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Watch 40+ minutes of slander by the scam-artist know-it-all Truebones:


This is transcribed from Audio.

01:31:49.300 Why am I saying Monty Oum?…​ Because WunGuns on there right now go there…​

WunGun’s out there right now, going, uh, WunGun, Monty Oum, said I could use Monty Aum told me to use, err, Monty Aum told me to use Motionbuilder.

He said it last night. Monty Aum…​ I’m just doing it for Monty Aum, rest in peace, Monty Aum, rest in peace, Monty Aum rest in peace.

The Monty Aum, work ethic, yeah, do cocaine and die…​ I look at this folks. I’m going to open up one of these (YouTube videos).

From 8 years ago and it shows Monty Aum doing cocaine or meth.

But every, you’ll notice it here folks you’ll notice it here. Every 5 seconds Monty Aum goes he’s goes (sniff, sniff, sniff…​)

01:32:50.504 He’s got, he’s got…​ like a whole 8 ball …​ of…​ of coke up in his nose. He’s trying to try this…​ (presenting…​)

Everybody is like whoa awesome Monty…​, but why you sniffle in so much? No,

he didn’t have a cold, shut the fuck up he didn’t have a cold and 2. He did not tell you to use MotionBuilder.

Stupid fucking moron who…​ oh…​ Monty only told me to use MotionBuilder Shut up! Shut up!

OK, we got legendary Monty Aum but …​ He’s legendary folks…​ no…​ he’s not…​. he’s a little twirp kid a little mixed up twirp kid who looks like…​ Wun…​ that looks just like WunGun’s logo …​ Look at that …​ I’m tired. I was doing too much meth last night…​ get him here!

Look at that…​Look at that that looks just like WunGun Shun…​

Hi…​ I’m stoned. I’m tired and I got more cocaine to do you have a nice a graffiti background so you have to live up to your hip…​?

(Audience) Guy, who works on computers in creating 3D environment it. You gotta see everything in 80s…​

(Truebones) What you’re looking at right there, folks, is a trainwreck…​ Monty Aum was a train wreck in real life, he was much like WunGun Shun. This is WunGunShun’s hero. Oh, I know why now…​ because Monty Aum was a cocaine addict. Didn’t you know that?

(Monty)week on it man screwed me up. I mean in a good way.

(Truebones) Dude, you’re on drugs. You’re fucking high on drugs, you idiot…​ so folks here it is.

Here’s the proof that Monty Aum, is on drugs. I already showed you what Horrible Subs is.

Get what Monty Aum, is because WunGun wants to say, well, Monty Aum told me to use Motionbuilder OK.

Let’s see where he said to use Motionbuilder?

(Monty)Rather than you ready to welcome the 3D filmmaking.

(Truebones) Ready?

(Monty) I call it 3D filmmaking rather than animation because big misconception about my work is that I don’t consider myself. Much of an animator. I know real animators. And if you want. My panel last year. I went through describing that animation isn’t the means of how we want to get done what you saw now.

(Truebones) I know WunGun saw this. How do I know WunGun saw this because WunGun said the same thing…​ "I don’t consider myself an animator…​ I’m more of a Machinima artists and I know real animators. But I’m not an animator but again? Why did I win an animation contest? I forget?

(Monty) "Can you do make movies and that’s what it is what you want to do you want to be a movie maker who uses animation. It’s a different way of looking at it, but that’s exactly how it has to be approached because animators don’t make movies. They make reels or they make they make demo reels or they work for someone who makes movies. Animator themselves never get through it out there and known very few at least.

(Truebones) did you just hear that WunGun? He just told you you’re not really an animator and less you work for somebody making animations stupid…​

(Monty) So how would a little back story. So I was trying to make movies several years ago…​ Flash or whatever program and I have some backdrop in 3D at using it mostly about…​ 3 years ago about little 3…​ Over 3 years ago, I bought a laptop that with $2000. I didn’t have but I knew that there was something I could have made with it and I knew that I needed something powerful…​ had previously a laptop that wasn’t powerful…​ now and there would be 3 things in to pull it fast - some of them about the workflow that I do. I would emphasize speed. Then…​ then how are then accuracy. Bruce Lee would put it - speed, power accuracy.

