Truebones Dominos A Piracy Documentary film by Joe McPeek

00:00 everyone is Joe with true bones and
00:02 we're imposing piracy sanctions all over
00:05 the place and the Pirates are starting
00:07 to fall like dominoes now we know why
00:10 there is a private iclone group it is
00:14 all sewn up
00:15 by the Pirates that's why I can't join
00:18 the iclone group what these Pirates have
00:21 done to iclone is they've created their
00:23 own special Country Club where only
00:26 pirates are allowed so that's
00:28 discrimination at its best so I'm gonna
00:31 make this movie quick show you the
00:33 problems and then I'm gonna send it to
00:35 iclone and then we'll see how they
00:37 handle it so before I went to church we
00:40 were looking at some more piracy issues
00:42 and a lot of this piracy centers around
00:46 iclone why I don't know this is what I
00:49 found the very first one I found was
00:52 Eugene Kaczynski i cloned characters
00:55 free pack The Witcher Part 1 The Witcher
00:58 2 main characters oh you see these
01:00 characters here so look at these
01:02 characters here where do they come from
01:04 they came from a video game where did
01:07 they come from the video game they came
01:09 from roubo actual ripped pirated content
01:12 that they are redistributing so look at
01:15 this all the characters and the
01:18 animations they are all ripped but the
01:21 bad part is this guy's redistributing it
01:25 he has no disclaimer so true bones saw
01:28 this and he said remove this pirate crap
01:30 and what does he say he just answers
01:33 back fu bro so let's see what he says to
01:36 mr. bones when mr. bones tells him to
01:39 take it down so here's mr. bones he's
01:42 gonna reply to this he's gonna thumb it
01:45 down he's gonna say just hit reply boom
01:48 there hopefully he'll get the drift and
01:51 he'll take that link off or he'll just
01:54 delete his whole channel like the other
01:56 guy did that was smart
01:58 so I also wanted to tell you that we're
02:01 gonna show you where this came from
02:03 so where does he get it well he just
02:06 stole it from the other guy Rubbo so
02:09 here we are true boo and he's the main
02:12 source of all the pirate
02:14 stuff on the whole internet so we'll
02:16 just put in Witcher oh gee I wonder
02:18 where he got those models no I really
02:21 don't know oh wait I do no no he got
02:24 them from here along with every other
02:26 look at this the Whichard The Witcher
02:29 Wild Hunt all the characters right there
02:32 and even though they're not really can
02:34 just go rig emit mix ammo and then they
02:37 end up on websites like this where you
02:40 can download them for free that's not
02:41 fair
02:42 that is pure piracy let's just show you
02:45 some of these and then really quick
02:48 here's another one it's another pirate
02:51 that allows you to download content
02:55 he's called iclone dealer so let me just
02:58 show you a few more pirates real quick
02:59 Silvo Carrabba he does it too he rips
03:02 video game content from Rubbo and turns
03:06 it into downloadables poof's man ooh he
03:10 also does it he uses pirated takumi too
03:14 so koala is also a pirate
03:17 it makes pirate downloads dude mater
03:20 dude mater also does this crap provides
03:24 free iclone downloads so does mother of
03:27 drew media uses pirated content free
03:32 freakin iclone content why is it all
03:36 iclone i clones are the only pirates it
03:39 looks like so far but the problem is is
03:42 it goes to here CCG trader now you're
03:46 gonna be mad when I show you this I'm
03:48 gonna give it some credit not all of
03:50 this is pirated but all you have to do
03:53 is click on one like this to show you
03:55 this is pirated and look somebody's
03:58 actually trying to sell this this was
04:01 ripped out of a video game are you
04:03 kidding me it wasn't all made by hand
04:05 same with these other horses no wonder
04:08 they look all the same
04:09 this has just decimated so that's pretty
04:12 cheesy isn't it and I just wanted to
04:16 show you in black and white that this
04:18 isn't a mistake this was done on purpose
04:21 and now that the mainstream the
04:26 mainstream sites
04:27 CGT trader turbosquid can't forget
04:30 turbosquid and it doesn't take far to
04:33 find a bunch of ripped content from
04:36 video games I mean what are they smoking
04:39 so I would show you sketchfab but they
04:43 blocked me because they don't know what
04:45 the heck's going on but if you go to
04:48 sketchfab you'll see they're giving
04:50 staff picks on stolen content what are
04:55 you smoking over there sketchfab have I
04:57 shown you enough don't you see how
04:59 you're all involved in this let me go to
05:02 the asset store piracy encourage ER is
05:05 unity3d because they just look the other
05:09 way while they did make one post like 4 05:12 years ago said I was a pirate and then
05:15 they just looked the other way and let
05:17 all these other pirates in I'm not
05:19 saying I was even a pirate at all that
05:21 was just an accusation but come to find
05:24 out they're 4 to 5 years later they
05:27 haven't learned a thing
05:28 all you have to do is download something
05:31 in here if it says mix mo in the bone
05:34 names it's over it is so over this guy
05:38 kou bald the biggest fake pirate there
05:41 is you probably stole everything from
05:43 true bones got in there as soon as true
05:46 bones was banned they just pushed true
05:48 bones out of the way call them a thief
05:51 and then look at all this stuff
