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The 3D Hypocrites
Published on 31 May 2017 Today Joe woke up and realized that Hes been chasing the wrong person, WUNGUN  is just a distraction from way back when JOE went after KUBOLD on the Adobe forum  for attacking a fellow Mixamo artist. Joe now realizes that Alvin has just been trying to distract JOE from perusing the real ICLONE PIRATES.

Joe has also realized that WUNGUN  is just a BUFOON PIRATE CLOWN who has always known about ROOBOO and the PIRATES and is just lying and trying to make JOE out to be a PIRATE because he knows thats what Joes been DOING... Cleaning up ICLONE PIRATES from YOUTUBE and WEB...(Like Walter IKLONE Malone)

Watch Listen and Learn from the pathetic Alvin as he TRYS to LIE to YOU about I-Clone Piracy and Joe.

The More he LAUGHS he more he LIES. (and trys to distract JOE)

So now JOE needs to concentrate on SAXON  and or PARABOLIC, These are the real PIRATES who has started the whole DISASTER with his DEATH THREAT VIDEOS..

And JOE Needs to HAVE the MAIN PIRATE Roo Boo Youtube Channel Removed for Copyright Infringement. Just like Walter IKLONE Malone, Except there wont be any apologys this time.

Today Joe is going to Corral All the PIRATES (in one small corner of the Net) including Roo Boo , Parabolic, Ziggy, and Jet Strange. and TRAP them as they attempt do a LIVE TERROR ATTACK STREAM against Joe. (today the authorities are watching closely, including staff from AUTODESK, MIXAMO, ICLONE, Unity3D, Sketchfab and UNREAL) Yes, they are watching how you treat JOE and what you say, So be good for goodness sakes..

(DONT THEY KNOW THEY ARE JUST 3rd party Accusers?)

Now Roo Boo (THE BIGGEST PIRATE OF ALL on you tube) Has involved himself..and is trying to help WUNGUN on his TERRORIST campaign.

Watch JOE take out his whole CHANNEL.

Truebones Truth Blog

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Thanks and Cheers from Truebones Motions Animation Studios.
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00:05 \[Music\]
00:25 \[Music\]
00:45 you know my key card on the track
00:54 \[Music\]
01:40 - the kind of your complete will not
01:49 don't do a search they say alright be
01:51 what your way across - you realize
01:56 you're fucking with the wrong guy yeah
02:02 \[Music\]
02:40 run in the dump and it is become
02:55 \[Music\]
02:58 baby mamas
03:02 \[Music\]
03:02 \[Applause\]
03:05 \[Music\]
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03:44 \[Music\]
03:46 got him again
03:48 Youngstown aka midges bed nigga
03:54 \[Music\]
03:57 Oh
04:39 did you bring the check me lovely one
04:44 two three the dormant Saints the your
04:47 Kentucky was nice for us to sleep when I
04:51 told you to assert that they all right
04:54 me what be your way across the line as
04:58 you stop to realize you're fucking with
05:00 the wrong guy
05:23 god damn the man got you down here to
05:28 here please in Montana I did the man got
05:40 his eyes and he's in a wall don't sweat
05:42 brother I'm gonna maintain who did Judy
05:57 \[Music\]
06:08 \[Music\]
06:15 it was for my baby but it's really
06:39 adorable you're not a rat on carefully
06:47 what's the black boys will always be a
06:51 disgrace
06:57 don't be so we will make any decisions
07:02 that is their largest largest eggs my
07:05 pleasure
07:07 in the divine authority I like a block
07:11 casbah posted up like a backdrop display
07:19 \[Music\]
07:30 \[Music\]
08:07 might even box the most let the brain go
08:10 ahead and make your way on the phone
08:12 \[Music\]
08:34 \[Music\]
08:37 but I gotta move through that time
08:42 coming down the funnel I guess uh place
08:46 butter brown mustard at the bubble and
08:49 now can't you handle that many homers
08:52 daggers three backpacks let's take it
09:02 back down again go ahead write it out
09:14 really this bad enough
09:28 I'm not like the best I've told my
09:31 backdrop play out stay out some punk
09:37 bitch
09:41 god damn the man got you down here too
09:55 you
10:49 OOP
14:18 do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do
14:23 do-do-do-do-do oh hey what's up
14:32 everybody it's a boy one gun here and
14:34 today one of the scammers what do we
14:37 have it's another Joe happy if pirate
14:43 Joe happy fun fun rant rant marathon
14:46 part two now see on earth
14:56 you
15:03 see Joey peek is over there running off
15:07 his a diarrhea hole and just spilling
15:11 another marathon of just utter flattery
15:17 I mean this guy could that stab me this
15:20 guy be I reported him in you know what
15:25 it's gonna take some time for them to
15:27 get around to actually getting him but
15:30 uh but uh
15:41 you
15:44 he's over there even he's up early
15:47 humans are various when I mean I've
15:49 slept in Rex I did a little video this
15:51 morning by stuff I was getting some dads
15:54 on my other channel and I bought I was
15:59 also doing some other things but I had
16:03 to get off and uh by the content and
16:06 stuff and and I went out I went out for
16:09 a while and uh got me some he came back
16:12 and up here and left her back and he
16:16 that does only one loser video but now
16:19 he's on his second lose the video and
16:21 he's running his biggest op convention
16:25 yet he's running a big of it you don't
16:29 work and kiss me this is fucking
16:35 hilarious man uh watch my check to say
16:40 before this livestream photo let me see
16:44 what up y'all
16:45 uh I don't know how much I gotta fix
16:47 much at it says the chat is disabled I'm
16:50 gonna see livestream uh events let's go
17:00 to edit um public okay man settings
17:07 um I have to start this over again man
17:10 because why is the chat disabled maple
17:15 age restriction uh uh but uh and it will
17:20 last shot yeah it's it's uh it's both be
17:25 on but some reason over here it looks
17:29 disabled hmm all right uh forgot to
17:34 leave would come back hit start another
17:36 stream because the the chat is kind of
17:39 screwed up um let's see let's go back to
17:43 let's go back to it
17:49 there you go it's work I got I got my
17:51 lap chat working on it it's working
17:53 somehow it got disabled okay so what
17:58 were here to talk about today
17:59 um well let's see what Joe's doing over
18:03 here on this live stream see Joe has no
18:05 content so he has to huh where this
18:10 versus video did he did he
18:15 oh no he didn't stop Joe could never
18:17 stop a known pirate right on this
18:46 related channel who got so close
18:49 who another I called her that funny how
18:56 there's a pirate right there oh but he
19:01 didn't subscribe so I'm also subscribed
19:07 to him another pirate 200 which Joe get
19:17 what I asked
19:22 okay let me read this this is very
19:27 critical you can read hobby radar see
19:39 ladies and gentlemen this is the legacy
19:42 of a loser this is the legacy of someone
19:45 who doesn't have a lot core to what his
19:50 life right now because right now he's
19:52 being sued by everybody and you know it
19:54 so the only way Joe can actually do
19:57 anything see Joe can't sue it's you know
20:00 he can't do anything to us Joe can do
20:04 about as much to us that we can do to
20:06 him all right
20:07 I don't know what it is they do and in
20:13 this thing about public opinion but it's
20:18 just like he loves to be stupid
20:21 uh-uh you're chasing your curly tail
20:27 pigs haha
20:34 where did he teach it I mean he's just I
20:37 think I know where it's supposed to go
20:39 much shit you know he doesn't know how
20:41 to leave people alone and uh we like
20:44 people like joking Joe because Joe we
20:46 love it when you uh when you do this for
20:49 us because it actually helps my channel
20:51 out this helps people send people to my
20:54 scammers channel so we can learn so much
20:56 more about you Joe you know uh the fact
20:59 the who we know about the donation scam
21:03 and if people and I made I made a little
21:05 nice video over here
21:14 you
27:09 so folks I guess I've had my mic down
27:13 the whole time so I'm gonna have to
27:16 restart this stream uh uh so let me just
27:27 restart the stream okay and I'll show
27:31 you exactly what I was talking about
27:50 everybody welcome to the restream and I
27:56 realized that I had my mic down so just
27:59 wait one moment
28:01 \[Music\]
28:11 oh boy you know better
28:37 card on the track I know you meet me up
28:40 there
28:40 \[Music\]
29:31 \[Music\]
29:34 please
29:36 \[Music\]
30:25 \[Music\]
30:48 \[Music\]
30:48 \[Applause\]
30:51 \[Music\]
31:22 what
31:31 \[Music\]
31:32 got him again
31:34 just don't make a make you beg nigga
31:40 \[Music\]
31:49 Oh
32:10 down plan with water bath with just a
32:13 minute
32:15 Hey
32:19 \[Music\]
32:23 respect me hard and you bring the check
32:27 me love me
32:28 it's easy you're going to dream the
32:31 firmaface de austin blog 51 against the
32:36 must you plead when I told to a certain
32:39 day all right
32:40 he must be your man
32:45 realize fuckin with the wrong guy God
33:14 down the bag got you down here to thank
33:19 you
33:23 wait a Montana I did the man got his
33:30 eyes and he's in the wall
33:31 don't sweat brother I'm gonna maintain
33:35 wouldn't it
33:40 Judy
33:46 \[Music\]
33:51 did I get you oh you did I got to call
33:59 my little design
34:01 Nicky I gotcha coma open top I risk vets
34:05 it up bird it it was your home
34:10 \[Music\]
34:15 give money to the kid what the phrase I
34:17 only know gonna hate it
34:20 going up top let it spin up on the other
34:23 guys gonna spill for my baby mother
34:27 freely hello carbot no authority because
34:32 animals don't need an out a rat on sad
34:36 or no carefully what black was but
34:38 always with my mouse grabinger
34:45 \[Music\]
34:46 okey-dokey so we're under your mechanism
34:49 also economic any business that is that
34:52 larger large justifies it in the prior
34:58 his older son I like it up cat boxes of
35:02 like a fair trial
35:04 \[Music\]
35:10 I love marques motel in gym
35:20 \[Music\]
35:57 my Tivo
35:59 Maxum brain overstated make it right on
36:01 the fuck
36:02 \[Music\]
36:04 yes by posting of lack of background
36:13 \[Music\]
36:21 I can't do any Holmen jacket - boys
36:54 night and again go ahead write it out
37:03 baby think by the sudden out
37:08 I live in the past bus goes to the
37:10 process
37:34 \[Music\]
37:42 \[Music\]
37:55 \[Music\]
38:19 \[Music\]
38:30 every nigga spent some good
38:33 yeah okay everybody welcome to a very
38:40 special stream very very very very
38:43 special stream is that too loud sorry
38:49 where we catch
38:52 Alvin snarling but we don't want Alvin
38:56 snarling so we're just going to let him
38:58 go because all Elvin snarling is is a
39:01 distraction he's been just trying to
39:05 distract Jo from what he was doing with
39:08 ku bold what he was doing with Ruby and
39:12 we've actually caught
39:15 Alvin snarling with his hand in the
39:19 gumball machine
39:20 whoops sorry Alvin it's already been
39:26 verified who the Pirates are and for you
39:29 to start a new false narrative to say
39:32 that Joe started some false donation
39:35 drive it isn't going to work that was so
39:41 lame folks of a smokescreen all that's
39:45 all Elvin is he's all talk he's all talk
39:50 and everything he's been trying to do
39:53 lately it's just a smokescreen so we we
39:58 caught a definite difference in his
40:01 pattern and all his pattern is is laugh
40:07 laugh lie so we're like what's so funny
40:10 Alvin because we started thinking and
40:15 all it is is Joe needs to go after the
40:19 real bad guys see Alvin isn't a bad guy
40:24 he's just a stupid guy okay he's just a
40:28 goofball really so the person I have to
40:33 go after is Saxon raw or raw Saxon aka
40:38 parabolic Labs in Dearborn Heights
40:42 Michigan
40:46 he's the one that actually made the
40:48 original death threat video so yes folks
40:55 parabolic slabs this is all parabolic
40:58 slabs fault and all Alvin has been
41:03 trying to do is distract me from doing
41:06 what I got to do with this guy
41:08 because he started it really so you're
41:13 asking whoa Joe what what was so bad
41:17 that this parabolic Labs guy did well
41:21 what he did is he made a death threat
41:23 video yes he actually put a logo of a
41:27 tombstone with my name on it
41:30 Joe McPeak with the letters crossed out
41:33 and if that's not a death threat I don't
41:39 know what is so after that what happened
41:43 is they tried to distract Joe and they
41:46 succeeded by stealing that video because
41:49 after he made that video he took it down
41:53 and made a sorry video so I thought
41:56 everything was was all done but no what
41:59 happened was Alvin first weight first
42:03 PJTV stole that video and reposted it as
42:07 if it was some sort of proof um so
42:13 basically it was a video of parabolic
42:15 labs like doing a CSI on Joe Makem oh
42:22 and true bones and he went for like 15 42:27 hours straight and did a CSI now I
42:32 suspect he must have been on meth so I
42:36 definitely saw pictures of guns so this
42:41 little snotty brat kid with purple hair
42:45 a gutter Punk from Dearborn Heights made
42:53 a death threat video and sent it had it
42:56 sent to scan
42:59 how did it get to sketchfab I have a
43:02 sneaky suspicion that it was Elvin
43:04 Sterling and he's been trying to
43:06 distract me ever since so today's the
43:14 day we let go we let go this sucker and
43:20 go ahead Elvin make all the freakin
43:24 videos you want you're just proving my
43:28 point because when people start to hear
43:31 this they think wait a minute Elvin
43:33 are you sure why you saying stuff like
43:37 that so we're going to start this video
43:42 here where Elvin changes his narrative
43:46 and tries to make Joe at fault for a
43:50 fake donation drive it's not going to
43:54 work Alvin but nice try
43:59 so this is a pathetic story folks
44:02 this is a pathetic story The Ballad of
44:07 one gun shun listen to him lie just just
44:14 get ready to listen to he'll lie then
44:19 he'll laugh he'll live and he'll laugh
