08:53 permission to publish your videos by
08:56 entering the contest according to the
08:58 contest rules but that's not a problem I
09:01 removed your videos from the contest
09:04 blog then it says yeah
09:07 then you banned me according to the
09:09 rules it never said anything about not
09:11 using a Kinect you are the cheater and
09:14 you try to cheat true bones out of his
09:16 commission then you ban him and Sully
09:19 his reputation in a pathetic effort to
09:22 cover your crimes then it says ok now
09:26 put the words video removed this user
09:29 has been banned for cheating on the
09:31 monthly contest like it used to say ok
09:34 then there's a link to more I pile eyes
09:37 I'm still reporting you for even worse
09:41 crimes against humanity Pavel you did
09:46 not remove the training ones from your
09:47 site I asked you nicely years ago to
09:50 stop using and hiding my tutorials now
09:53 stop acting like you did nothing wrong
09:55 Joe suka goes I hate to be a bother
09:58 however I wanted to ask if you could not
10:01 have your disagreements on my video I
10:03 just made this to test it out in
10:05 practice if you have complaints could
10:08 you message each other I really don't
10:11 want to be involved I just wanted to
10:14 share some work I did but if it
10:15 continues I'll just have to take this
10:17 video down which he did I don't think
10:20 that was too smart of an idea to remove
10:22 evidence so I put sorry it's too late
10:26 your video is a catalyst for a lot of
10:28 wrongdoing and it has to come to light
10:30 if you delete it you are then deleting
10:33 evidence in a police investigation it's
10:35 the same like with me if I don't report
10:38 what I see then I'm culpable I don't
10:41 want to be culpable to all these crimes
10:43 if you know what I mean he just deleted
10:45 it so I went to look for it and it's
10:47 gone so I just wanted to
10:51 add that this is Pavel the manager of I
10:54 pie he's the one that's attacking true
10:58 bones for showing the truth deleting
11:02 messages banning deleting videos using
11:07 videos without permission I'm perplexed
11:11 but every time I see something like this
11:14 I feel it's my duty to report it because
11:19 it's just outlandish the lengths to
11:23 which they will lie and it's just not
11:27 lying to me it's lying to you too so
11:29 thanks for watching the video and I hope
11:32 you can make a more informed purchase
11:36 decision when it comes to I pipe Thanks