Unlicensed Motion Builder usage

Truebones uses an educational license of Motion Builder.

Surprisingly, Truebones calls-up BSA a hundred times to report about my alleged software piracy, while using an educational license of Motion Builder.

Truebones Education License

In the photo, with Joesph Earl McPeeks face, you can see:

"Thank you for licensing this Autodesk software product under an Education Stand-alone Individual license…​" We remind you that this Autodesk Software product is governed by it’s license and Services Agreement, which only permits use of this software for educational purposes. and prohibits use of commercial, professional or for-profit purposes".

Joseph Earl McPeek is not a school, not a student, not operating a college. So why is Truebones using unlicensed version of Autodesk Motion Builder for years?

Instead, Truebones puts up parts of Motion Builder for sale (JuicePack), Autodesk Character Generator downloads for sale Truebones 'Autodesk' Catalog - 33+ ripped models.