44:22 hey what's up everybody it's a boy one
44:24 gun here and today one of the scammers
44:27 what we have
44:30 it's another Joe happy pirate Joe happy
44:35 fun fun rant rant merit what's so happy
44:38 about it
44:38 now Siana see jumpin Pete he's over
44:41 there oh wait wait wait
44:43 folks notice this false narrative of it
44:47 being happy there's nothing happy about
44:52 this folks um
44:58 just listen that that's how he gets you
45:01 for some reason he thinks it's funny
45:03 he thinks it's cute he thinks it's happy
45:06 no it's not happy we're talking about
45:09 somebody that sent me a death
45:12 and then you trying to set me up as a
45:14 pirate' when you when you already knew
45:17 about Raghu
45:19 okay so today we're going to take care
45:23 of you and then we're going to take care
45:24 of Ruby and we're going to have his
45:26 whole pirate stuff taken down off
45:31 YouTube and then it will be over the
45:34 battle will be over is a diarrhea whole
45:39 and just feeling another marathon of
45:45 just uh oh by the way this is a reaction
45:50 video so don't even try to get me for
45:53 stealing your stream one no that's not
45:56 what we're doing we're documenting the
45:59 terror you little terrorist sir flattery
46:03 I mean this guy cadet stabbed me this
46:07 guy I be I've reported him in you know
46:10 what not true yeah it's gonna take some
46:13 time for them to get around to actually
46:15 getting him I try to but uh he's over
46:20 there even he's up early you'll be using
46:24 various when I got slept what why hide
46:26 the all video he's morning by stuff of
46:28 getting from dads on my other channel
46:30 and I bought I was also doing some other
46:36 things but I had to get off and uh by
46:41 the content stuff and so folks before he
46:44 gets into it just listen to how he tries
46:47 to make it about true bones being a
46:51 pirate like he has all this proof but he
46:56 has no proof but just listen to the
46:59 false narrative that he builds uh I went
47:03 out I went out for a while and uh
47:05 getting some he came back and uh Here I
47:07 am
47:08 look I come back and II that does only
47:11 one loser video but now he's on his
47:14 second lose the video and he's running
47:16 his biggest op convention yet he first
47:21 of all what makes it a loser video suck
47:25 of all I have for else I've always had
47:29 only for else so ladies and gentlemen
47:34 he's calling that an out convention he's
47:37 running a big bitch it'll work and this
47:44 is fucking hilarious where uh what you
47:49 trying to distract my chat to say before
47:51 from the jet threat video see what up
47:54 y'all I don't know why my sweet to me
47:58 this it turns to liquid wasting
48:00 thomassie livestream event school let's
48:10 go to edit testicle difficulties public
48:15 game and settings my have a start this
48:19 over again man because why is the chat
48:23 disabled oh one more thing folks while
48:27 he gets it together this is this is a
48:32 sad pathetic story of somebody trying to
48:35 lie on somebody else's good reputation
48:40 and it's it's one gun played stupid and
48:48 pretended not to know after I told him
48:53 about Walter I calm alone Andrew boo
48:56 well actually he told me about Walter I
48:58 told him about Ruby and now he's trying
49:02 to build a false narrative folks it's
49:05 pathetic it is so freaking pathetic
49:09 listen to this blood and it will last
49:12 shut yeah you're not gonna believe
49:16 you're not gonna believe when some
49:18 reason over totally it looks disabled
49:24 alright
49:25 oh my god believe would come back here
49:28 start another stream because the the
49:30 chat is kind of screwed up um let's see
49:34 let's go back to let's go back to it
49:41 there you go it's work I got I got my
49:43 lab chat working now it's working
49:45 somehow it got disabled okay so what
49:50 were you talking about today um so folks
49:54 I also realized that that I hadn't hold
50:02 on whoops that I hadn't watched the
50:06 beginning of this video but it also
50:09 implicates sex and raw parabolic labs
50:12 because he comes back into the chat so
50:15 that's very important he comes in and
50:17 implicates himself right back into it he
50:21 starts his little whiny bullshit that oh
50:24 yeah it just compared to what you did to
50:27 me Joe guns are legal too he actually
50:32 said that folks he said guns are legal
50:34 as if that was supposed to be a threat
50:37 of some sort guns are legal huh hmm so
50:44 folks this is just I realized what I
50:47 have to do now I have to drop this loser
50:51 stalker clown uh because all he's doing
50:57 is he's just making everything up that
51:00 he can and it doesn't hold any weight
51:06 it's just his lips a flappin so I'm
51:10 going after the wrong guy I just
51:11 realized it was like I got up this
51:13 morning like oh I could have had a v-8 51:16 uh so that's what this video is about
51:21 folks it's about throwing this I don't
51:26 even know what to call him back in the
51:28 lake and going after the real criminals
51:34 sacks and raw parabolic labs from unreal
51:38 he's the actual mastermind behind all of
51:42 this
51:43 Alvin Sterling's just a pawn yep
51:48 elven Serling and all your goons you're
51:50 just pawns this has been going on for
51:53 years before you ever came around and
51:56 yes no you didn't have anything to do
51:58 with the sketchfab you just think you
52:01 did
52:03 so listen listen how many lies can be
52:06 made up here we go folks
52:08 so Joe's do it over here this last rate
52:11 see Joe has no content so he has to huh
52:16 where is this versus video did he did he
52:21 oh no he did this just a ryokan video
52:24 pause okay control ourselves
52:25 he's over here I'm not stealing his
52:29 dream what's so funny Alvin laugh and
52:39 live laugh and live here we go spokes
52:48 he's like a balloon ain't no pirate
52:52 right on this related channels oh so
52:55 close
52:56 oh I told her
52:59 oh so the stone close thing let me
53:02 explain that real quick one gun actually
53:05 tried to use stone clone as an excuse
53:11 because stone clone lied to him and said
53:13 or I got kicked off sketchfab because of
53:16 Joel that's all one gun needed to hear
53:20 and he made it up and said Oh Joe got
53:24 stone clone but actually stone clone was
53:28 a borderline pirate I asked them to
53:32 remove his stuff and he did really
53:34 quickly - and that's been verified so
53:40 don't even try to go back and tell
53:41 people stuff about stone clone don't
53:46 drag him into it it's verified he's
53:50 clean
53:54 you don't understand one gun you just
53:59 you're just like name-dropping everybody
54:01 and implicating them into it but we
54:04 already we've already verified these
54:06 clowns stop talking you talk and assume
54:11 way too much nothing funny about this
54:19 folks subscribe so I'm also subscribed
54:25 to him another pirate 200 get what I
54:35 asked
54:39 ok let me read this because this is very
54:45 you can read so here are you gentlemen
54:58 this is the legacy of a loser this is
55:01 the legacy of someone this is your
55:04 literally doesn't have a lot cord on his
55:07 life right now because right now he's
55:09 being sued by everybody and you know it
55:12 so oh no I know kid actually not even
55:15 sued by I can't sue it you know he can't
55:18 she can anything do it in Joe can move
55:21 about as much to us than we can do to
55:24 him hey wait wait wait wait wait wait
55:27 wait wait oh yeah when you say us who do
55:31 you mean Alvin I want to know who you
55:35 mean when you say us Oh Joe can't do
55:38 anything to us who's us
55:42 the little mice in your pocket I mean
55:46 come on Alvin
55:47 you know us this is all you bro what it
55:52 is we didn't do it in this thing about
55:56 public opinion but it's just like he
56:00 loves to be stupid
56:01 uh no he doesn't why
56:06 I know you're chasing your curly tail
56:09 Pig harsh but Robert either maybe you
56:19 just actually coming over here just
56:20 posted almost shit you know he doesn't
56:23 go out leave people alone and uh we like
56:26 people like joke a joke as you know we
56:28 love it when you know you love it was
56:31 because what actually helps my channel
56:33 out this helps people oh you're a hit or
56:37 metal so we can learn so much more about
56:38 you Joe you know albums earlier is doing
56:42 it just for the old folks at the
56:44 donation scam he's if you want I mean a
56:46 little nice video over here uh where is
56:50 it oh I don't wanna leave this channel
56:55 let's open up another row actually we
56:59 can go right here
56:59 oh if you come to a true bone through
57:01 o'clock you can sit over here and watch
57:04 you can actually not only watch my up
57:07 video you can't play this will you go to
57:09 the true bones tree called heaven I want
57:11 you to know how to bury buddy okay folks
57:23 so know what he's doing here is he's
57:25 trying to set up another false a
57:27 narrative another scheme called the
57:30 t-rex gate what he doesn't what he what
57:34 he doesn't know is that it's already
57:36 verified that those t-rexes were from
57:40 both uh tf3 DM and turbosquid that's
57:48 already verified you can't lie and tell
57:50 people that Joe stole a t-rex from
57:56 tf3 DM or turbosquid why because we all
58:01 know where it came from it came from
58:03 ravu you dummy well you already knew
58:05 that though that's what makes you extra
58:08 stupid is that you're trying to say
58:10 stuff that we already knew and it going
58:14 to work Alvin unfortunately
58:18 actually fortunately ain't going to work
58:28 so listen to Elvan act as if this is
58:32 some sort of proof this ain't proof of
58:35 nothing they accept that you're stupid
58:39 it doesn't prove anything Elvan it's
58:42 already verified the t-rex you could get
58:45 from turbosquid or video 3 DM so it
58:48 doesn't matter it doesn't matter you
58:51 clown keep laughing oh shit and that's
58:57 this whole channel that that's his old
59:01 channel the inner fucked it up in a nut
59:04 bag sounds of that bag first he said he
59:08 bought a printer go screw it and after
59:11 that made that doesn't prevent a
59:13 rancorous quit in search for the
59:15 dinosaur because it was on stretch Feb 2 59:18 that doesn't prove enough Alvin I got it
59:21 for 30 it doesn't prove anything elven
59:25 he 3 ps3 sup you could get the t-rex
59:29 from he came oh good or jelly what does
59:32 this prove hey keep laughing oh shit
59:38 it's if you got it I'll go first
59:40 that's not what he says something the
59:42 next day so look what what kills me is
59:44 that he said exactly I mean I'm not
59:48 bullshitting you he will say something
59:50 one day and then come back and say
59:53 something different the next other day
59:55 so are you Alvin this was just you know
59:59 this thing what I want you to believe
60:01 him when he sits back there and and
60:05 blast me and Ben oh shit so good
60:10 conspiracy shit oh wait a minute
60:18 what so what was whoa not so fast Alvin
60:23 you said and he's gonna sit back and
60:26 bless me and Ben on this conspiracy shit
60:31 what conspiracy shit am i blasting you
60:34 and Ben with I don't recall please
60:36 refresh my memory the imaginary millions
60:40 up and real smokes so uh so man Joe Luna
60:48 Joe to sue me right no I'm not gonna sue
60:52 you Alvin so that's not all when did I
60:55 say I was gonna sue you all the donation
60:58 Joe was ready to fake donations go up
61:00 whoa there we go last folks nine minutes
61:04 47 seconds into a four hour 51 minute
61:07 movie Alvin brings up a false narrative
61:11 called true bones possible donation
61:14 fraud no no there was no possible
61:20 donation fraud you're just creating a
61:22 new rhetoric and then going to work
61:25 Alvin we've heard all your stories we've
61:29 heard the boy who cried wolf so many
61:32 times and made 43 movies so what he's
61:38 trying to say is Oh Joe set up a put a
61:41 PayPal donation on his channel so
61:46 therefore he's a fraud
61:48 Alvin many going to work either we know
61:51 who the real fraud is it's this guy Rob
61:53 ooh $9.99 now folks this is who Alvin is
61:57 not only down with but promotes and says
62:06 nice things about this guy on his videos
62:11 so we go to Roo boo to ours to B's $9.99 62:15 and we see that he has a PayPal for
62:20 Russia now aren't you looking at the
62:25 wrong guy Alvin click trying to
62:28 smokescreen for this guy this guy is the
62:32 biggest pirate folks are you paying
62:34 attention
62:35 hello McFly this guy is the largest
62:41 pirate on the Internet
62:44 stop trying to pretend that you didn't
62:46 know it's already been verified folks
62:49 when you come to this site he has stolen
62:52 every video game asset and animation on
62:58 the planet there's thousands of them
63:02 maybe hundreds of thousands of them
63:05 look at this Mortal Kombat tribes Orion
63:10 bless especially the bless you know
63:14 where the snake and the frog came from
63:16 you guys
63:17 don't pretend you got your hand caught
63:20 in the gumball machine that's all I got
63:24 to see see their Star Wars so what
63:28 you're looking at here folks is what
63:30 drives the entire CG industry including
63:34 piracy why because it's this guy Ubu who
63:41 has stolen from the video games and
63:45 Alvin sterling and people like Alvin
63:48 snarling think they're just going to
63:49 blame it on me and say oh he stole from
63:53 video games no Alvin you're not going to
63:56 make me a piracy Patsy you're not going
64:01 to blame this on me when you know darn
64:03 tootin look at that Deadpool the
64:06 Deadpool clip so so folks what this is
64:11 is is exactly like Walter I Clos Malone
64:14 so this is where I clone Walter I clone
64:18 Malone got all this stuff and no I'm not
64:23 Walter I clone lone shut the fuck up
64:25 that's verifiable too so just to show
64:29 you that I'm not Walter I clone Malone
64:32 look here's my out list true bones Joe
