Truebones forever Animation review

Animation Review

The bone is going into the casket. Can you check and fix?

Opa 1

Question. Why didn’t you decrease the particle so it looks more natural instead of huge fireflies around the place?

Opa 2

How does the skeleton hold the axe? Did someone check?

Opa 3

His hand is going into his head…​, same as the CottenJoe dance.

Opa 4

Figure 1. CottenJoe - Arms into body

The legs goes far too in.

Opa 5

Did Opa review the broken animations found in 7. Free Glitched Dances?


There are errors in the animation. If the skeletons were bodies, they would be deformed or bad.

The VFX is not natural looking.

Opa, will you continue to protect Truebones, especially when he uses plagiarizes Autodesk, Mixamo, Unreal, Unity?