01:37:01.420 But speed because you just need to be blood fast? I go through a million keystrokes constantly…​ And the reason being you’re dealing with millions and millions of frames so there’s no reason, I see other people work on computers and I just cringe because either just going so damn wait.

(Truebones) A second wait a second wait…​ a second no no…​ Monty. There’s no such thing as crunching millions and millions of frames Monty…​ Don’t you know how to add or subtract? And multiply.

Monty? …​ do you know how many frames is in the animation Snow White? It’s only somewhere between 150,000 to 200,000 frames for the whole movie. Monty why you lying, aying millions and millions of frames do you mean millions and millions of lines of coke up your nose?

(Monty) recent trend you’ll notice I’m actually running…​ in Windows 7, I hate Windows 7…​ not because it’s a bad OS personally because it’s an OS just like the trend of OS is these days that suit to the organic use of humans.

(Truebones) I can see why everybody loves Monte. He looks just like the kung fu master…​ Bruce Lee, but he’s not Bruce Lee…​ Stupid. He can’t jump in a mocap suit that dude is only 100 pounds, soaking wet. He’s just a little guy, WunGun he’s not your hero. He’s a cocaine addict…​ stupid moron. He did not tell you how to use motionbuilder…​ You fucking stupid moron…​

(Monty) computers are becoming more organic and my solution would be coming fast were making these movies is to be more digital so you almost never see me touch the mouse. It’s always about running those keystrokes.

01:38:57.030 -→ 01:39:01.935 (Monty) 3 years ago, I bought a laptop you can tell I used the crap out of the Alt key which is why you actually used to be very big

Macs, but the one thing about PC’s is that, they have little Alt Key…​ You have the Alt key underlying something that will drop down menu so like some shortcuts like it. If you wanted to access brightness and contrast in Photoshop on a Mac. You gotta go brightness, Contrast. On PhotoShop on a PC. It’s Alt-I, A, C bring something image menu savings adjustments. And it’s just that much faster anyways 3 years ago, I bought a computer.

This is the status in down. But I’m very proud of this because you can tell I used it to its maximum point. I squeeze every bit. I could update now and I mean, and then yeah, I stopped at the airport if I wasn’t bomb.

So 3 years ago, I bought this laptop because I knew it had the power and I have the speed, I made a movie called Haloid, which was pretty popular. I knew I made it because I knew would be popular. Despite not even being fully from even the Samus Metroid Samus Master Chief article.

01:40:09.392 Although I made it and the strokes of that came naturally to the ending is had and well. That’s kind of where I wanted to be…​

I had a big very good director at Midway Games named Chips and then he saw that and was the first to snatch me up so that was my entrance into into the into working video-games. Hey is this movie has great moves. I want to see this in our games. All I spent a year…​

01:40:43.746 (Truebones) Oh, So what you’re saying is money. Oh made a movie in Poser and use TrueBones and they saw it and they said. Oh, those are some nice moves an instead of saying All Yeah, but I had nothing to animating it. You can hire me?

You see folks this is this is what WunGun is…​ WunGun is a liar, perpetuating a fraud from Monty Aum…​ Pretending to be an animator. And you just saw it.

You just saw it, you just saw what he said right? Yeah, Monty Aum almost one of my customers for TrueBones. He bought TrueBones. He used them in Poser. Next thing you know, he’s famous…​

(Monty) games and all the while working on an unknown project that never have saw the light of the day …​ because I’m willing to waste…​ there’s some things you learn regadlress that even if it even if it never seen iPad movies…​ I’ve made that I’ve never showed anyone because I scrapped. It felt like they were in-appropriate. But that aside…​ There’s no such thing as waste because I’m nice. I spent years of my life trying to become a dancer. I spent years of my life trying to open up my own shop. It’s like. But the lessons you learn from that.. like the rhythm you learn…​ When trying to get a professional dancer allowed me to do better timing in my movies that you know,

01:42:07.400 (Truebones) yeah that’s exactly right. Did you know I was a professional dancer? That’s you know you gotta know timing WuNGun your fat ass is never going to be a dancer much less an animator. Real…​ animator real animators have jobs stupid. They don’t run around the Internet calling people bigots. You’re not a real animator stupid…​ you’re a camera Jockie…​ Jack.