64:36 on drums Joe future and the new music
64:38 city live stream that's it that's all
64:42 I'll ever have and you call it out
64:45 convention so basically folks what this
64:48 loser Elvin sterling has been trying to
64:51 do is distract you distract me too from
64:55 look
64:56 the turtles um Silent Hill downpour
65:02 folks every video game ever known to man
65:06 look transformers aliens don't you see
65:09 that in all the I clone stuff so if
65:12 you're wondering where I clone gets a
65:14 lot of their stuff if you're wondering
65:16 where sketchfab gets a lot of their
65:19 stuff it's from here and it's all
65:22 pirated so Alvin your little evil scheme
65:26 look there's the t-rex now Alvin why are
65:31 you trying to say that I stole this
65:34 t-rex when you know that this is the guy
65:37 that stole the t-rex right look
65:39 download 5,000 views that's 5,000 counts
65:45 of piracy folks
65:48 holy crap and they're trying to blame
65:50 this on me now look that's never going
65:53 to happen but look this is the Tarak
65:56 dinosaurs that they're blaming me for
66:00 now do you see that disclaimer that
66:03 disclaimer is not going to get it no
66:05 more because it says should but guess
66:10 what where does it end up it ends up on
66:13 turbosquid tf3 DM unity asset store
66:19 unreal assets store even cou bold
66:23 yes kobolds guilty where do you think he
66:27 got his little uh raptors from you guys
66:32 are so gullible okay let me see this
66:44 all right I remember you so folks um
66:54 look look what this disclaimer says you
66:58 can actually download the Tarak dinosaur
67:01 and all the animations for free if you
67:03 just click on this link but he thinks he
67:08 can just hide behind a disclaimer
67:10 because it says should and could no you
67:18 can't to put up a disclaimer that says
67:20 should and could because number one what
67:24 if it's not protected by copyright what
67:31 if your personal use is somebody else's
67:34 commercial use why does this content end
67:39 up on TF three DM or turbosquid or unity
67:44 asset store or sketchfab c you can't
67:49 explain that now can you dummy so folks
67:55 this is a sad story about alvin sterling
67:58 trying to distract from the fact that he
68:00 already knew about ruby and he rue boo
68:05 tried to throw two bones under the bus
68:07 by saying oh yeah joe knew all about
68:09 this blah blah blah no look at this look
68:14 at this folks thousands hundreds of
68:17 thousands of downloadable pirate shit
68:22 now like I said folks I went around and
68:26 got rid of about a hundred pirates but
68:30 there's like 2 out of 100 pirates that
68:36 are like this guy this guy is the main
68:41 pirate and he must come down you're not
68:45 just gonna blame it on true bones no
68:48 that's a weak story that's a weak
68:50 smokescreen you already knew about this
68:53 you got your hand caught in the gumball
68:55 machine didn't ya
68:57 yeah you did you got your hand caught in
69:03 the gumball machine so it's time to let
69:06 you go Alvin you're nothing but smoke
69:09 you're nothing but hot air you're like a
69:12 10-foot balloon I said like Alvin it's a
69:24 metaphor
69:27 look silent he'll remember me you think
69:33 you're going to blame all this shit on
69:34 me
69:35 fuck you why is this my fault no this
69:40 isn't my fault this is your fault Alvin
69:43 for misleading people when you knew you
69:47 knew you liar
69:50 you fucking knew fucking liar
69:59 look at that Mass Effect Skyrim so there
70:09 it is folks hundreds of thousands of
70:11 models and animations all ripped from
70:14 video games therefore makes them pirated
70:17 how did they end up in the iclone store
70:19 how do they end up in the religion
70:22 content store how did they end up on
70:26 sketchfab I didn't steal them no this
70:31 guy stole them get it my god you guys
70:36 quit trying to be stupid look the same
70:40 Raptors this in the cou bulb set how did
70:44 we get into the Kubb old set
70:46 how did the Blessed chicken get into
70:49 ikinema that's all stolen pirated shit
70:53 dude and you knew and you knew so you
70:59 fucked everybody around you look the
71:02 blessed chicken yes folks the fucking
71:05 blessed chicken
71:09 the cat oh my god look this is an IKE
71:16 enema tutorial how did he get there you
71:21 get my point
71:22 Elvin nobody believes you when you say
71:24 oh well I didn't know about Ruby you
71:27 fucking liar I told you about him yes
71:32 I'm starting to get ran to you again
71:35 sorry folks I don't need to put any more
71:37 emotion into this let's just continue
71:40 and not only found out about the laser
71:44 scan we found out how he was trying to
71:46 pretend to be other people and and say
71:50 it so we didn't cover the real donation
71:55 scam did we folks so all you got to do
71:57 to see what a real donation scam is is
72:00 go to our Roo BB 0 - 999 and you'll see
72:11 exactly what Alvin sterling is trying to
72:14 distract you from the truth
72:16 this PayPal link right here folks do you
72:19 see it hello wake up McFly this folks is
72:27 a real PayPal's scam and should be on 3d
72:30 scammers but it's really 3d hypocrites
72:33 so they won't put this on their site as
72:37 a real scam yeah folks I'm talking about
72:41 this
72:42 they call it 3d scammers get them before
72:46 we get you but it really should be
72:48 called 3d hypocrites because look they
72:51 stole artwork from Joe Williamson oh boy
72:56 wait till he finds out we're going to
73:00 report this channel and they're so
73:04 hypocrites because they were a real
73:07 scammer on there this guy folks is a
73:09 real scammer look he stolen from every
73:15 video game on the fucking planet and
73:17 provided downloads to all the models and
73:20 animations
73:22 how much more clear can I make it folks
73:25 this is not my fault this is this guy's
73:30 fault I'm letting one gun go because
73:34 he's too full of hot air
73:36 he's too full of himself he's too full
73:38 of his own ego you might eat too much I
73:42 don't know I've heard he's a large large
73:46 specimen so look at this folks
73:54 look how retarded this little terrorist
73:56 is he's going to make all these videos
73:59 to try to distract you from this no
74:03 Alvin nice try nice big fat waste of
74:07 time
74:08 nice nice risking your Netflix deal but
74:11 no Alvin ain't going to work
74:13 nice try nah Oh Joe got hacked from
74:17 Adams tree and we got the way Joe did
74:21 get hacked from Anam Street and I'll
74:24 just tell you right now it was unreal it
74:27 was the people from unreal forum
74:29 parabolic labs and sex and raw I know
74:34 they're the same guy but that's who did
74:38 it that's who did it yes what happened
74:44 was is animus tree got hacked
74:48 not by Anam street by unreal
74:52 they made it inaccessible to the
74:54 moderator me it's all been verified I
75:02 have emails from Benoit at annum Street
75:07 that explains the whole thing it's
75:10 already been verified don't make some up
75:13 some more lies and more smoke no people
75:17 aren't even listening to you you don't
75:20 know what you're talking about dude it's
75:21 all speculation in emails from Adam
75:24 Street you know we get the email
75:26 community saying no they would never act
75:27 you know they deleted all the Joe stuff
75:30 off of the off of the ah hire lawyer
75:34 don't even take supper sorry
75:36 on the street they did the people from M
75:38 Street took the stuff down no and uh
75:40 nope girag Alva quit lying and they had
75:46 an Street was really happy folks they
75:49 had told us specifically that they did
75:53 not get hack so Joe lied and said he got
75:58 hacked and he didn't yes he did he try
76:00 to try do this bogus donation drive 404 76:05 his lawyers no wasn't for my lawyers and
76:08 right a big boy on for like seven years
76:10 straight no no it has no we stopped it
76:13 out if you're confused Joe scam it was a
76:16 joke scam to get money no and this is
76:18 just me Jose actually for ten dollars
76:21 per person to for his legal defense talk
76:24 another life another life so we went to
76:29 Joe's donation site and checked out his
76:32 legal defense fund and we fought through
76:34 very interesting things um check this
76:37 out
76:38 liar you know the other joke where if I
76:50 go this like fold over yes it is
76:54 to my real phone number you just me okay
77:17 thanks well when we discover this plot
77:26 to me this is big enough like seven
77:29 years right no it hasn't
77:31 you think it had people donate money to
77:33 him nor like so over several years no
77:36 for his legal-defense fund knows who
77:38 what am I suppose that and we asked to a
77:42 couple of questions uh sack up how's the
77:44 hacking case doing do you know who did
77:45 it report to the FBI no you don't put it
77:48 to you
77:49 local government authorities you know
77:50 and most of all why what the lawyers you
77:56 never asked me that nobody are working
77:58 that yeah why are you making shit up so
78:05 sit ask the question my lawyers are job
78:08 to answer the question and I choke
78:10 business you know whenever asked the
78:12 question so when we went back again a
78:16 few minutes after hours later job this
78:19 is like about three minutes later we
78:21 went back to click the donation button
78:24 Joseph Lee I was just messing with you
78:29 that was kind of funny and I got the
78:32 fake thing is what I played you like a
78:37 violin why would he take because I was
78:42 messing with you boy oh donation drive
78:45 down why would he do that why why would
78:48 Joe listen cuz why would your take
78:51 though they should say that I don't want
78:52 to with you why would he do that because
78:55 number one Joe's listed Joe's always
78:57 listed so you always these all right now
79:00 I am and uh number two
79:02 Joe's Creek Oh Joe Joe Joe always has an
79:08 ear to me cuz he know I'm always finding
79:11 new stuff cuz I'm always finding new
79:13 stuff out about I'm always finding this
79:15 stuff you're always talking me huh and
79:17 uh most of stuff new stuff I found out
79:20 about Joe is what I sit back and listen
79:23 to his rent and every so often job give
79:27 me a hit yeah close yep if something get
79:31 a clue moron and I always got inspired I
79:35 love that
79:37 so tells me talking about his lawyer to
79:40 fitted yeah I think I haven't it's just
79:43 like like I like the tie with Joe said
79:46 he worked at Disney I didn't say that
79:49 where did I say that yeah that data I am
79:55 I have a deadly account yeah I tell you
79:57 oh that's none your business now he's
80:00 got no fair
80:01 this morning and you and did he stop
80:04 then he left this stuff I guess he had
80:06 to take his mess break it out he waiving
80:11 the reason he said mess is because
80:14 parabolic lab sex and raw is a meth-head
80:17 well I suspect he is I should say I
80:20 suspect that Saxon raw or parabolic labs
80:24 yeah the guy who hacked anima Street so
80:30 here we go juice the scenes really
80:34 juiced Yami he's up to Julie look at
80:37 what he does he did it every warded Oh
80:40 watch some videos that are over what's
80:43 going on for months oh I try to mitigate
80:50 the fact that he got kicked from
80:53 sketchpad no I've never seen nothing
80:58 like this before why are they fighting
81:00 the times up like this cool so Joe why
81:06 are you making things now Joe I know you
81:08 listed I know you listed Joe and I got
81:13 one thing to say Joe here's the thing
81:15 Joe now I know why the whole scam behind
81:22 you chasing down so right here is about
81:26 when I said to myself Oh Joe he's going
81:32 to be endless trying to distract you
81:35 he's covering for criminals
81:38 it's called collusion or cavorting with
81:43 the enemy so this is treasonous folks
81:47 this is so t radical or treacherous that
81:53 you're not going to believe it
81:54 he's just keeps making things up he's
81:56 going to go on and on forever well I
81:59 realized today folks
82:01 hey Skippy I realized today folks I got
82:05 to let this guy go because first of all
82:08 he's a moron and he just keeps making
82:10 things up second of all he's not even
82:12 the real enemy
82:14 I don't know how I got it in my head
82:17 that he was the enemy he's not even the
82:19 enemy parabolic labs in roubo are the
82:23 real enemy folks here we go Ruvo in the
82:27 rest of the and the rest of the guys
82:30 when it comes to uh when it comes to
82:34 piracy you know lately ain't been doing
82:36 it for a while and I think I probably
82:38 know the reason why why you see Joe wait
82:45 wait wait wait wait wait we got some
82:47 chatter over here dang he made a video
82:49 of you talking about stealing a video
82:52 who did me stealing a video
82:57 don't even try your little your little
83:01 trick Skippy I know it's you one I know
83:06 it's one of your elves one of your evil
83:08 else but no you're not going to distract
83:11 me I got God on my side today
83:13 I don't care we got to get through this
83:17 don't you see it says four hours and 51 83:20 minutes we got to go bro
83:22 we ain't listening to your little
83:23 chatter good I did this thing a few
83:27 months going on April I hope he does
83:29 about two months too much so so shortly
83:32 he about four weeks after he got his ass
83:35 dick off a sketch that by yours truly
83:38 say whoa whoa folks did you just hear
83:41 that he wants to take credit for that
83:45 that's another smokescreen folks he did
83:49 not by far get me up kicked off
83:51 sketchfab not even in the slightest not
83:56 even in the slightest folks he's just
83:59 made up a total lie a total fucking life
84:02 no he had nothing to do with it folks
84:06 stop gloating you Pig listen to this pig
84:11 horse snort do you think he's thank you
84:14 no applause applause so your speed boot
84:19 it off of a off of a sketch fab a notice
84:24 you'll notice Oh folks you'll notice it
84:27 start to grunt every time he laughs and
84:34 just like Krusty the Klown he's grunting
