Buying Tips

  1. Check if the business is registered with State’s Company Registration. If the company is an unregistered entity, it is more likely that company will renegade on the contract, and/or claim ownership of the assets supplied, or take the money and don’t deliver results.

  2. If you are hiring people to do work, do they have a contract? You need a contract to state deliverables, payment terms, NDA.

  3. The contract must state that the assets are not to be resold or re-used by the contractor.

  4. There must be a NDA to prevent accidental disclosure.

  5. There must be payment terms. Example. No-work, no-pay. Contract termination due to missed deliverables. Clear file-format types used (examples BVH is not acceptable)

  6. Plagiarism is grounds for contract termination. Using prior or previous content is grounds for termination. Original content must be drawn/modelled/coded by (contractor/developer/artist).

  7. Does the company have a registered business address that is registered with the State? If not, you could have problems finding his contact details.

  8. Does the company’s Youtube videos show living quarters, like bed, toilet?

  9. Does the company have other artists to help? If not you could be looking at a one-man-show.