05:52 all these stolen true bones with miksa
05:57 mo and the bone names it's over I mean
06:00 that this game is over
06:02 I'm just saying it goes straight from
06:04 the stolen YouTube it goes straight from
06:07 the stolen YouTube to pirates that steal
06:11 from them then pirates then steal from
06:14 them and then these supposedly
06:17 legitimate sites look the other way and
06:20 fill up their content stores with
06:23 pirated wares and I'm not saying it's
06:26 all pirated and but there's a good
06:29 chance that a lot of it is I mean more
06:32 than a good chance I know it is I've
06:36 been working on this problem for like
06:38 five or six years now
06:41 so the most corrupt of them all is
06:44 sketchfab in miksa MO and we're just
06:48 coming we're coming around and we're
06:51 gonna clean up this iclone mess first
06:55 and then we're coming back around and
06:57 we're gonna clean up the rest of the
06:59 sketchfab mess and we're gonna clean up
07:01 the rest of the unity3d mess then we're
07:04 gonna work on the unreal mess because
07:06 they're all the same they're all just a
07:10 part of the piracy problem you know what
07:15 really makes me mad about all this is
07:17 they knew about this
07:19 Aurora populace knows about this the
07:23 CEOs of miksa MO and Adobe and unity3d
07:29 they know about this they thought they
07:32 were just gonna get away with it because
07:34 they're the most guilty of all look all
07:37 you have to do is put in the Rhino the
07:40 elephant the cheetah all of those stolen
07:44 models that you see everywhere on iclone
07:46 some people get it in their mind that
07:49 they can just steal it from a video game
07:52 and then steal it from the guy who stole
07:54 it and put it up on here and sell it and
07:58 and you know what they know they knew
08:01 about it you can't tell me that the the
08:04 Unity CEO the miksa most CEOs crap i put
08:11 an african heavy pack and look they're
08:14 decimated and stolen not only do they
08:17 steal them and repackage them and upload
08:20 them and sell them as their own format
08:23 they decimate them and do that too so I
08:27 think I've seen enough here on the CG
08:29 trader site look there's that camel
08:33 that's ridiculous
08:35 it's just down sampled and DD saturated
08:39 same with that line in there it's
08:41 incredible ok so let's take a look at
08:45 another site real quick it's called oh
08:47 here's that African heavy pack and what
08:50 really makes me mad about this is this
08:53 is pirated content
08:54 and they're selling it for a hundred and
08:57 forty dollars oh my gosh isn't that
09:01 ridiculous and they called true bones of
09:03 pirate true bones never went through
09:06 this lengths to suck he didn't even know
09:09 he was selling something pirated I
09:13 wonder if this guy even knows he's
09:15 selling something pirated he's got one
09:17 negative review I just want to show you
09:20 one more thing we got to end this video
09:22 now here we're gonna show you a very
09:24 special pirate it's called Nexus mods
09:27 calm he's doing it all right out in the
09:31 open look at this millions of downloads
09:34 and he's letting you download the whole
09:38 game that's theft so he's really on our
09:43 shit list here this isn't a game mod
09:46 site you're not gonna hide under the
09:48 guise of being a game modification site
09:51 that's not what this is about
09:53 this is piracy pure and simple here's
09:57 another one high in 3d there are huge
10:00 look at this a hundred and forty five
10:02 million files downloaded with six
10:06 hundred and fifty two thousand pirate
10:09 artists so look at this all pirated you
10:14 would never want to buy something here
10:16 ever ever ever ever this was stolen out
10:20 of a video game look at this parrot
10:22 model parrot model from creative crash
10:25 boom oh my gosh they're selling it for
10:29 $30 unbelievable that's even worse than
10:33 just giving it away
10:34 creative crash marketplace so look what
10:40 happened to creative crash it crashed
10:42 because everything in creative crash was
10:46 pirated so you can see the remnants of a
10:49 pirate site created crash isn't there no
10:52 more but look at this creative crash
10:55 videos lives on here I'll put a message
10:59 remove pirated crap so there I put it
11:04 remove pirated crap
11:06 so coming back here you can see that
11:10 high-end 3d comm turned into a big
11:12 pirate site and they probably just
11:14 looked the other way and didn't even
11:16 realize what was going on what was
11:18 happening to it to them they got overrun
11:21 with pirates look spider-man he was
11:25 stolen out of a video game this animated
11:27 bear stolen out of a video game and put
11:30 for sale for $145 Thor stolen Deadpool
11:36 rig from Maya
11:38 stolen where was it stolen from it was
11:42 stolen from the room oocyte somebody
11:45 downloaded the c4d converted into FBX
11:47 threw it up here on high-end 3d for $24 11:52 it's wrong
11:54 true bones is putting an end to all this
11:56 crap these are real pirates so we showed
12:00 you CG trader we showed you turbosquid
12:03 we showed you high-end 3d we showed you
12:09 creative crash and that's all really
12:13 need to show you right now I'm gonna add
12:16 this to my pirate in the list you better
12:19 hope that you never get on this pirated
12:21 list that's all I gotta say ok so more
12:26 soon because there's certainly not a
12:29 sorta jum it and we're gonna keep going
12:33 until we put an end to it thank you for
12:36 watching