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  • I-KLONE MALONE ZERO Lest we forget his soul…​ / 5:33 /watch?v=ksK1uWN4R04 (Duplicate)

  • REMEBERING I-KLONE MALONE ZERO, Truebones Best Customer / 5:33 / watch?v=uuznQubB6LU

  • WHERES WALTER IKLONE MALONE ZERO? / 44:16 /watch?v=kWX8cM9s8rY&t=7s


Its time to find out where WALTER went…​

YOu know.. Walter i-Klone Malone ZERO, Remember him?

Joe DIscloses that SALLY is a Tran-gendered HELL Bent on using little wunbuns for his dastardly plan of TRANNY REVENGE..

You see.. WUNWUN is just a PERFECT PUPPET! He or she is told what to think, what to say and what to do..

By a transgendered cyber terrorist from Paris, Thats what you call a PIRACY PATSY PARIAH PEDOFILE PROTECTOR…​.

And thats who wunbuns has been protecting this whole time…​

(SALLY , a TRANSGENDERED!) SOooo Hows it feel to have been manipulated by a Transgendered? I dont know, why dont we ask him or her…​

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Contents 2

I-KLONE MALONE ZERO Lest we forget his soul…​ Walter-i-Clone Malone was one of the best i-Clone artists out there and he was cruelly