84:37 as he laughs and lies and he's he's like
84:40 in his Pig mud and the lies is the mud
84:44 and he's just splashing around in it for
84:47 he get booted off the sketchfab you know
84:50 notice I was back actually read from the
84:52 fridge that uh also you show first and
84:56 ask questions later one is of course him
85:00 going on there and doing this music
85:02 period I've come to true bones and
85:04 invite no Noah ripped game affection and
85:08 liar liar liar see folks he knew about
85:13 Ruby listen to him life he know he knew
85:19 that's where Walter I Clos Malone got
85:21 all the shit that's been verified I told
85:24 him about it it's in a movie one gun
85:27 you're fucked
85:28 don't lie to everybody that all day over
85:33 it up true bones but what true Bose has
85:36 been deeply no ad and this is something
85:39 that's very funny is that I found out
85:40 that he was taking content from robo
85:45 nope and reposting it up on catch fat as
85:50 his own just like everybody else
85:55 just like the unity asset store that's
85:58 what you can't explain uh true boo boo
86:02 boo is the guy hidden because I've
86:08 hosted up a t-rex on his uh on his uh he
86:14 posted t-rex up on his YouTube page wait
86:17 a second bricks is when shadow why
86:21 didn't you go after him then if you knew
86:24 that's where the t-rex came from I'm
86:27 just saying why didn't you if you know
86:33 the
86:34 t-rex came from him why are you
86:36 pathetically trying to put it on true
86:38 bones you can't make people a piracy
86:41 pirate I mean a pariah do people see
86:48 right through your lies
86:50 stop lying I'm letting you go today
86:54 you're just a big dumb dumb throwing you
86:57 back go ahead you can make all the
87:01 movies you want in the 3d scammers
87:03 report news folks
87:04 yeah look at this folks he's dedicated
87:06 his whole life to creating a stupid
87:09 YouTube channel look at it it's called
87:12 the 3d scammers report and news and
87:14 they're probably live right now but look
87:19 he stole Joe Williamson's artwork and
87:22 says the 3d scammer news and report but
87:25 here it says scammers news and report
87:27 but all it is is it's all about Joe and
87:30 there are stolen videos in here folks
87:34 there's stolen videos from parabolic
87:37 labs and they call it evidence look at
87:40 this evidence by parabolic labs no folks
87:43 that's the death threat video yes they
87:48 actually threatened my life by putting a
87:50 tombstone with my name on it and the
87:54 words crossed out Joe mcpeak rest in
87:56 peace so folks I was so shocked by this
88:00 that I've been going after the wrong guy
88:03 I got to go after parabolic labs sacks
88:06 and raw the guy who hacked
88:08 anam Street that's been stalking me for
88:10 years fuck one gun ain't shit he can go
88:15 ahead and make all these movies you want
88:17 bro it doesn't prove anything do you
88:20 understand you're a hypocrite you're a
88:26 hypocrite this should be called 3d
88:28 hypocrites because look he he steals
88:32 people's artwork he needs to be reported
88:35 because he stole Joe Williamson's
88:37 artwork
88:38 he stole parabolic labs video he stole
88:41 Ben Tuttle's videos look at this Ben
88:45 Tuttle Ben's videos he even labeled it
88:47 Ben
88:47 video stolen stolen stolen folks so I've
88:54 I woke up this morning and I don't know
88:57 if it's the grace of God but somebody
89:00 said to me said Joe you got to let this
89:02 guy go because he's just a buffoon he's
89:05 a clown he's obviously trying to get you
89:10 in trouble for something that this guy
89:12 did no I didn't do this rube rube did
89:15 this why don't you put him on the 3d
89:20 scammers oh no you won't put Ruby the
89:23 real scammer on 3d scammers will you
89:25 know why because you're down with him
89:30 you're actually down with him aren't you
89:35 all you have to do is go to the
89:37 discussion on one Gunn's page look at
89:40 this folks let's go to the get a robo
89:42 wind shoe channel and click on
89:47 discussion and look Vince o Ciccarelli
89:53 the Maine pirate one of the other main
89:56 pirates let's go ahead and make sure he
89:59 doesn't have any pirated material
90:00 because I made him take it down let's
90:04 look let's look are there any download
90:07 roadable pirate links free I quote
90:10 animals and dude he stole it from Ruby
90:14 and you wonder how he gets into the
90:17 iclone shit you're not blaming this on
90:19 Joe
90:21 oh isn't that interesting Joe says I
90:26 thought you stop pirating take this shit
90:28 down your pirate so yes folks
90:32 he's a Maine pirate and look he even
90:34 credits roboo with the same stupid
90:37 disclaimer Thank You Ruby for the
90:40 download link so these are the real
90:47 pirates folks VIN so Ciccarelli Andrew
90:49 boo and then you got dum-dum over here
90:52 encouraging it listen to this just go to
90:57 get a robo win shoes comments-section
91:00 and he he's actually encouraging the
91:03 piracy listen to this folks
91:05 hello friends you are right true bones
91:08 is an idiot and coward he posted a video
91:10 on YouTube where me and other people
91:11 accused of being pirates he accuses us
91:14 of having ruined his reputation it's
91:16 just a slander of dirt discharging the
91:18 material from the web and then sells it
91:20 if you look at my youtube channel you'll
91:23 realize that I've made available the
91:25 material for free listen folks they're
91:28 trying to qualify piracy and blame it on
91:30 true bones by saying all well I give the
91:35 pirate stuff away for free therefore
91:37 true bones is the real pirate he sells
91:40 it no true bones doesn't sell it folks
91:44 true bones sent me a threatening letter
91:46 and ordered me to remove the material
91:48 because it was an illegal thing and he
91:50 took it down to I told him he's an idiot
91:53 and a hypocrite no he didn't and his
91:55 threat made me smile I'm sorry for the
91:57 harm he caused no no folks he actually
92:00 took it down and put it back up and I
92:03 hope that sooner or later he will pay
92:05 for the harm he has done to you sorry if
92:07 I cannot read I'm Italian this is the
92:11 link in the movie in which she accuses
92:12 me of being a criminal pirate and then
92:16 this explains everything you big dummy
92:20 Alvin sterling one gun shun then says a
92:23 friend I am sorry that he is after you
92:26 he has no right to do what he is doing
92:28 because he got caught doing something
92:29 wrong just do what I did and blast him
92:32 with the truth he's an idiot who needs
92:34 help I
92:35 proved multiple times he is a crook and
92:37 a liar here's something you can use
92:39 against him every time he says something
92:41 post a link along with the comment the
92:44 truth about bones chew bones do not like
92:47 the truth use this against him so there
92:50 you go folks
92:50 right there he promotes it on his own
92:53 channel and you wonder why I clone
92:56 deleted your threads
92:58 dum dum this is why I clone they see you
93:04 being a dumb stupid pirate with the
93:08 other dumb stupid pirates at least stone
93:14 chrome cleaned up his act yes folks
93:16 Stone clone had some questionable
93:18 material and he took it down therefore
93:27 he's clean Stone clone is a hundred
93:31 percent clean folks he's a reformed
93:34 pirate so what we have here is a couple
93:38 of dummies
93:38 somebody should report his channel
93:41 actually for cavorting with the Pirates
93:44 folks so how stupid is it you know
93:51 they're gonna try to blame this on me
93:53 when they know damn well it ain't me
93:56 here we go pulse it has t-rex oh no I
94:00 didn't I know Joey was a little bit too
94:02 quick to admit that I got that uh
94:05 tagline Rex rogue frou-frou why would I
94:08 be quick to row up from a TF 3dm the
94:14 thing about is I begin to think
94:16 something different now I'm thinking to
94:17 think that Jo you know what you are no
94:20 you're a cover job ya folks
94:25 Alvin sterling one gunga shun is just
94:29 covering for the real pirates you just
94:33 saw it you saw that letter from two two
94:35 months ago he got real
94:40 he's trying to cover making shit up
94:44 Babu is because Jo has tooken a lot of
94:48 models from room ooh and posted a
94:50 sketchpad the same ignored in less
94:56 models that was up on ruble site on a
95:00 YouTube page or the exact same if you
95:04 can't get data no no no download it and
95:10 I've seen the same way in a second
95:13 probably my last went to the to this
95:16 place from deviantART it is actually a
95:18 little deep in our community that does
95:19 game on they too have bless models folks
95:22 did you just hear that
95:25 listen to him trying to qualify the real
95:28 pirates
95:29 he just said parabolic labs so he
95:32 implicated parabolic labs did you just
95:37 hear that folks
95:39 but those less models been up there for
95:42 a long time talking down he the roux boo
95:44 had went and downloaded those models and
95:47 converted in the center for four days so
95:50 people could make animations remember
95:51 whatever in cinema 4d or or they can
95:59 system Mouse Maru boo we don't know but
96:01 we know that rubles models and the TF 3d
96:05 M models and the models on that
96:06 deviantART page have been around longer
96:09 than Joe sketch fat page where he was
96:12 posted up all that shit that he was
96:14 still it okay so what he is saying hold
96:17 on a second I thought I hit the damn
96:19 button again I don't want to do it
96:21 anyways folks I don't know what he's
96:24 trying to say something like it's all my
96:28 fault
96:29 that I stole everything and that
96:32 everybody else is innocent dude why are
96:36 you making up all this hot air rubles
96:38 models and the TF 3d M models and the
96:42 models on that deviantART page have been
96:44 around longer than Joe sketch fat page
96:47 where he was posted at all yeah shit
96:50 he's so your point is
96:52 I'm trying to figure out how did you
96:54 learn about ruble I mean these these oh
96:56 come on I was there I've known about
96:59 ruble there I am all out there but -
97:02 don't pretend you didn't know about Ruby
97:06 you're a liar dude you got your hand
97:10 caught in the gumball machine period now
97:14 you're trying to yank it out but you're
97:17 still trying to hang on to a gumball
97:19 aren't you because you think you're
97:21 going to get away with this
97:22 no let go of the fucking gumball dude
97:26 it's getting you deeper and deeper into
97:28 shit quit being a live Pig man you're
97:34 just a whore you're just a fucking lying
97:36 whore God you know they do you have to
97:41 like find them you know and Joe it's
97:44 fine one you got to find the pirate look
97:46 plenty of these guys so I wanted some
97:48 checking you know based on some photos
97:51 and stuff that I got leftover from Joe's
97:53 old sketchfab days and videos and stuff
97:58 that I've accumulated that's leftover
98:00 you know from sketchpad days I found a
98:02 lot it's like every time Joe goes and
98:06 picks on one of these pirates and call
98:08 themself giving them false takedown
98:10 notices I found out that some of the
98:13 models that they had Joe had or the
98:18 exact same models that are on these
98:19 peoples pages that saying you can
98:21 download them what makes you think it's
98:24 like so so what are you talking about
98:27 Joe don't model we don't know nothing
98:30 but so raid Internet wait a second folks
98:33 did you just hear that
98:34 oh we know Joe don't model yeah so
98:38 neither do you
98:40 you just use a bunch of fucking presets
98:42 - you ninny Nancy so so what one guns
98:48 trying to use a false narrative his arm
98:50 I'm one gun I'm a real artist I know how
98:53 to draw I pretend to know how to code
98:59 yeah I'm one of those kind Joe doesn't
99:03 do that you liar
99:05 you do it to you use preset models you
99:09 use preset motions from miksa mo so
99:13 what's your point
99:15 folks listen to them try to say
99:17 something stupid databases and and no
99:22 and text the shit and result we know
99:24 alright
99:25 no he doesn't but what I did know is is
99:29 that all these people that joke all
99:30 pirates and give them fake take down
99:32 doors and who either Rafi what have all
99:35 the shit the joke had to sketch fat page
99:38 yeah I then told comes back out and say
99:41 why come hey what are you glad to them
99:44 yeah okay Joe I'm gonna say this one
99:46 last time so you got it the reason why I
99:48 have no reason to go after those guys
99:51 because yes that downloaded and doing
99:55 all the other shit and getting people
99:56 downloads for Joe you are the only one
99:59 only one Joe wait a minute folks
100:02 nope nope he's not going to say he's not
100:06 going to say what I already know he's
100:07 going to say no one gun you can't do
100:10 this you can't qualify a pirate listen
100:15 to him folks he's trying to say oh well
100:17 Joe the only reason I went after the
100:20 didn't go after the real pirates is
100:22 because number one I already knew who
100:25 they were but um Joe the reason I didn't
100:29 go after the Pirates was because um yeah
100:34 yeah yeah they provide download links
100:35 and and they do steal yes they do steal
100:39 from video games but Joe the only reason
100:41 why they're innocent and you're guilty
100:45 is yeah I know they give away the
100:49 download links for free oh that's why
100:51 that's why Joe cuz they do it for free
100:55 no Joe you're a real pirate because you
100:58 sold it first of all I never sold it
101:02 second of all you're not going to use me
101:05 as some sort of piracy pariah and blame
101:09 this shit on me when you know that who
101:11 the real people are that are doing it
101:13 and everybody's looking right through
101:15 you one won't go
101:18 soon elven sterling everybody seems
101:21 right through you you're like the
101:26 Emperor who wears no clothes everybody
101:29 knows that you're not wearing any
101:31 clothes but you act as if you're wearing
