NEW FREE 13 Characters for i-Clone in i-Avatar format.

Figure 1. 13Chars

FREE 13 Characters for i-Clone. Thanks to 3D Animation Land for TRUMP and RooBoo. Original C4D files by Free 3d Models, Converted to i-Clone by Truebones. Use code "truebones4freefree' at check out to get this for 100% off.


Some from Fortnite, MStar,

Character BigChucky.iAvatar

Character Brucelee.iAvatar

Character Keletona.iAvatar

Character Kjsline.iAvatar

Character Kkpcorset.iAvatar

Character Kkpgirlsday.iAvatar

Character kkpvampire.iAvatar

Character LittleChucky.iAvatar

Character MissClause.iAvatar

Character Pyjsexy.iAvatar

Character Scream.iAvatar

Character Srhvampwh.iAvatar

Character Trump.iAvatar