Truebones Business Model

Truebones business mode is built on shame, privacy invasion, shaming others. Truebones gets his money selling pirated materials, a fake merchant in other words.
This section deals with discussing the lies Truebones spews. For evidence, see Youtube rants to distract from what Truebones is selling.

This is the list of controversies that Truebones spews.

1 Truebones complains about his content taken down, yet unable to file a counter-notice. So, this site made a template for him to use. Truebones has a brother he says, is a judge, and lawyer. So why can’t Joe’s brother fill in a counter-notice for him?

2 Truebones is an illegal business or unregistered business entity where Truebones doxx, slander his critics by calling them the N-word, tranny, cocaine addict, meth addict, drug-dealer to distract attention from selling his blatant stolen and ripped garbage on Gumroad.

3 Truebones is a (former?) drug addict who loves weed, CBD.

3 Truebones claims Mixamo stole from Truebones, yet Truebones sells a Truebones Mixamo collection containing third-party models, and resells Mixamo models and motions - in an unapproved way - and does so, without agreement nor paying royalties to Adobe. Truebones is in other words, not an official reseller of Mixamo Motions.

5 Truebones alt is iKloneMalone. See the evidence and decide.

6 Truebones claims to issue refunds. It’s not true, and Truebones asks others to wait 30-90 days which is a lie, and doesn’t deliver

7 Truebones resells FaceBot and Brekel, then lies about it when caught.

8 When customers of those services post their work online, Truebones would harasses them, often repeatedly, claiming they use 'Truebones' and issuing false take-down notices, even to Epic Games.

9 Slander of the dead Monty Oum, Slander of Kubold Kubold.

10 Truebones is a software pirate using pirated software and produces worthless Youtube videos in a mocap garage.

11 Truebones resells CMU motions, Fortnite, Mixamo.

12 Truebones hawks a subscription to stolen assets.