101:35 clothes and we see right through it that
101:41 was taken a shit in dropping your ass
101:44 around all these developments I know I
101:46 want even a catching them no resell into
101:49 a sale I don't they don't belong to you
101:51 Joe no even if she do sold from the
101:54 other pirates it doesn't belong to you
101:56 joy a second fellas
101:58 he hasn't provided one shred of proof he
102:04 hasn't he hasn't provided one shred of
102:06 proof it's all speculation it's all
102:09 accusation it's all conjecture it's all
102:12 the stuff that doesn't fly in court so
102:17 keep talking keep talking hey great you
102:20 can make a buck off of it wait a second
102:24 he's putting words in my mouth again
102:26 folks I wasn't trying to make a buck off
102:29 it that's only what you said I was doing
102:36 dude these are real pirates and he knows
102:39 it I mean you know it folks he knows
102:44 what he's talking about so that's what
102:47 makes it so malicious it's called
102:49 willful negligence
102:52 it's called willful negligence
102:54 it means pretending to not know the
102:56 truth but promoting promoting the lie it
103:02 puts people's lives in danger
103:05 yeah so go ahead keep keep doing it we
103:10 got you all documented
103:11 they didn't verified you know what makes
103:16 you think notice still this stuff don't
103:19 sell it nope and then they make a dollar
103:21 off of it
103:22 nope you know all that money you do
103:25 enough for so called motion and only
103:27 thing you can afford it's one fucking
103:30 connect wait
103:32 second strokes he's just making up
103:35 another false narrative he assumes that
103:40 that's all I got access to no dude you
103:48 don't know what you're talking about
103:49 so what even if I did just have one
103:52 connect so what it works doesn't it so
104:00 what is he setting up a false narrative
104:01 folks he's trying to say that I stole
104:03 all the true bones from Reuben it's such
104:09 a huge fucking lie so that's why we got
104:14 to let this guy go and go after the real
104:16 pirates he's just a buffoon a clown
104:20 where's all your money at man what you
104:23 know I mean with folks did you just hear
104:26 that he goes
104:27 where's all your money and my fucking
104:32 money is not Joe not your fucking
104:36 business dude now you're going to talk
104:38 about my taxes fuck off man
104:43 professionals use you know that Joe
104:45 you've been in you could do this shit
104:46 solo dude is nothing sacred
104:49 first you go after my integrity then you
104:52 go after my taxes then you're like
104:55 where's the money Joe that sounds like a
104:57 fucking threat yet extortionist yes I
105:02 called you an extortionist you're
105:04 already a terrorist you might as well
105:07 add extortion folks then he's going to
105:10 get into my taxes then he's going to
105:12 call my mom yeah that's what real
105:16 terrorists do and that's what he's done
105:20 he came after me for not being an artist
105:23 he came after me for not modeling he
105:27 came after me for not coding he came
105:31 after my mom because he wanted to tell
105:33 her what a crook I was oh come on dude
105:40 you got to go away you got to go away
105:43 bro just just go away
105:45 you got up you black I mean you say you
105:49 may sit grant I mean shit dude what
105:51 welcome you don't have like this too
105:53 good little foxy text or vikon setup and
105:58 you just hear that folks
105:59 you know dude he's pathetic he goes well
106:02 what'd you do with that 50 grand how
106:05 come you didn't buy a vikon shut up hook
106:08 him you didn't buy an optic tract why so
106:10 I can be a fake-ass like kobold so I can
106:14 be a fucking fake ass no I already told
106:19 you the mocap industry is fake it's full
106:23 of fake people who pretend to put on a
106:26 fucking mocap suit and make mocap but
106:29 they really fucking steal from mix mo
106:32 and true bones yes folks but you just
106:39 heard him Hey Joe what you do with their
106:41 50 grand how come you didn't buy a Vikon
106:43 setup how come you didn't buy a new run
106:45 like me because I don't want to be like
106:48 you I don't want to be like you
106:54 oops you are a fraud Joe no I'm not
107:00 how can you claim you made all this
107:01 money off the motion capture and y'all
107:03 are using a fucking Kinect
107:05 that's my sequel dude that's my secret
107:09 you know Lux you see folks what is he
107:13 trying to get up my ass about my secrets
107:15 for that's what it boils down to they
107:19 don't understand how one guy could build
107:22 such an empire into true bones they just
107:28 don't get it they don't understand it
107:29 because they're dummies they think that
107:32 I just used one Kinect
107:35 get it out of here
107:37 our heads man you guys are so stupid
107:41 oh my god dude and you expect me to tell
107:47 you my secret like Colonel Sanders or
107:50 something no I'm not giving you my
107:51 secret dude quit exploiting me quit
107:58 using me quick try to use everybody as
108:03 some sort of weapon you're like so
108:06 stupid dude listen you're not gonna lie
108:10 to me like you tool and everybody else
108:11 just shut up said that you are a Jew
108:16 that you returned pirates be the biggest
108:19 pirate of them ah ah okay oh why Joe
108:23 what why you try to turn this quote
108:25 unquote Nikita thinking all have stuff
108:28 to do with it was a simple with a simple
108:31 email with a simple email that you
108:35 decided I'm going to read and everybody
108:37 to go to see then show me peek is not a
108:39 crook I don't know what's going on
108:43 what's good yeah that's it it's one guns
108:46 fault hey Jose all my fault that you're
108:48 hurt that you're a correct um you're
108:51 just covering for the real crooks
108:54 covering for the real crooks covering
108:57 for the real crooks this is this a video
109:00 I'm working on but uh booboo but uh I'm
109:05 gonna show you all something show me
109:08 this uh yeah that's that that's the
109:10 video look for I won't go and look on
109:11 Joe's fob Joe psych for this video come
109:15 I'll show you little eye talker shuffle
109:18 why Joe wants to get me banned for real
109:21 he wants to me no icon illusion no I
109:23 don't and it this is all when Joe so I
109:25 could be bad for me with wait a second
109:27 folks but he there he goes again another
109:31 false narrative he's like a dog chasing
109:36 a wheel down the street he just goes
109:39 round and round in these false
109:41 narratives whatever he can make up he'll
109:43 change the subject and switch to that so
109:47 here we go another false a narrative but
109:48 now
109:50 can't do it so they do it all about Joe
109:55 wanting to get back in someplace they
109:58 know and John here he goes again he just
110:03 switched it to another false narrative
110:05 saying that I want to get back into
110:07 someplace
110:08 no dude get it out of your mind I don't
110:12 want to get back to any place that you
110:14 think that I want to get back to bro
110:20 stop every single one of your lies is
110:24 verifiable stop
110:27 I'm just saying dude you're making
110:29 yourself we've already been we've been
110:31 almost two hours in 24 minutes can you
110:36 stop lying
110:37 well we got two or three hours to go
110:40 folks
110:41 no we got four hours to go oh my god
110:45 and uh oh my god are you fucking serious
110:52 and true bones the last place that will
110:56 accept him it's a cover job cover job
111:00 he's trying to distract you so they'll
111:03 try Joe constantly makes these videos
111:06 about how he bands be and all other
111:08 stuff but he can't do it you can't do it
111:11 you can't he can't ban me I'm not trying
111:14 to ban you no matter how much he tries
111:16 I'm not trying this are you providing
111:20 Manny off a real Louisville no and uh
111:25 she made that up well I have all these
111:28 busy shows I keep these videos as
111:30 trophies as of how much this guy can
111:33 keep trophies he take if you have a
111:37 little uh trophies yes sir later the
111:42 first one three but three Watson going
111:44 out Joe oh you love it I know you are
111:48 get enough footage it ends today 151 111:54 million dollars that's what that that's
111:56 what his imaginary lawyers totem okay so
111:59 at this video
112:00 unreal losing by true bow
112:03 another fault area right here he did all
112:08 that shit he did all that shit two
112:11 months ago
112:12 just so he can come back to the real
112:15 loser form it goes hi okay hello Peter I
112:20 think you might want to watch the stream
112:22 before you realize this Lagoon we're
112:24 dealing download the Amiga torrents okay
112:28 all right so let's break this down he
112:31 writes a letter to Peter every allusion
112:34 to let him know I was downloading
112:36 illegal torch all right
112:38 you are what he never writes down what I
112:41 was downloading they've never done it
112:48 this is Joe doesn't know why I have a
112:52 torn application on my computer and Joe
112:56 never knows I'm never going to tell her
112:57 I have it but Joe can't you don't have
113:00 when I was there bad because he never
113:01 all I know is it's illegal I don't need
113:06 to know why you have it downloaded I've
113:08 just verified that you have downloaded
113:11 it with screenshots oh and by the way it
113:15 was mixing Moe torrents yes folks he
113:19 downloaded mix ammo on a torrent I
113:22 busted him for it you know in a video
113:26 keep talking fat boy you're stupid
113:30 keep talking you always keep mine I got
113:33 the application do I use it why is it oh
113:36 there Joe don't know Joe doesn't have to
113:39 know that he's trying to make a case or
113:42 he just had to make a false narrative no
113:45 I'd like it it's fucking true you had
113:50 where's well Joe you you had torrent let
113:52 everybody knows who tells the truth who
113:55 just Blake me lives okay
113:58 I don't hit pirated stuff no no no and
114:01 III didn't get chips off the sketch -
114:03 because I was selling pirated stuff
114:04 no go ahead keep I can let it his feet
114:14 huh and he says uh go to youtube watch
114:17 this video yeah delete delete it I don't
114:23 know it's video is I need to leave you
114:25 try to pick on my greta robo channel i
114:28 took a lot of joe videos down to the
114:30 hand on there i took him down
114:32 I just recently really upped the power
114:35 by labs video whoa whoa folks hold on a
114:38 second icicle I did you just hear that
114:40 he just admitted to resealing the
114:44 parabolic slab video yeah the one he
114:47 didn't want to have because he deleted
114:48 it now he just admitted to stealing a
114:53 video he just admitted to stealing a
114:57 video and you wonder why I clone deleted
115:03 your Netflix thread because listen up
115:07 monkey boy they saw you do that and you
115:15 just admitted it bro you are the
115:22 stupidest person on the fucking planet I
115:28 need to go after the real people no you
115:35 didn't fuck up my life like you would
115:37 like to give yourself credit it was sexy
115:39 raw parabolic Labs well it was you - I
115:44 guess because you just admitted that you
115:47 stole the video and put it back on your
115:52 site you just said it you just fucking
115:55 emitted a crime in public everyone one
115:59 gunshot Alvin sterling just admitted
116:02 that he stole the parabolic labs video
116:05 and put it back up on the one gun get a
116:09 robo win shoe website after he was told
116:13 by iclone not to do it and then they
116:18 deleted his Netflix thread and deal and
116:22 and now he comes back on here and he
116:24 wonders why folks
116:28 for God's sakes Alvin listen to this
116:32 folks I'm gonna replay that part there
116:34 we go there's a possible damn it's
116:38 impossible Joe
116:39 you can try Joe but everybody knows who
116:42 tells the truth who just Blakeney lives
116:46 I don't have Sarah to stuff no no no and
116:49 III didn't get kicked off the sketch
116:51 guys because I was selling pirate stuff
116:52 either
116:53 yes so that's another key when Rice's
117:00 letter deceased
117:01 listen Eddie says uh go to youtube and
117:05 watch this video and deliver he claims
117:10 that deleted I don't know it's video is
117:12 uh I pick out my fix on my bit of Robo
117:16 chai I took a lot of Joe videos down to
117:19 the Hat on there I took him down
117:20 I just recently really upped the pair my
117:24 last video about Joe oh damn dude how
117:28 could you how could you how in the fuck
117:35 could you bro that's a stolen video that
117:39 he deleted the same one PJTV head that
117:44 she deleted because she wanted nothing
117:45 to do with it why why do you have to
117:50 have that video folks he stole it he
117:55 just admitted to a crime in public on
117:59 the true bones Channel
118:01 why would you do that why why oven why
118:06 would you do that why would you steal
118:08 the video and put it back up after I
118:11 cloned Andrea lusion told you take it
118:14 down or removing your threads you just
118:17 committed suicide dude you just said you
118:21 just committed iclone suicide why why
118:26 Alvin why did you just commit iclone
118:30 suicide here we go folks
118:33 luckily both Annette I took a lot of
118:36 videos off of that channel and put it on
118:38 the scammers Channel why
118:40 bang so joke a hangout over here with me
118:42 more than a world my channel oh shut the
118:44 fuck off man but uh then it goes uh I
118:50 don't watch any well you can see that
118:52 wound goon you can see that room dealin
118:55 advocates to promote perceives and
118:57 turret downloads not to mention a sec he
119:00 he's a tech portal Jill why does he
119:05 refer snip joe mcphee and then he says
119:08 he has attacked Joe is why was worried
119:12 he already said what you say like not to
119:17 mention he has attacked me this is a
119:21 darkness of a person I mean is he like
119:24 three women is one hand body what the
119:27 fuck is Joey feek he can't refer to
