Truebones doesn’t have a portfolio. So we made one for him, pointing out where Truebones pinched them from.

This section lists the models Truebones sells. For store listing, see The list of stolen and ripped stuff that Truebones quietly sells on Gumroad.
This only covers the models he sells. For glitched animations, see: It’s from Truebones! Just how good is Truebones Animations?.

Listen to Truebones claiming ownership of Mixamo, Autodesk, Skyrim, Bless, Conan, Daz, Pixar, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, TerraOnline models!

Truebones, the scam-artist says "she’s going through all of the Truebones, right? these are all legitimate objects i created myself (emphasis) i can sell them if i want".

Truebones Collection List

Since Truebones is a derived source, customers purchasing from Truebones risk lawsuits, or have to buy licenses again, from the original companies who made them.

Truebones has made no models by his own effort.

Many of the models shown on this website, are beyond the skill-set of Truebones, who does not have a Wacom tablet, use pirated software, dance stupidly and complain about being forced to draw and model.

Truebones would provide a list of files — without any previews nor portfolio works online.

List of models being sold, matched to an external source: