Strawmen Scarecrows and the UNREAL Victim Shaming of Mr Bones by Truebones

Check this out, see what JOE uncovered, Its Over the Top AMAZING Spectacle of Ultimate BETRAYAL,

See what the strawman theory is about,
Then Watch Joe review the immature UNREAL mods Gloating as they hide behind their keyboards.
What the MODS dont know is that he can still see what they are saying,
and they act like hes still there, Watch DARTH VIPER talk to himself.

Watch Mods beatup a deadman who cant defend himself,
Watch ELite Mods not Answer the question.

A sneaky attack strawman ambush is atypical of a UE4 user, but from the MODS?
Thats inconceivable.

Does UNREAL know about this?
What about Ikinema?
How come IKINEMA doesnt back up MrBones?
more soon the SAGA continues


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Strawmen Scarecrows and the UNREAL Victim Shaming of Mr Bones by Truebones / ?v=nfW-e4u6qcg

Unreal Banning
Figure 1. Unreal Banning
Unreal Banning
Figure 2. Unreal Banning


00:01 everyone is Joe with drew bones and
00:04 today we are going to review the
00:07 strawman theory before we put a cap on
00:13 this
00:13 I am documenting the brutalization of
00:17 true bones reputation and uncovered a
00:22 conspiracy of epic proportions there are
00:27 many companies involved in this
00:28 conspiracy adobe mix mo AI Kenema unity
00:34 3d and Unreal Engine all have a part in
00:38 destroying mr. bones reputation and with
00:41 this one document I was able to piece it
00:46 all together and come up with a motive
00:51 so by deciphering this document I was
00:56 able to establish a pattern of deception
00:59 and collaboration and it clearly shows
01:04 that there was a collaboration between
01:08 more than three people so at first I
01:12 thought this was a pretty small problem
01:14 that was isolated to one forum but then
01:17 it went over to a different forum and
01:19 grew and grew and grew and we're gonna
01:22 show how it grew and what the strawman
01:26 theory is all about so let's watch the
01:28 straw man video and we'll come back to
01:30 this and decipher because at first I
01:32 thought this was a small problem I
01:33 thought it was just true bones against a
01:35 couple people but it's actually true
01:38 bones against a bunch are there internet
01:40 commenter you've been sent a link to
01:41 this video because someone is concerned
01:43 that you might not be arguing your case
01:45 to your utmost ability they're concerned
01:48 you might have used a fallacy to make an
01:50 important point thus defeating your own
01:52 claim the fallacy they're concerned you
01:55 might have used is the straw man fallacy
01:58 contrary to what many people would have
02:00 us believe a straw man is not simply an
02:02 argument that you dislike or find
02:04 inconvenient rather it is a version of
02:06 an argument that is misrepresented
02:08 simplified so that it is easier to knock
02:10 over just as
02:11 actual man made of straw is a less solid
02:14 version of a man made of flesh a straw
02:17 man argument is a less solid version of
02:19 a fully fleshed-out argument a straw man
02:22 replaces or represents whatever actual
02:24 argument is being made straw Manning can
02:27 come in many different forms it's not
02:29 even always intentional you might
02:31 accidentally construct a straw man if
02:33 you don't fully understand the depth of
02:35 an argument and that is fine it happens
02:38 to the best of us however to
02:40 intentionally miss read or misrepresent
02:42 an argument to simplify the process of
02:45 discrediting it that's a little bit less
02:47 forgivable to take nuanced points out of
02:49 context to ignore crucial information -
02:51 even exaggerated claims to the point of
02:54 absurdity which is then easier to refute
02:56 these are all straw man tactics for
02:58 example Mike and straw Mike are having
03:00 the conversation about how to
03:02 responsibly depict awful stuff in media
03:04 I don't think it's too much to ask that
03:06 when a media creator wants to show
03:07 heinous or awful stuff they do so in a
03:10 context that shows that that stuff is
03:12 heinous and awful oh so now we're not
03:14 allowed to show violent or terrible
03:16 things unless we include some
03:17 long-winded sermon about how bad things
03:19 are bad
03:20 I think creators should be able to show
03:23 or do whatever they want the original
03:25 argument states a preference for what
03:26 Mike thinks constitutes the responsible
03:28 use of media the straw man argument
03:31 recasts this as something much simpler
03:33 and easier to agree with freedom is good
03:35 censorship is bad but now Mike and straw
03:38 Mike are no longer arguing about the
03:39 same point and so the conversation will
03:42 quickly become unfocused and aggressive
03:44 which is never fun if you're gonna win
03:46 an argument you want to win against what
03:48 the other side actually thinks don't you
03:51 a straw man argument keeps that from
03:53 happening
03:53 I hope this description of the straw man
03:55 fallacy has been helpful so right there
03:57 you heard how people take things out of
04:00 context and oversimplify them so they
04:03 can knock over your argument so here
04:06 here's the classic case right here Darth
04:08 Viper says he's a spammer who's been
04:11 banned multiple times what that really
04:14 means is now that I've knocked him down
04:16 all is fair game you guys can do
04:19 whatever you want
04:20 so magnets picks up on this and he goes
04:23 oh boy I know
04:24 that true bones isn't anywhere around
04:26 here he can't do anything and he says
04:30 stay away from anything related to him
04:32 and he adds several lies on top he's
04:35 been banned from several art and engine
04:38 forms in the past few years for thefts
04:41 piracy threats etc he just tacked on
04:45 three or four different crimes that true
04:50 bones obviously did not commit he
04:53 basically became the judge jury and
04:57 executioner and then Bruno Xavier this
05:01 is surprising a forum moderator a
05:05 representative of an Rael says ppl don't
05:09 get that this Opie is probably spamming
05:12 again his dirty assets lol so lol means
05:18 lots of laughs so mr. Bruno Xavier is
05:22 representing unreal by laughing at
05:25 somebody's demise of their reputation
05:28 we're just tearing this apart they have
05:32 no they have no basis of proof they
05:37 didn't do any fact-checking they just
05:40 assassinated mr. bones basically shot
05:44 him in the back it's called a rousting
05:46 and then amber she says true bones is
05:50 indeed a very well-known scammer hence
05:52 he has been banned and post promoting
05:54 his content removed she just added
05:57 another crime onto there it's now a
05:59 conspiracy more than two people have
06:02 bought into this lie
06:05 she's calling true bones a scammer first
06:08 it was a spammer now it's a scammer the
06:11 lie is growing and growing and growing
06:14 we already read make a Moe's response
06:17 and then darth Viper starts gloating
06:20 because he knows that true bones and
06:22 Makem oh have been banned again they
06:25 can't see anything in here so why would
06:28 he say why would he irate waste
06:30 unreal engines employee time by gloating
06:35 a message like this hello again sir
06:38 why is it that you mister you or mr.
06:42 true bones always gets in trouble
06:44 everywhere conspiracy so these are the
06:48 straw man arguments is they think that
06:51 they're the king and darth viper thinks
06:54 he's the king of the forum and he can
06:56 just ban people at will without issuing
06:59 infractions and all this dirty work okay
07:03 so over here it says oh here's here's
07:09 the fourth actor Giada's what is a true
07:13 bones he's the guy that probably deleted
07:16 my entire reputation however it is
07:21 archived so all they would have to do is
07:23 unarchive it and they would see that my
07:26 reputation was very well intact until
07:30 somebody decided one day to call me a
07:34 spammer it's more like monkey see monkey
07:36 do what I think happened is somebody
07:39 from this forum saw something happening
07:41 over on the unity forum and decided to
07:44 follow suit but what these people are is
07:46 their unity or unreal mod forums who are
07:50 acting like trolls the last amber she
07:53 apparently epic unity Adobe and mix amol
07:56 all have it out for him personally
07:58 seeming for no reason at all make of it
08:01 what you will that kind of makes sense
08:03 because that's true there is no reason
08:05 at all it is epic it is unity it is
08:08 Adobe it is miksa mow it as I can of my
08:11 and you still didn't answer the question
08:15 let's go back to the top I did a search
08:17 for true bones but nothing is showing
08:20 there was some very useful information
08:23 just gone what happened where are those
08:26 posts why are they removed and is there
08:29 any way to get those posts back it was
08:32 those posts that first brought me to
08:34 this forum and encouraged me to keep
08:36 using Yui for software sorted out unreal
08:39 and then the first official answer is
08:42 he's a spammer who's been bad multiple
08:44 times that didn't answer the question
08:47 what really doesn't make the most sense
08:49 is Darth fight darth viper
08:53 would always approve my posts before
08:55 posting them if your posts get
08:57 pre-approved by the moderator how can
09:00 you be the spammer what happened was his
09:03 Darth Viper deleted everything or he
09:05 archived it if he was smart he archived
09:09 it then all the proofs right there for
09:12 my case so that's that's everything
09:15 pretty much in a nutshell everything's
09:18 explained here you see how it wasn't one
09:23 against three it was one against seven
09:26 and I want to see how that's fair and so
09:30 you see the destruction of somebody's
09:32 reputation and it's all right there in
09:34 black and white thanks for watching