119:30 himself to the part you wish you fucking
119:34 wish ah
119:37 not to mention net dimension has
119:40 attacked jail of every form and even had
119:43 a sketch that the room and delete of
119:46 speculation accusation was not enough no
119:50 he's saying that I got his sketch pad
119:54 page removed and deleted on speculation
119:57 and accusation a law without proof no
120:02 not that if that was true maybe I want
120:07 you to think that if that was true his
120:09 channel would still be there
120:11 alright if what he saying is true he
120:14 would have never sketch that what he
120:15 would steal sketch pad the reason why
120:17 he's gone off guest bath it's because
120:20 the people at sketchfab reached out to
120:23 the people
120:24 I can only didn't let them know the Joe
120:26 was nothing and sketch back wait filling
120:29 their Shh I thought it was you you just
120:33 said a little while ago like 5-10 120:35 minutes ago you said yeah it was
120:38 completely me
120:39 I got him kicked off sketchfab yep you
120:43 sounded just like Don Knotts dude you
120:47 sounded like fucking Don Knotts yep I
120:49 got rid of the sketchfab pirate
120:52 on your Facebook use you started waving
120:55 around guns yes folks he took a picture
120:59 of himself waving a gun saying yep I got
121:02 rid of the last remaining sketchfab
121:04 pirate and I'm taking complete 100 121:09 percent credit for it now he's saying
121:13 that it's because sketchfab went to
121:16 Autodesk no sketchfab didn't go to
121:19 Autodesk quit making things up dude it
121:22 through sketchpad no all right now what
121:26 happened think about it seen before this
121:27 even broke out about Joe's sketch Fat
121:29 Joe is on sketch pad they already knew
121:32 about Joe sketch friend yeah they're
121:33 already new joke and they go Joe - stop
121:35 Joey did was the best stop no they
121:38 didn't know they doing knocked out Joe
121:41 was selling shit Oh tell they don't want
121:42 even said a word the only buddy
121:45 nope you know nope and think about this
121:49 they already busted Joe selling shit on
121:53 their site because they got acted by
121:56 somebody who gave Joe some money for a
121:59 model and they was trying to contact Joe
122:02 let him know say hey I gave you money
122:04 for this model and you ain't give me the
122:06 model so clay I'm just as that happened
122:09 what they did it all get to Joe they try
122:12 they cut okay wait a second folks
122:14 wait a second that happens in business
122:19 yes that actually happened folks
122:21 somebody didn't get what they pay for
122:25 why they went to sketchfab I don't know
122:29 for some reason they thought that's
122:33 where true bones was so they went to
122:36 sketchfab because they didn't get their
122:38 order from true bones it was just a
122:41 miscommunication
122:42 don't make it into a big conspiracy
122:44 Ellen that sort of shit happens all the
122:47 time in business yes that did happen
122:51 folks but not the way he said it
122:54 Joe saw he's gonna run the same scam
122:57 that he did on unity wasn't a fad but
123:00 noting about this people that Joe was
123:03 doing it for about a good year
123:05 was a good year in some what's into what
123:07 he was doing alert sketchpad so Joe
123:09 figured he's able to get away with it
123:11 over here I heard he'd been doing well
123:13 attend get your facts straight album it
123:17 was five years yes folks I'd been on
123:21 sketchfab for five whole years and then
123:26 as usual same thing happened at unity
123:28 some accusers some third-party pest
123:33 comes along like Alvin says he stole
123:37 everything he's a pirate
123:41 you see Elvin I've dealt with people
123:44 like you before
123:45 yeah I've dealt with the parabolic labs
123:48 kind of people too so you're not even a
123:53 challenge to me I don't know why you go
123:56 on and on and on with this dishonesty
123:59 and misguidance
124:03 but go ahead I mean we're only a half an
124:09 hour into this folks even when Joe
124:12 started his make the most shift and
124:14 everybody saw that to make it most shit
124:16 with X mixes nobody really gave a care
124:18 because everybody was like why the hell
124:21 is gonna buy some oceans from from from
124:23 Joey peek when I can get him free over
124:25 there mix Mon that's why people didn't
124:27 really fuck with him what she can get
124:29 back for sure that's not true it all
124:31 started stillness because the Autodesk
124:33 it's get rented the Autodesk and all of
124:37 this character generator care knows and
124:39 the wait wait wait wait wait wait folks
124:41 did you just hear them Joe started
124:44 stealing the Autodesk characters how can
124:50 you steal something when it's free you
124:54 get my point
124:56 he just blamed me for stealing mix mo -
124:58 how can you steal something that's free
125:05 I'm just saying
125:07 how can you steal something that's free
125:08 yeah
125:10 Joe never did anything wrong mammoth or
125:16 especially thick in the head over on his
125:20 making mole side of sketch bashing Joe
125:22 had the true bones he had make him up
125:24 you make him Oh was a mix most
125:26 competition but it's old mix the most
125:28 stuff you sound like you got it all
125:32 figured out a bit like a zit is this mix
125:34 it oh no no no this is make a mess make
125:38 them all so which is a real word by the
125:43 way
125:43 so uh so he said I don't have proof but
125:46 I had to have some proof what song right
125:49 then we go able to sketch pad pro we'll
125:51 talk about that later
125:52 PS I have recently removed many Pirates
125:56 of iPhone content I could provide with a
125:59 list
126:00 oh I've read the wrong thing I read this
126:03 on a contest a context oh but the thing
126:07 about I'm trying to tell you why Joe did
126:11 that why he was chasing you pirates down
126:14 I'm sorry to call you pirates but he was
126:17 chasing you down calling you all pirates
126:19 and saying you was stealing this is
126:21 really net and yo blah blah blah blah
126:24 add up and the reason why is because of
126:27 this sentence right here I
126:29 Joey peak I also mmm I also would like
126:36 to request reinstatement to the religion
126:39 forum for removing the iclone block
126:42 while I was gone now that was second
126:47 order by : but he did that to you all
126:50 just so he could give back in on no he
126:53 didn't reform no he did hit that you
126:55 know you want to help no longer way
126:57 folks I just got to say in my defense
127:01 that no I did not do that
127:03 it sent Peter this bogus email no saying
127:09 how bad I am and how holy and godly he
127:15 is because he actually is fighting to
127:19 get rid of pirates even though
127:20 he's the biggest fuckin pirate know that
127:23 this actually happened yes right way to
127:26 take a poke yes and you know love this
127:28 yes and no I'll go that's true that's
127:31 what's confusing him right now is how
127:34 can Joe be the guy that's getting rid of
127:37 all the pirates
127:38 yes that's what Joe's doing that's what
127:41 Joe has been doing but you're trying to
127:44 distract you from doing it with all
127:47 these amazing stories so let's continue
127:50 and he wrote this and then he was gonna
127:53 be with two videos on the scenes every
127:55 time I will close up it up order today
128:00 every time I post something up on my
128:02 ghetto Robo channel he writes that he
128:05 says them an email he sends him an email
128:08 say I said his name and that should be
128:10 enough for y'all to root or to remove
128:12 and and sometimes it works sometimes it
128:14 don't
128:15 most the time they don't you know y'all
128:17 sometimes they just either hang up the
128:19 phone I'll just delete the email but but
128:23 shadow you promote piracy but Joe did
128:27 all that shit to you all because he
128:30 wanted to come back over a note to the
128:32 rear illusion no it was kind of funny
128:35 nope when I went on one uh one of Joe's
128:39 a read-a-thon videos and saw a rouble
128:43 saying if you don't take all this office
128:46 shit off your dolphin Joe shtetl he's
128:49 going to contact YouTube and YouTube
128:51 don't do it for now that I'm waiting for
128:53 that to happen yeah you should be booboo
128:56 did back on uh on uh well we get to that
129:01 two minute but uh that's why that's
129:04 that's a so excuse for doing it and you
129:06 see he doesn't do it right if you see a
129:07 little was what was meant to really lose
129:09 it he did you see he doesn't do it no
129:11 more he's no longer pirate hunter I mean
129:13 he actually yes I am to me whoa whoa
129:15 whoa hey hey hey hey fat boy that was
129:20 your fatal flaw did you just hear him
129:22 folks
129:23 uh yeah Jose no longer a pirate hunter
129:27 oh no yes he is
129:31 yes he is make no mistake
129:34 Joseph pirates stabber and that's what
129:38 Joe is going to be known for so be real
129:41 careful what you believe and don't
129:43 believe the show though what we do and
129:46 like he keeps saying that we ruin his
129:48 business dude I didn't say that we
129:51 understand if you don't have a business
129:54 you're not registered up there Michigan
129:56 so they taxes all right so wait folks
129:59 you just here are exes you don't work
130:02 listen to him threaten those sounds like
130:06 threats to me you know why do you come
130:11 over to my house I'll show you my taxes
130:16 I'll show you what the Second Amendment
130:20 - why is this guy into my taxes now here
130:28 you don't got you don't work you don't
130:30 have a job you don't know okay dad
130:33 what's it to you you're going to tell me
130:35 to get a haircut - and you know how shit
130:41 us with stay in your basement and just
130:43 cost anarchy around the web dude that's
130:45 all you do and and and raid databases so
130:49 you can take you give me way too much
130:50 credit out what has happened now is that
130:53 he writes this letter and then he says
130:57 uh he wants to be rewarded for removing
131:03 the I club alone pirate but while he was
131:06 gone now here's the thing about Ike home
131:09 alone or iPhone zero I chrome alone is
131:14 Joey P wait a second focus did you just
131:18 hear that
131:18 no I'm not it's so easily verifiable
131:21 here look at my else he's trying to say
131:25 that I'm Walter I Clos Malone no dude
131:28 that's so verifiable your accusations
131:32 are that flimsy yeah your accusations
131:36 are flimsy dude
131:38 go ahead say I'm Walter Aiko Malone all
131:41 you want it's not true it's not true
131:46 just go ahead and lean back in your
131:48 three-legged chair lean back a little
131:51 bit further
131:58 right here's Joe McPeak because Joe had
132:06 tried to trick me once by saying
132:08 somebody had reopened the I Clos Malone
132:12 zero
132:13 blog again and he called my house to
132:18 tell me this I asked the phone big
132:21 mistake and they asked me told me that I
132:23 went to it and I saw him like how I
132:26 thought this guy was going cuz it was
132:28 exact same website just really I mean
132:31 waiting all this world over well
132:32 hey John cat this movie was posted May
132:38 5th so you just heard him you just heard
132:43 what he said right this is why he's
132:46 talking in that he thinks that I'm
132:52 Walter I comb alone and this is why he
132:54 thinks I'm Walter I Clos Malone he
132:57 doesn't have yeah I know
132:59 he doesn't have any argument here we go
133:05 it was little argument we did he made
133:08 the site
133:09 no I didn't I said how'd you get all
133:11 this stuff me I don't want to cold tell
133:14 me how'd you get all this dude stuff I
133:16 mean I didn't you mean you why are you
133:19 making this up bro I didn't get all his
133:22 stuff dude you have imaginary friends in
133:27 your head that tell you all this stuff
133:29 well site or he was like home alone the
133:33 whole time you know and I never think it
133:37 was like people I do bad things before I
133:40 could somebody have all this true bones
133:42 shit up here and Joe has not chased
133:45 these people Joe is nice did say nothing
133:47 I come alone so I told him to I brought
133:49 up the word I come alone but how can you
133:51 have all these guys stuff on your on
133:52 this site with all this rip cuz he freed
133:55 all right you fucking asshole listen it
133:59 how dumb are you bro he stole it
134:03 he stole it from rebou he stole it from
134:06 true bones then he stole true bones name
134:09 and put it all over it
134:12 then he stole iclone characters to put
134:14 all the stolen shit into bro don't you
134:18 understand and you wonder why I clone
134:22 has a huge piracy problem unbelievable
134:27 dude unbelievable you're trying to say
134:29 that somehow I had something to do with
134:32 it
134:33 keep talking clown I closed it up here
134:37 you know stolen of course what you don't
134:41 know this dude is doing this I didn't
134:44 they did it behind my back
134:46 stupid you knew about it you withheld it
134:52 from me why didn't you fucking tell me
134:55 Alvin why did you wait so long to tell
134:59 me this holy shit dude your lies aren't
135:05 working Alvin Jesus Christ so when you
135:09 make this fucking uh letter to iclone I
135:14 call already knew who you were already
135:17 had to do to IP trace T wage thanks dude
135:20 no I'm literally don this no nobody said
135:25 anything about IP addresses yes you can
135:28 use IP addresses to verify that I'm not
135:31 Walter I Chrome alone but for you to
135:34 suggest that I have the same ip address
135:38 as I comb alone it's ludicrous it's
135:44 ridiculous don't you see how ridiculous
135:47 you look Alvin for trying to make this
135:50 shit up
135:51 no do you think we're stupid yes we know
135:56 how to use IP addresses to verify your
135:59 lies
136:00 Alvin god you're stupid they say a bit
136:06 basically saying that they know that you
136:08 are a chrome alone Joe they did I say
136:11 basically wait focus on that with a
136:13 blown-out hold on hold on okay everybody
136:16 this is what this is what one gun is
136:18 trying to tell you right now um Joe I
136:24 Cologne
136:25 says that your Walter iclone Malone and
136:27 they proved it using an IP address no
136:31 Alvin don't lie to everybody that's not
136:36 what happened
136:36 you just made that up in your stupid
136:38 little head compared to your body yes
136:42 your head is little keep talking fat
136:47 lips keep talking the blog belong to you
136:51 Joe no it didn't that's how he's able to
136:54 take it down so fast that site came down
136:57 like hours after we had that talk Joe
137:01 yeah and uh that's true that that's you
137:06 know really Niles that's that you that's
137:09 why they now let you know where why do I
137:12 have to be Walter it folks
137:14 listen to the psycho raving I for some
137:19 reason I need to be Walter um I don't
137:27 know I don't know John cat but he wants
137:30 me to be Walter he must I must be Walter
137:35 for him I don't know what he's talking
137:37 about he's babbling like a raving
137:39 lunatic listen to him true bones ever
137:42 again because they stopped out so you
137:45 were the one they did huh the one you
137:48 they said it earlier in your email this
137:51 is the bank next day you wait mean I'm
137:56 the one I call zero because they knew
137:58 they didn't want you to know but that
138:01 they knew that you were like whoa they
138:02 oh gosh Jesus understands that no you're
138:05 not coming to a marketplace you're not
138:07 coming back in a farm no you are we know
138:10 dude you are a paranoid schizophrenic
138:15 hey everybody my name is one gun shun
138:18 and I am a paranoid schizophrenic
138:22 everything he says is a complete lie
138:25 folks he's a raving lunatic he's a
138:30 fucking raving lunatic yeah I know I
138:34 feel like neo I'm more like Frodo
138:38 no I am fucking Frodo but yeah I must be
138:43 the one I must be the one I should have
138:46 took the red pill you know what I mean
138:48 god I wish this was funny no you have
138:51 pulled you're doing everything you
138:53 possibly can no Mike into the real loser
138:56 after you know I'm not and said I didn't
138:59 want to go back to the ribs but yes she
139:01 did Joey no he can't you want to be
139:04 rested on a real loser form and we know
139:06 what you're doing people's forms go look
139:08 at what's the only unity you said look
139:11 like you did on unity and you walk over
139:13 here and do the same thing you they do
139:15 listen listen to this hypocrite
139:18 look what folks go and look what he did
139:21 on unity he's talking about something
139:25 that happened five six years ago but
139:28 going look what he did just two months
139:30 ago yeah I'm fucking Frodo
139:38 put it over here so there's really mad I
139:42 closed zero stuff that you was doing
139:44 what then you try to come back in hot
139:47 water I call Malone what you got it
139:51 mixed up fester hell and do this
139:53 business I mean it was so it was so it
139:56 was so Josh I mean he comes back two
139:58 hours walk home alone make this apology
140:00 letter what and then what do they fake
140:04 you know did you see the letter you see
140:06 that yeah I told you that I couldn't
140:07 longer I took care yeah yeah yeah so now
140:09 let me that is gonna really inform odo
140:13 hold on skipper
140:14 that's our Skippy hello
140:17 because yo we know your I Clos Malone
140:19 you got it you're so wrong do not stupid
140:21 we have a wrong I cried out so if you
140:24 think that I'm what that I faked to be
140:27 Walter hike home alone just to get back
140:30 in that cesspool of a form called real
140:33 lusion why why would I want to go back
140:38 there with the Charles and pirates think
140:44 about it
140:45 why would I go to that cesspool why
140:48 would I want to I've already been there
140:50 for like seven or eight years I left
140:53 remember remember the letter from Peter
141:01 bro get over yourself
141:03 you're just making all this up it's pure
141:06 fiction
141:09 and it's all you're going to be
141:12 remembered for it's actually your legacy
141:15 it's all fiction no you're not coming
141:20 back and everybody make a good so the
141:23 only Wednesday he he wants to he wants
141:26 to be rewarded I know I don't
141:30 he also told me she also be rewarded
141:34 because he recently removed many Pirates
141:37 of icon content why is that a crime I
141:40 did with a list of who I thought you
141:42 just covered hamburger oh so close and
141:45 those who will not stop because they
141:47 think it's cool and encourages
141:49 encouraged prior the IRA see that's my
141:52 r1 gun and then tell of what yep so
141:54 here's the other problem what the rule
141:57 illusion said he was so full of shit no
142:00 become you can't prove that ones that
142:03 have been totaled on I'm friend to
142:05 myself the third person but me it been I
142:08 mean you've been scuttled why come you
142:11 haven't proof that they stolen anything
142:13 every time you post and put up a video I
142:16 never kiss you are stealing anything
142:18 modeling something in a 3d program we
142:20 can't catch you nowhere around a 3d
142:22 program dude I don't have to use the 3d
142:27 programs
142:27 I'm the director remember I tell people
142:30 what to do I'm not a lonely grunt like
142:35 you don't you get it there's a pecking
142:40 order there's a freaking pecking order
142:43 bro
142:44 I'm the director I don't use 3d programs
142:48 except when I want to and then I only
142:51 use the 3d programs I want to use all
142:55 this nonsense about audio doesn't model
142:58 and Joe doesn't animate neither do you
143:01 you use fucking presets to Bubble Boy
143:06 yeah you use all those preset mix
143:10 emotions
143:11 you use priests pre-made models from
143:14 dads and and now you're going to be a
143:18 hypocrite and say Oh Joe doesn't model
143:20 Joe doesn't animate Joe doesn't use any
143:26 programs shut the fuck up Bubble Boy
143:31 when you go you're sellable and you
143:35 start spouting off specific you to see
143:38 me Molly you see me animating Satta icon
143:40 you see me getting assets from dance
143:43 render I see whoever you also see me
143:46 getting motions from whoever I get the
143:47 muscles from but I also know I paid for
143:50 everything I own joke and not afraid
143:52 selfie where I got it from okay you're
143:55 the only person Joe I knows that I knows
143:58 not say knows hey cuz your nose is just
144:01 full of shit because that's all you do
144:04 and Janos is like Pinocchio so full of
144:06 shit you don't understand this shit
144:08 or smell the shit that comes out your
144:10 mouth Joe ah because I was nice every
144:14 time you go to one of Mia Ben's videos
144:19 and talk you make absolutely no fucking
144:23 sense none oh gosh guys guys guys you
144:30 don't make much sense either oh yeah I
144:31 know nothing so and I'm not streaming
144:34 nothing yet um I'm not you want to show
144:37 us your screen for Doug diggity on sake
144:40 so skevur Hey look at I leave for a
144:44 minute and uh sorry guys I don't pay
144:48 attention we have six viewers oh you
144:50 said Joe is actually suspicious by being
144:52 a cyber
144:53 yeah what I saw from the top first why I
144:56 want to see my screen I really don't
144:58 have nothing up to show you although um
145:01 better not show those torrent download I
145:05 Wilson L fear I'll show your screen show
145:07 your screen well I think I will show my
145:10 screen let me pop the chat out and chat
145:14 out in the rig over here I really don't
145:18 like doing these Friday shows I really
145:20 so here's the thing folks we got to keep
145:22 an eye out for parabolic labs he's the
145:25 guy we're really going after he's the
145:29 guy who made the death threat videos
145:31 that started all this shit so they can
145:38 keep talking in here but keep an eye out
145:40 we're looking for parabolic labs to come
145:43 in to the chat because we need to
145:46 document this for the police so here we
145:51 go all I know they're running a live
145:57 stream over there but they're trying to
145:59 distract me from from saying the truth
146:02 but man and I'm tattletaling on all you
146:06 guys I'm snitchy
146:07 I'm stitching on all the pirates today
146:11 and they're not going to distract me oh
146:15 oh don't tell me that joke okay here we
146:20 go
146:20 whoo gold - one of me of Bin's videos
146:23 and talk you make absolutely no fucking
146:27 sense none yeah torrent shortcuts yep
146:30 hahaha we've already busted up doing
146:33 that we've got videos of him down I
146:36 don't worry so and I'm not streaming
146:38 nothing here we go I'm not dreaming
146:41 nothing yet uh let's see
146:43 so skevur Hey look at a lady for a
146:48 minute and uh sorry guys I'm paying
146:52 attention he said Joe is acting
146:55 suspicious by being a cyber bully okay
146:58 start from the top first of all y'all
147:00 want to see my screen I really don't
147:02 have nothing up to show you all um
147:06 oh hi Wilson Elser show your screen show
147:11 your screen well I think I will show my
147:14 screen really pop the chat out and chat
147:18 out and Rick over here I really don't
147:22 like doing these Friday shows I rely
147:24 rather me I'm really relieved networking
147:26 on Facebook um I hold myself someday so
147:31 whose show you one guns or parabolic
147:34 labs Zootopia string all right this is
147:36 my screen I want to say something me and
147:39 mom you'll have to find that on your own
147:41 outlet Pete he said he said Joe's
147:44 incredibly stupid one go look at your
147:47 check
147:48 that's what they say dude it I was at on
147:52 his bullying whoo-hoo loose is only the
147:55 fish of life right uh have you seen my
147:59 video you feel I'm a Greek video about
148:03 Hermes laughs right uh see you know it's
148:07 wire shuttle okay uh first you can try
148:13 now it's wire brush that you are never
148:15 seen what's so funny what's so funny fat
148:21 boy tree Rose the movie where is it life
148:25 isola yeah so i got joe mcphee movies
148:28 you all have not seen yet what's so
148:31 funny I want to release them slowly over
148:33 time so free full movies Oh show me Pete
148:38 and I'm just gonna just let them loose
148:41 soon well let him loose because like the
148:45 hard stuff I've just got stored up and
148:47 when I get the chance to show it y'all
148:49 know it
148:50 sorry um um close all the all the window
148:55 everything is closed
148:56 I'll closed everything sake nothing
148:58 nothing's open for Joe to go back and
149:01 say oh look at the torrents
149:04 look at the torrents oh good good good
149:07 dish look a little bit are yo you tort
149:14 downloader you yeah he he removed the
149:18 paypal a this is
149:20 the Delta zone that fact let's go to my
149:23 channel and uh um and let's look at that
149:26 real quick let's look how fast that Joey
149:28 move data sees on my channel and lets us
149:35 go to videos and create three serious
149:40 watch this people
149:43 so I fuckin bad bad model you asshole
149:48 I was late or okay everybody I hope that
149:53 you practice me what's so funny
150:04 okay everybody Rock be rich I know what
150:09 it is I know what it is I know why he
150:11 laughs he laughs because he has fun
150:14 playing with lies so he's just playing
150:17 with his light eyes and he's getting his
150:19 jollies but go ahead you're not even the
150:23 guy I'm going after but go ahead show
150:26 people how stupid you are you are doing
150:38 ha ha ha sorry you are tired sack of
150:44 shit model you asshole oh I will I want
150:51 mass back I'm going to close that I got
150:56 15 reps from ti3 do my downloading ok
151:00 who's this I'm from the people to here
151:02 to your scan relation Drive where you're
151:04 standing business it doesn't exist you
151:08 know like you know a joke wherever I go
151:11 this type of real number what this
151:13 what's is there by this watch it listen
151:15 modulus to music so what we did our
151:22 contact
151:23 Oh fuckin I was
151:29 eight or later instantly funk
151:39 did you just see that they're trying to
151:42 say that because I ran a donation
151:45 account for like a day or a couple days
151:49 there go oh here on this donation drive
151:52 for years and he's collected all this
151:54 money you didn't pay taxes on that money
151:56 Joe so we're going to get you like the
151:58 untouchables we're going to take you
152:00 down like Al Capone no you're not
152:05 freaking pathetic bro you are so
152:08 pathetic
152:14 yeah this this whole things about
152:16 copyrights but he's basically trying to
152:18 say that I steal and resell and
152:22 redistribute shit I don't he's just made
152:26 it all up we found out who the real
152:29 scammers are it's Rubio and parabolic
152:32 Labs and all that one gun is is a huge
152:36 airbag distraction of epic proportions
152:41 he'll just make anything up what's so
152:46 funny huh back it's like help it so he
152:49 is watch the blood stream the dude watch
152:51 it much to me because you know I'm gonna
152:54 find is that what this is about
152:58 and I'm gonna find out what do you know
153:01 I always find out what he's doing and
153:05 what I'm doing know your bonus rod thank
153:07 you that's what makes you a stalker that
153:10 is why for alrighty sister shit off to
153:12 the xxx general and may God be with him
153:15 but that's the second wife for arcades
153:18 up but if you just hear that fast he
153:20 sent a letter to the Attorney General of
153:25 the United States dude oh man did you
153:34 hear that folks
153:35 oh we got to send a letter off to the
153:39 Attorney General of Michigan
153:43 may God rest through bone soul sounds
153:48 like a tight home for Joe to our fraud
153:51 cases both of them care at least uh
153:54 somewhere between four to twenty years
153:56 apiece
153:57 threats and then again they go look at
153:59 how many people have donated to him and
154:01 how many people have there not have you
154:04 sold those animations to know each
154:07 person you saw those animations to
154:09 that's a that's another you really think
154:12 they're going to violate my rights huh
154:14 it's nothing sacred Elvin you really
154:19 think that they're going to violate my
154:20 right I know my rights Alvin they're not
154:28 going to do that
154:28 Pay Pal never called me turning general
154:31 never called me nobody's called me Alvin
154:34 nobody's suing me get it out of your
154:37 head for 220 years it just thought just
154:40 add up so wait listen he's trying to put
154:43 me in jail for like 20 years
154:45 by the time Alvin's done with me I'll be
154:48 in jail for like a hundred and eighty
154:50 five years yes I'll need a hover round
154:53 by the time he's done with me missus
154:58 operated business dating register and he
155:01 had been paying taxes whoa
155:05 Alvin uh-huh do you pay child support
155:10 Alvin do you pay your taxes Alvin do you
155:16 have any warrants Alvin oh you don't
155:19 want to talk about your warrants did ya
155:22 ladies and gentlemen I could have Alvin
155:26 sterling turned in with the snap of my
155:29 finger cuz he has warrants potentially
155:34 and listen to him get up get on about me
155:38 about my taxes he thinks he's going to
155:40 take me down like Al Capone The
155:44 Untouchables no Alvin you're not going
155:46 to touch me you're never gonna get to
155:49 touch me Alvin female would brother
155:54 Keith will actually do it you have to be
155:56 a one
155:57 lick it up muhfucka what do you think
156:00 yes potatoes playing Social Security
156:03 yeah hundred play no income tax he has
156:06 been paying it to nothing just be
156:08 collected money office I do you know
156:10 housing then how do I know I just check
156:13 it out how can you say wait a second
156:16 folks
156:17 Alvin thinks is trying to get me to
156:20 believe that there's some big magic
156:24 fountain out there that just magically
156:28 gives people's private information
156:30 oh yes I've been paying his taxes he has
156:33 been paying his child support he has
156:35 been doing this he has been doing that
156:37 Alvin where would you get that
156:39 information
156:42 haven't you ever heard of a word called
156:45 privacy
156:48 Alvin privacy nobody's going to tell you
156:54 this information it's not show no not
156:58 that not shows that you like to eat
157:00 it's called not show business Alvin so
157:07 that's all I got to say about that folks
157:10 for what he makes offers motions yeah
157:14 that's a federal offense yes it is so
157:16 how can you be paying taxes or the shit
157:19 that he'd sell us into the pig snorting
157:21 that's what separates meat you'll see I
157:23 don't sell nothing I have nothing to
157:26 sell yeah because you're wack so I can
157:29 go to all the websites and download all
157:31 the motions because I don't sell them we
157:35 know that Elvin it's with them you know
157:36 I do stuff with them and uh Ohio intent
157:41 of when I go these websites and get
157:43 their free motions is to use it in what
157:45 they were intended to slow dial and
157:48 project for me right take their content
157:51 and embed it into my main project that's
157:56 what I did oven that's what I do
157:58 Patrick Joe doesn't Anna me Joe have no
158:01 reason it may well be I'm going to steal
158:04 it and sell it that's well we're not no
158:08 no no
158:11 not yes your lawyer Alvin
158:15 everybody knows what a liar you are a
158:19 offer work this marathon on me I be no
158:26 we don't yell baby I'm circus maybe I
158:30 shouldn't call like the fuck it uh
158:32 biography channel just total pain y'all
158:35 just come over here and get his
158:37 biography duck I'm out please please
158:39 left to do like an eight-hour buy or
158:41 yeah be nice do is so fucking twisted if
158:46 you have to watch listen to his ego oh
158:48 the same video the same video man Ben
158:52 made him month ago and he watches it
158:54 over and over watch watch watch him
158:57 again watching tomorrow he's gonna do
158:59 the same if this is your ego no I don't
159:05 need crew anyone I'm doing I don't have
159:09 grown up people here we try to educate
159:11 the community that's what me being and
159:13 Genting all the people that come on here
159:15 we tried to him said Joe opens his mouth
159:19 he fucks himself harder and harder yeah
159:21 what like a fresh version in prison did
159:27 you hear that folks it's the off the bus
159:29 if in the presence
159:31 get on your knees and here's your
159:32 mission that this is terrorism here is
159:36 it yes so Jo doesn't animate he doesn't
159:40 model he doesn't do nothing but go into
159:44 databases like for for motion capture
159:46 and he Rob's them lie lie lie lie right
159:50 \[Laughter\]
159:52 and that's right now how me like you can
159:56 tell like you can see right here if my
159:59 check
159:59 I have people talking to me you know you
160:02 see I'm not pausing and you hear this my
160:05 pause you know if y'all don't hear
160:09 somebody typing do you get over there
160:11 old joke yet we're a huge convention no
160:16 he's not all of his ops of coming in to
160:21 his channel to a
160:24 was our out CCCP I was all for coming to
160:29 this channel in a second folks
160:32 I can put that to rest right now to say
160:37 that here's how you verify a lie
160:40 he says I'm running a live stream right
160:42 I am see I'm jiggling it right now in in
160:46 real time and he's saying that I am John
160:51 cat no see John cat is a real person
160:56 right up here when I click here you see
161:00 all of my elves I only have four of them
161:04 chew bones Joe on drums Joe future the
161:07 new new music city live stream I am NOT
161:10 John cat I am NOT Morocco that's
161:13 provable that's verifiable I am NOT
161:17 Walter I clone Malone either I'm not
161:20 this guy I'm not that guy these are real
161:22 people and that's your fatal flaw that
161:24 boy your fatal flaw but keep going here
161:29 we go stuff about one good thing about
161:32 it I don't have to make any notes
161:33 because I have live human beings coming
161:36 here
161:36 it's a max up Abbasi know that yeah but
161:41 they're idiots
161:43 they're idiots they're your Manson
161:45 followers anybody can be a Manson
161:49 follower if the Fox must be a hag no
161:51 unless the Fox um we looked up mr. Todd
161:54 Fox that's his name and we checked the
161:59 Michigan Bar Association and we did find
162:02 the talkbox anthing about top foxy he's
162:05 a great divorce lawyer and the judge you
162:08 know uh I like to sure about just past
162:11 anything but um he is I don't know what
162:15 law he practices but it looked like he
162:17 practiced family law and divorce then
162:20 that that's all I know about ifox from
162:23 what we gain for the image now he's got
162:25 cocky geisha nod FICO he's actually
162:28 stalking a judge we should call Todd Fox
162:30 from Exim about
162:31 oh I would love that I would love that
162:36 oh how I would love that you're going to
162:40 call a judge you're going to call a
162:44 lawyer and a judge and start asking them
162:47 questions about Joe mcpeak good luck
162:50 good luck Elvin I really want to hear
162:53 what he says okay
162:58 that would be really funny so funny dude
163:02 it's action about the the legal defense
163:06 for the judge set up for that you even
163:09 though Joe has a Legal Defense Fund form
163:11 you know we should accident it's not
163:16 show not your business
163:19 yeah yeah I think we should also hand
163:22 over our copy of Joe taking down this
163:26 donation scam maybe we should give a
163:28 copy of the video I mean I know Joe has
163:30 a past video down so a Kasai
163:32 prosthetists operated in toto Joe uh I
163:35 reduce myself I know what a fuck with
163:38 you know what Joe yeah but uh you think
163:44 that's funny
163:45 this it if sandy vagina wants to sue us
163:48 he mean let him do it
163:50 oh let him do it because all I have to
163:54 do is just give statements for everybody
163:55 he's ever fucking stolen from you know
163:57 if you want to sit in front of a judge
163:58 and say that we stole this and we stole
164:01 that you know a one-time dog fan I don't
164:04 think that's what this all about
164:05 Preston there no no what I want to keep
164:08 it a secret
164:10 go ahead keep it a secret what I want to
164:13 call this tell me no tickets for ecstasy
164:16 eczema see if I can do something
164:18 tomorrow uh-uh
164:20 sad yeah all right yeah I'm good Monday
164:22 so I want to call state of Michigan yep
164:24 yep yeah and potaters when st. Joseph
164:28 would show forever yep yep yep and many
164:32 common State Attorney's Office on you
164:36 dance day-to-day if I could do some
164:40 stuff anyway
164:44 he's extraversion yes he is all right
164:48 yeah so uh cut off uh-oh oh yeah look at
164:55 his everybody and I found Joe is doing
165:00 another donate the true bones candles
165:05 that's what you want to call it go ahead
165:07 you have to run any type of donation
165:10 thing through PayPal has to be for a
165:12 cause and uh always I was thought oh
165:17 wait wait wait
165:18 put on the brake light on the brakes put
165:21 on the brakes
165:22 folks Elvin sterling one goon shewn is
165:28 trying to tell you that what that this
165:31 is bad that this is some sort of scam
165:38 he's not okay okay John we'll see you
165:42 later
165:42 but I was just telling you how he thinks
165:47 this is a scam somehow but what he's
165:50 covering up do you want me to show you
165:52 what he's covering up is this Ruben nine
165:56 nine nine is the real scam it's the real
166:00 PayPal scam see Russia see Russia let's
166:09 see if let's see if he's in here in the
166:12 discussion because if he's in this
166:15 discussion then you know what he's
166:18 trying to cover up there's just too many
166:21 hundreds of thousands of comments see
166:25 this Ruby a pirate is a hero to some see
166:31 right here Felix Marin he's just like
166:33 Alvin
166:34 ruh boo nein nein nein you are the best
166:37 never give up what people don't know is
166:43 is this is a pirate wait a minute hi
166:47 guys
166:48 some stupid asshole put on sales those
166:50 models please guys don't let them do it
166:52 Ruba makes an amazing job and makes us
166:55 happy report those who sells his job
166:59 what excuse me oh so what they're saying
167:09 is yeah those raghu assets they end up
167:13 in cg trader turbosquid TF 3 DM
167:16 sketchfab unity asset store and here
167:20 folks he's trying to cover up by
167:22 creating a big-air story a big-air story
167:26 a big bubbly lie that old Joe he's uh he
167:33 needs to go down for 20 years because he
167:35 ran a PayPal donate button but he
167:39 doesn't say a damn thing about the Roo
167:41 boo no that's weak that's really weak
167:46 folks fuck afraid
167:49 oh you look at is Wilson because we
167:51 fought another Joey peak donation scam
167:54 and I found a rumor scam I found a rumor
167:59 scam you're gonna do donation donate to
168:01 true bones all right
168:02 for the purpose of joke YouTube music
168:05 reduce it so Joe wants you to donate
168:07 money to kill himself
168:16 yeah that's me true bone was here to
168:21 donate my ass is Joe so yeah money -
168:25 yeah make his crappy shitty music oh ok
168:33 you made that sound like a bad thing so
168:35 yeah I thought we do donations
168:38 it couldn't be donations for yourself I
168:41 thought it had to be for some cause
168:42 what type of cost is helping the man who
168:45 put up the donation ok hey fair enough
168:50 fair enough question but what kind of
168:53 man supports a man who does this and
168:57 expects a PayPal donation
169:02 look even to the live feed right now oh
169:05 god stop trying to distract me you're
169:09 weak you're weak you're soft like warm
169:12 butter you're square like spongebob
169:14 you're soft dude you're so soft trying
169:19 to make it fucking another live scammers
169:23 pathetic anyways what were we looking
169:27 for
169:27 oh yeah Ruby so when you go to Roo boo
169:30 you're going to say that what I'm doing
169:33 was wrong but what he's doing is right
169:37 the main pirate on YouTube the same man
169:41 we're going to take down the same dude
169:47 we're going to take down bro see you
169:52 better tell Wilson about this why does
169:55 it Wilson write about this how come you
169:58 don't put this on the 3d scammers really
170:03 want to know I mean we just got to this
170:06 part in your video where you're calling
170:08 me a scammer for having a paypal donate
170:10 but we come over here to the main pirate
170:13 and you say Oh what he's doing is okay
170:18 because he doesn't ask for money
170:20 you call this not asking for money so
170:25 folks we're going to end this stream
170:26 right here
170:27 and we're going to come back we'll
170:29 review at the one hour mark the rest
170:32 we're parabolic Labs comes in and
170:39 re-implement oh well so is miksa MO
170:43 parabolic so Jo never did anything wrong
170:47 but you went and made a death threat
170:49 video saying that Jo steals everything
170:53 and Jo stole the whole planet and choice
170:58 packs no your ex accusations are flimsy
171:03 flimsy as your wrists flimsy
171:09 as your wrists so folks we're going to
171:14 end it here and we will come back and
171:17 finish the rest of it I'm not going to
171:19 go watch I just got to go get some lunch
171:21 but we made our point we really super
171:25 made our point in under three hours so
171:28 we will continue and we only have
171:30 another hour to review and then we're
171:33 done with this one because we already
171:34 reviewed the last two hours on our pig
171:37 snort or our other videos so make sure
171:43 you come back when I livestream again to
171:46 review the rest of this video but we
171:47 made our point here quite good so thanks
171:52 for watching the stream and we'll see
171:57 you next time thanks again