01:42:38.370 (Monty) No my movies are very, very strictly timed…​ anyways while I was at Midway Games between support year. June 22nd of 2007. I think I made that fantasy too, as soon as I got there and it may think someone is flash. Those shorter and it was about a very nice introduction and like I said last time goes movie. Like to get that fantasy to which I did made and then hit really big, especially here in Boston. But those of you who are at the line. From here last time it was, it was pretty cool. Then I wish I could’ve done that again last night. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards and described later why the timing didn’t workout properly for me today. But I’ll I’ll let you know that big things are coming and you’ll see why.

01:43:24.870 A direct an art director at Namco Bandai Games name, Fung Jen saw that fantasy, too, and decided he wanted to snatch me up and I made the tough decision to move to Northern California workout program that work at Namco Bandai Games as a combat designer not an animator ideas are more important than my skills. There are plenty of better animators being I worked on the Afro Samurai game has as combat designer in which afterwards after the game was all said and done like the work. I’ve done so much. They wanted to promote me as the Lead combat designer until after No. 2 was cancelled and we decided we’re going to work on Splatter Hhouse, but at the time I was also visiting various various ComicCons.. Dead Fantasy 3 Form 5 came out and I was invited. I’m on a panel and here’s where here’s where things

01:44:09.500 -→ 01:44:13.742 get strange. So 2 years 2 years in a working 2 different jobs in 2 different states and at Comic Con. I met a man named Bernie Burns, something might known from red versus blue. He’s the one who does that he’s the direct director of red versus blue and everything else from strictly with us. That what Bandi-Namco is working on right now, I’m sorry. I’m sorry sorry so I am currently working at rooster and this is far far better than any of the game companies have had worked out because previously the movie created…​

01:44:42.420 (Truebones) this isn’t the movie. I wanted you to see that’s just one of them. The other one might be over here. Let me check…​

Uh E.

01:44:54.950 Yes, see, there it is again it’s…​ Anime it’s not really. Oh here it here they are…​

Here they are…​

I’m going to find the one …​ where he’s just like like (sniff, sniff) snorting up 8 ball hole. 8 Ball of cocaine, yeah, let’s watch. This interview where he or she actually works in Poser and then he or she has a model come out.

Yeah, look at this, this is the one folks…​

This is the one he has a model come out and he madness, so pause that one and then this one is part 3…​

Get that one on pause Monty Aum, part one.

01:46:09.052 (Monty) Welcome to 3D making with Monty Aum, now. I call it 3D filmmaking rather than …​

(Truebones) bring it to where it was and then like I said last time was.

(Monty) But at the time I was also visiting visiting various various cons Dead Fantasy Freeform Bible came out and I was invited to speak at Comic Con on a panel and here’s where here’s where things get strange. So 2 years ago, 2 years in a working 2 different jobs in 2 different states and at Comic Con. I met a man named Bernie Burns, something you might know him from red versus blue.

He’s the one who does that he’s the direct direct order of red versus blue and everything else. Restrictive does so that’s the game that neighborhood working on right now. I’m sorry sorry sorry so I am currently working at rooster sugar and this is far far better than any of the game companies. I’ve had. I’ve had worked previously the movies. You’ve seen me make.

To 5 or worse, especially an Afro Samurai Warrior, French and then I would rush home work as hard as I could till the last guy man just that’s how that’s how it would work and now the rooster teeth. I’ve literally asked nothing about my commitments other than I delivered so those of you who are looking forward to see the new season of red versus blue season. We saw it last week at Comicon Pax, East, there, so it might not think Haloid plus redversus blue anyways.

