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Piracy is not theft, debunked.

Piracy is not theft
Figure 1. Piracy is not theft

What’s wrong with the above image?

Huge Commissions, 90% !!

Huge commissions
Figure 2. Huge commissions

Reselling other people’s assets

Huge commissions
Figure 3. Payments
Huge commissions
Figure 4. Payments
Huge commissions
Figure 5. Payments
Huge commissions
Figure 6. Payments
Huge commissions
Figure 7. Payments

Truebones doesn’t split the money with his suppliers…​

When the money is collected from Truebones Gumroad store, Truebones keeps it all for himself, so that’s how Truebones survive.

Truebones doesn’t split the money with his unpaid "employees" (Kemal Topal, Rooboo, etc.) or "suppliers" (Mixamo, Autodesk Character Creator)

Thus, Truebones can offer massive commissions as his costs are nearly zero and steals from various sources and repackages them.

Truebones doesn’t have to do anything much, except constantly slander, tell lies, scam and cheat those who point out his piracy.

Truebones does not compensate the original copyright holders nor the producers of those models/animations.

Selling contraband or bootleg is not a victimless crime. Plagiarism is grounds for dismissal at many companies.