banished to the nethersphere by wunwun, lest we forget. ___

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00:02 [Music]
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02:41 you might have to bake another one
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03:01 you
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03:07 you
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06:26 [Applause]
06:28 [Music]
06:33 Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck hello everybody
06:41 its Joe and I want to show you something
06:45 cool it's animals
06:48 it's an animals upgrade that we got from
06:52 Kemal topo and I just want to show you
06:58 what they're doing now that's kind of
07:00 despicable not despicable for me but
07:05 just despicable watch this watch this
07:13 let me show you what's going on
07:28 here we are over at Kemal Tobel and you
07:33 see he has stuff from rubber right well
07:37 that's okay but what I noticed is he
07:41 doesn't even convert it to anymore he
07:44 just points his movie he uses the same
07:49 sometimes he uses the same movie from
07:53 roubo but he just repoint s' Roo boos
07:56 link I come here expecting to see iclone
08:00 animals right well he's using I clone
08:04 animals but where are the I clone
08:05 animals are they supposed to be here oh
08:18 okay I clone has been adapted to six
08:24 password removed thousands of new whoops
08:29 oh I hate when that happens
08:31 thousands of new animations wait a
08:34 minute download free zoo 78 animals and
08:39 in what do you mean this is the true
08:46 bones ooh you just stole it
08:48 what the Frick so anyways he says oh
08:53 look we got animals but then he points
08:55 to different animals special thanks to
08:58 free 3d models so let's press it
09:08 scum 3d animal and animations there's no
09:16 there's no let's look let's just look no
09:28 you see it's corrupt
09:32 so he's faking you out but we did
09:37 download download Conan X Isles to
09:41 animals what is this look this is a MOOC
09:56 this is Ruby's movie stolen he
09:59 re-uploads it and puts a link to roo
10:02 boos folder there's no animals here
10:09 we'll take a look but I don't think
10:11 there's no animals there
10:29 boom I don't see many animals here oh
10:33 okay here's a couple a rhino look at
10:44 this folks
10:45 spiders oh cool so if this is not oh
10:54 look look an elephant how nice so if
10:58 this is not in iclone format I'm going
11:00 to convert it to iclone Foreman look at
11:02 this - Cobra folks isn't that cool
11:06 Cobra and then an alligator and then
11:11 antelope and some weird alien dude isn't
11:16 this cool folks so I'm going to download
11:19 this you know I'm gonna look in there
11:23 and there better be some iclone because
11:25 that's what he's I mean it's misleading
11:28 if there's no iclone in there it's
11:30 misleading
11:31 he already misled he led you over here
11:34 download it was corrupt you go here
11:37 download the free zoo and animals those
11:40 aren't his zoo and animals then download
11:43 the Conan exile to animals
11:46 this is ridiculous folks he's giving
11:50 taking credit for stuff that Robo did we
11:55 all know that's bullshit alright let's
11:59 look in here
12:05 oh how about that they are they are all
12:10 animals so I'm gonna go ahead and grab
12:13 this and we're gonna work on animals
12:17 today so what else is there yeah this is
12:26 cool this is gonna be a nice addition to
12:30 my collection oh look at the tiger cool
12:33 and a bones guy so we also have this
12:40 whatever this is his rabbits and
12:43 seagulls goats and cows and bears oh my
12:48 except those are not those are corrupt
13:00 yeah I'm gonna put zippers corrupt
13:20 my man what's this
13:32 um again these are Ruby links so why is
13:37 he redistributing Ruby links isn't that
13:40 a bit misleading pretty crazy
13:47 [Music]
13:52 [Music]
13:57 it's crazy
13:58 [Music]
14:03 niggas are you winning bling is shit you
14:05 took that shit off boy
14:08 just cuz I rocked the little sterling
14:10 silver shit shit be real just cuz they
14:12 see what diamond plating their sales and
14:15 in the hole is only you wanna fuck with
14:17 a nigga cuz this shit ain't really real
14:18 this counterfeit I was Holly the fuck is
14:22 sterling me not the true baby
14:28 careful sunroom we're not gonna try good
14:32 price light
14:32 [Music]
17:03 they
17:07 [Music]
18:30 [Music]
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23:24 well
23:34 [Music]
23:52 [Music]
24:02 [Music]
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24:39 [Music]
24:56 [Music]
25:14 [Music]
25:41 [Music]
25:51 No
25:55 [Music]
26:03 [Music]
26:15 [Music]
27:19 [Music]
29:58 I would buzz your mom's calling so we
30:07 got one buns attention we want to show
30:12 you something this is where all the
30:16 content comes from that's on the
30:18 religion store and the unity asset store
30:24 and the unreal store but most of all
30:26 this is where the content comes from for
30:29 sketchfab you see they used little one
30:34 buns as a piracy Patsy scapegoat pariah
30:38 will just blame it on some crazy guy or
30:42 girl and call it a day so let me see
30:48 I'll open up iclone exchange now look at
30:55 this nice elephant duh where do you
31:02 think this came from how how did it end
31:05 up Kevin s getting an award for it well
31:10 it Kevin s got an award for it what yeah
31:13 thanks to one buns yeah thanks to one
31:16 buns running his mouth covering up for
31:20 religion while they were looking their
31:25 other way at Joe and his elephants Kevin
31:28 s stole this elephant put it up on
31:32 iclone and then was rewarded with an
31:35 award from Peter saying good job
31:39 it is finally good that your work is
31:44 getting noticed this isn't Kevin s is
31:47 work no folks look at this look at this
31:56 I know you don't want to look at it but
31:58 it's true it is absolutely true this is
32:01 I don't know what you'd call it
32:04 except piracy Patsy ISM yeah they're
32:08 using people to cover up the fact that
32:10 they're stealing my
32:12 and then reselling them on the open
32:14 markets while calling other people their
32:18 competition you see that's not how the
32:21 world works little one buns according to
32:28 one buns world I shouldn't be able to
32:34 have my own store or my own content but
32:38 I just want to show you something real
32:40 quick
32:40 if you go to the real lusion forum let's
32:45 go to a real quick look at this folks
32:52 now I know it's not the same exact
32:57 elephant because this elephant has two
32:59 horns but who's to say that he couldn't
33:02 have edited it nobody of course he
33:05 edited it is that Kevin s is elephant
33:08 fuck no that ain't Kevin s is elephant
33:11 even one gun will tell you that's not
33:13 what see real lusion is playing around
33:20 and they're switching animals in and out
33:23 trying to make Kevin S some sort of CG
33:28 hero they gave them best visual award
33:30 for stealing an elephant that you could
33:32 have got for free and one guns
33:34 protecting it why is one gun protecting
33:37 it well one gun has a lot to lose he won
33:40 first place for an animation he didn't
33:42 create for models that he didn't model
33:47 and he expects me just to sit here and