01:47:25.206 -→ 01:47:29.028 One of them is one of the great perks about joining red versus blue as they follow my ideals on spend spend money when you need to pick and save you time and what they bought from me as part of the deal for moving me there. Texas is a motion capture set and.

So you wanna say Hi John, speakerphone.

01:47:59.990 Go.

What’s the weather today. Hey everyone nominate here and I got the dreft benefit of Monsoon Production. It’s great working here Monday is like a Big Brother to everyone. He’s always making sure that us girls are taking care of mom, she has a lot of ideas.

01:48:31.550 (Truebones)Hey look look look look in the background. Those background animations don’t. They look familiar? TrueBones!

(Monty)thanks Monty, the world every second, he’s got. Chinese people like us to lookout for him fill it, so we should look and said happy thoughts his way, and you know, and then fantasy 67 and maybe eighth will be here before. You do it. Thanks for watching everyone. I’ll be trying my best to associate me inside fantasy episode 8, bye bye.

01:49:12.400 OK yeah.

01:49:16.564 that was nice. One of the perks working records blue. Now they bought this here motion capture said. I had my on not the $6000 one, but a little pricier, but they follow my ideals spending money when you need too. And I’ve had a point in dead fantasy where I feel like there’s more. I could do given some more tools that I don’t have and I’ve been trying to say with this, but every. Every every time I get I put writing them break back into making movies so actually. I’m quite broke.. anyways laptop. I don’t even buy they bought it for me. That’s how cool they are anyways.

(Truebones) Ugg…​ Stupid…​ you’re broke as you do cocaine. Oh, I’m broke because yeah, I spend everything. Yeah, right you’re a punk ass kid who got a lucky break off Truebones. And then you went and killed yourself 'cause you had too much money to spend. That’s all Monty Am, is, folks…​

(Monty) and you guys follow me on YouTube?

01:50:31.875 -→ 01:50:37.455 (Truebones) Welcome to part 2. Here, we go part part 2. Now he really gets he really gets the cocaine shovel out and you hear him start (sniffing) going just like WunGun just go…​ read…​

(Music) those go himself go,

01:50:48.118 (Truebones) do you think he MoCap these himself? No, he just took TrueBones just like fucking WunGun Shun.

he took TrueBones and put it in his film, and said, Hey Everybody, look what I did…​ fuck you Monty, fucking liar.

01:51:28.163 So guess what? Like what I said, don’t be upset who did the dancing…​ (clap hands)

(Truebones) He’s a fucking liar. 01:51:57.090 He’s a fucking liar. Yes, you did, the dancing did you really buy that fucking bullshit, WunGun? What a fucking idiot?

(Monty) Should we are somewhat in an last time I ran out of time. Now…​ questions? I thought I could have time to go through technical stuff, but then again, that would probably be a lot of setup so Hey. Let’s get some questions that I know a lot of people got something…​

01:52:38.644 Poser…​ as we right, I go to people like they like why did not use 3DS-Max? I use Poser because of its limitations. If you’re familiar with Poser 3D Animation Software, but it does all the basics - diffuse, bump maps, specular, Key frames graph editor all the stuff. You need out of 3D Editor Editing Program. The reason being it has all…​

01:53:05.670 (Truebones), Oh, oh, oh! did you just see that big cocaine sniff right there?

Folks. He went behind that little screen there an freaking whiffed up something listen.

He starting to come off the rails folks. He’s starting to come off the rails. This is the dark side of Monty Aum.

(Monty) All the stuff you need out of 3D Editor Editing Program. The reason being it has..

(Truebones) read it, you see that? What are you sniffling for? What are you sniffling for? Folks. You just heard him who I don’t have any money I’m broke. Because I yeah, I spent it on supplies. Yeah, Haha Yeah, you’re fucking…​ cocaine supply nerd. fucking nerd

01:53:53.728 -→ 01:53:57.552 (Monty) library system where if you wanted to (Truebones)God! (Monty) specular keyframes graph editor all the stuff you need no…​

01:54:04.590 -→ 01:54:09.686 (Trueobnes) As soon as I saw WunGun Shun doing cocaine on Facebook I knew. I knew it, I knew I knew it…​ exactly what was going on here.

