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Kemal Topal

  • Most of what Truebones are made by others.

Turkish with English subtitles -

Hello friends. I wish you all healthy and peaceful days! My name is Kemal TOPAL I am from Turkey. I have a channel with my own name on YouTube. On this channel, I prepare educational videos about iClone. I do model and animation sharing…​ Friends, we do not do model and animation for money. Although I see here that I earn $ 37.98 a month, Since all my programs are licensed, you can see their money here. If you can calculate, If you compare what I’ve wasted, you’ll know it’s not going to be done for money.

There is a person here, who threatens, insults and wants to be closed down on this kind of free-sharing channels. This person constantly threatens me since I opened my channel. He insults me and wants me to lift my share. These are the individuals, or rather one person. I did forbid these people on my channel. Truebones motions, XXXonDrums, The 3d Hypocrates seem like different people, is Truebones. Mike Myers appeared about a month ago. This again uses their style.

It threatens and insults in the same way. and prompts you to remove the free shares. These persons, Although he claims to be fighting piracy, He’s doing the pirate himself. Because he has stolen the models, animations and characters he has shared on his own channel. They belong to somebody else. Like me and myself who share free models over the internet,

Truebones, - he makes trouble for us threatening and insulting,

He wants them to remove these shares online. Because this model was published earlier, The free models are included in the packages Truebones publishes. All of the models shared in FBX format, in the packages he claims to be. Truebones does not interfere with people who are not in the package they are sharing. it only threatens channels that contain content that he shares. because when people see them,

Truebones will understand that what he publishes is stolen, belongs to someone else. and he does not want these models he sells to be seen on other sites. I will show them all one by one soon. The content of the Truebones_zoo package is stolen.

All the models and animations in the package content are from C4D demo models. Rroobboo is the modeller and animations that are freely shared. I’ll show you all the Cinema4D models. In the same way, Truebones claimed all of them, belong to him, models and animations,

I’ll tell you where you got it, one by one, friends. If you’ve already seen the Truebones channel, There are no training videos related to any other programs. Programs like 3dsmax, Cinema4D, Maya, Modo, iClone

You will see that there are no training videos. About a month or so about iClone, Truebones has released several training videos, You did this with the demos of the program, the 30-day trial version.

In this training video, he told you they learned from me. plus all the characters he uses in these videos, the characters were prepared by me. so he does not know how to prepare and use anything. I’ll show them to you soon with details.

Part II

The people I talk to are the same people XXXXXX-EAK, 3d Hypocrates, Truebones, and XXXOndrums are actually one person. You can see clearly without messaging there. When you ask me why I did not send the FBX-formatted models to the Iclone format, when I told him that I sent him 5 days ago, He did not find it and asked where I sent it. The same people have repeatedly questions. From this messaging, all of the models in the Iclone format the entirety of the Iclone models, it’s shared in its package, you can understand that I have prepared and sent it to you. Apart from that, I also have e-mail records. I will share them. The only thing I want to show here is that these 4 different people are actually one person. (XXXXX-EAK, Truebones, XXXonDrums, The 3d Hypocrites) There are also e-mail records that I send the models and characters. I will show them all one by one in you.

Part III has no speech. It shows the proofs, Emails and invoices from Truebones.

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