33:52 keep my mouth shut well no I'm not
33:53 keeping my mouth shut I'm making my own
33:56 damn elephants that I'm going to sell in
33:59 these marketplaces and nobody's gonna
34:01 stop me you hear me there's nothing
34:07 illegal about taking these models and
34:10 creating derivative works do you want me
34:15 to read that big word for little turds
34:17 again derivative works
34:23 okay derivative works excuse me so
34:28 anyways let's go to animals here I have
34:33 some new animals as you see they are in
34:37 c4d format as you see they are not
34:44 iclone format nor are the FBX format but
34:47 check this out
34:49 FBX format and iclone format now check
34:53 this out this is a derivative work watch
34:56 this watch this one buns don't don't
35:04 even talk you're not supposed to be
35:06 talking in my chat you're just giving me
35:08 something to take to the police but I'm
35:10 not gonna go to the police just sit
35:12 there and shut up for a second all right
35:14 so here's Seagal right and oh I might
35:24 have messed up on this one I didn't put
35:26 it in the t-post but I guess it doesn't
35:28 matter
35:29 oh no I see okay this this has all of
35:36 the animations on one file that's called
35:40 a derivative work you know what I can do
35:42 with this I can take it I can sell it I
35:44 can redistribute it or I can give it
35:46 away for free all because it's a
35:51 derivative work no this is not
35:56 bootlegging no this is not piracy you
35:59 see piracy and boot leggings if you copy
36:01 the whole game and give it away
36:04 that's bootlegging that's piracy but
36:07 taking these little models out that's
36:10 just part of a game that's called
36:11 derivative works you can do with
36:13 whatever you want with this you can sell
36:16 it you can animate it you can do
36:18 whatever you want you can be the
36:19 director of animation and just animate
36:22 your cameras like you're supposed to
36:25 know this isn't Ruby stuff I got this
36:29 right from Kamal Topal
36:34 look this is cool you got walk you got
36:39 run you got look whoops
36:43 look you got fly look at that and you
36:51 know what one gun you can't stop me from
36:53 doing it number one everybody else does
36:56 it number two is your so deluded and
37:03 what's another good word for it you're
37:05 so gullible that you don't understand
37:09 that that's exactly where they've been
37:11 getting their content from real lusion
37:13 has it sunk in yet sketchfab you know
37:17 they did wrong that they're the evil
37:19 ones you know they're the evil ones so
37:24 this is a little bit too shiny I'm gonna
37:28 show you how to make it less shiny you
37:29 just click and turn down the specular
37:38 see that
37:41 pretty cool huh so anyways I'm gonna get
37:47 back to this I have I have to convert
37:51 these so we got a horse a hand a goat a
37:55 donkey a crow a deer and that's just
38:01 part of it in animals too
38:03 they're already look at this one gun
38:06 you're gonna hate it
38:07 look at this they're already converted
38:12 look at this tiger that you saw on the
38:14 real lusion form
38:15 I mean sketchfab it even has hard to
38:24 find animals like rabbits and squid look
38:32 at this look at this oh shut up one gun
38:36 just shut up we have a rabbit right a
38:41 silly rabbit
38:45 that's you one gun Porky Pig a baby dip
38:49 dip dip
38:50 you got outfoxed by a rabbit yes you did
38:57 Fox by a rabbit okay I told you
39:04 okay so we got rabbit death idle jog
39:10 isn't it isn't that wonderful folks look
39:15 at this even a rabbit walk everybody
39:19 needs a rabbit walk yes I can sell it I
39:24 can sell it all I want all day every day
39:26 and I'm going to sell it and you're not
39:28 gonna stop me neither is nobody else you
39:30 know why the derivative clause here do
39:34 you want me to do you want me to spill
39:36 the beans right now and show you where
39:37 the derivative Clause is and how they've
39:40 been getting away with it
39:41 and you little gullible Gus yes they've
39:44 been getting away with it for years and
39:46 you're on the sidelines yelling foul
39:48 whoa Joe can't do that Joe can't do that
39:52 and they go okay you're right you're
39:55 right one buns Joe can't do that and
39:57 then what do they do if they go and do
39:59 it and make all the money
40:01 yeah sketchfab is guilty they stole all
40:05 of my derivative works and reposted them
40:09 after telling me to put Pay Pal links on
40:13 all my stuff yes stupid sketchfab told
40:16 me to put Pay Pal links all over my
40:18 stuff they even gave me the code dum-dum
40:22 you know this um that's what you've been
40:25 trying to cover you got outfoxed by a
40:32 transgendered yes Sally is Todd Fox
40:36 stupid don't you know that by now
40:38 she's using you and she did a good job
40:40 at it yes you're her little pet how does
40:47 it feel to be a transgendered spat look
40:52 they even got a squid in here this is
40:55 cool
40:56 it's named yog but it's really a squid
40:59 I'm gonna I'm gonna rename it squid
41:02 there's even a tarantula in here look at
41:05 this whoa see you're missing out stupid
41:10 you're you could have been making so
41:12 much money if he would have just kept
41:14 your mouth shut
41:14 who cares what other people do man
41:17 you're gonna give me promotion this way
41:20 yes my traffic has quadrupled my traffic
41:27 has quadrupled folks since he promotes
41:30 me so much oh shut up one gun you're a
41:40 loser
41:42 it's got nothing to do with anything
41:45 here I'll bring in the Black Widow oh
41:49 look at that it's kind of purple too Wow
41:58 all right so here's all the motion for
42:02 it ha ha I'm gonna do it and you can't
42:09 do anything about it ha ha ha I'm gonna
42:12 get away with it too ha ha how does it
42:15 feel to be outfoxed by a transsexual ha
42:18 ha ha you got outfoxed by a transsexual
42:27 named Sally go look at her picture
42:30 stupid you can't tell that that's a
42:32 transgendered hey everybody one bun
42:36 can't tell the difference between a man
42:37 or a woman don't don't kill the
42:44 messenger I'm just telling you folks
42:46 what one gun doesn't believe because
42:49 he's so gullible he believes that this
42:52 is illegal and he believes that he's
42:57 gonna stop me from selling fortnight's
43:00 stuff that's not illegal either
43:02 anything's he's gonna stop me from
43:04 selling anything period and he thinks he
43:07 took away my YouTube money my YouTube
43:09 money was only 3
43:10 dollars a month get the Frick out of
43:12 here yeah in 11 years I made $6,000
43:17 that's chump change
43:20 11 years $6,000 on YouTube and one gun
43:24 says he took away my YouTube money what
43:28 a dope
43:29 what just a dope so this is some cool
43:36 stuff folks we got a whole new upgrade
43:38 coming to the zoo yeah we do
43:41 and because of one buttons I think I'm
43:44 gonna not make the zoo free anymore no
43:48 I'm gonna sell all my stuff now because
43:50 I know it's legal I know that unity does
43:54 it sketchfab does it the whole world
43:57 does it the only person that doesn't do
43:59 it is guess who stupid old gullible one
44:04 buns so I think that's enough that's
44:08 enough
44:09 good luck one buns good luck you're
44:12 gonna need it get over yourself nerd