PayPal refunds.

PayPal refund example

To refund, see the instructions below. PayPal made it so easy to refund…​

Simple to issue a refund
Figure 1. In order to issue refunds, go to Order and click the Issue a refund label
Simple to issue a refund
Figure 2. Clicking Continue will instantly issue the buyer a refund.

Question for Truebones

Truebones lies about being asked to wait 60-90 days.

Why is Truebones asking customer to wait 60-90 days for when you can login?

Why is Truebones lying, other than the fact that at any time you were able to click a button to refund?

Figure 3. Refunds? No! Paypal decided on buyer’s favor


Don’t buy from Truebones. Truebones will never refund, or lie about it.