I saw Monty Aum doing cocaine on Youtube…​ and then I saw WunGun Shun win an award, say a bunch of shit about Monty Aum, Monty’s my hero, blah, blah, blah, I’m going to make a tribute to Monty…​ I’m going to make a tribute to Monty…​ snif, snif, sniff, he’s your coke dealer, you stupid. God, you think we’re stupid? do you think

01:54:44.140 -→ 01:54:48.340 we’re stupid the reason being?

(Monty) It has the best library system where if you wanted to

01:54:48.340 -→ 01:54:52.190 (Truebones) he keep sniffling!

(Monty) do you wanted to save people

(Truebones) sniffling stupid

(Monty) alot of recycled animations in my movies the same spin kick you know hide it differently just for the sake of. In fact, this is the difference. Now, the difference. Now, with the small mo-capset that video there took me 5 days, 5 days and it’s about 10 times more movement than 3 minute episode of death…​ Therefore where it’s…​

(Truebones) because he used true bones. Did you just hear him whole God?

01:55:24.209 -→ 01:55:29.810 It took us? It only took us 3 hours because they used TrueBones. They didn’t use no freaking mocap suits and all that shit…​ you just heard him. He used poser he fucking use Poser you poser!

(Monty) checking to see longer movies with more happening and just the difference now is just. On a delivery and time frame so I’ll describe that I use both because he found it and that’s my second program might be Maya, but the depth of my you get so easily caught into just because it does everything and it’s just a deep hole. You dive into Maya and using Maya recently actually I’ve gotten much better. OK, I see the possibility and I can spend forever. In it, but this goes back to me say you have to be less of an artists at times because if you give an artist forever. He will take forever…​

01:56:21.649 -→ 01:56:26.087 (Truebones) wait a second. Did you just hear that from your own hero. Monty Aum, he says you need to not be an artist? Is if you be an artist? It will take forever? Just listen to that this is exactly? Why I will never be an rtist, Monty Aum, told me.

01:56:37.550 -→ 01:56:41.541 You have to be less of an artist because to give an artist forever. Oh my God folks.

(Monty) Given artist forever, he will take forever

(Truebones) well it’s just like WunGun if you give an artist forever. Oh, I’m an artist are went to school to be an artist, you went to school to be an asshole, stupid. You went to school to be an asshole

01:57:03.180 -→ 01:57:06.645 You didn’t go to school stupid. You made up a fake film school in your head. All I went to the film school in PittsBurg yeah…​ that’s it.

Blow it out your ass jerky boy. We know everything coming out of your mouth is a lie, so, Money Aum just said - why you don’t want to be an artist.

(Monty) It’s not going to run at this resolution, but this is the program and. The library editor is a really fast example. If I wanted something I said, this cloud to come in and I wanted him to do. I don’t know something, I’ve saved let’s say? It’s this is all that is in this new cloud last time you saw him. He wasn’t finished with missing pieces so that’s why I’m really do much with him, plus nothing.

01:57:53.960 II just threw this a character. I just threw it goes down. I wanted what if I wanted to do something real, fast that I’ve saved but say.

(Truebones) Stop sniffing

01:58:05.910 -→ 01:58:08.750 (Monty) sure. And the best part is you drop multiple pieces and you mix and mash. All compatible skeletons imposes those

(Truebones) look it up there, laughing at it 'cause it’s true bones. He forgot to freaking disable rotational limits. And he threw a true bones on there right. I could make it do that just opened up poser an import a BVH and it will do exactly that what he’s not telling you is is you need to disable rotational limits it’ll be just fine

01:58:47.137 -→ 01:58:48.869 (Monty) if you workout the people. Sorry.

(Truebones)Oh, there, he just disabled limits there. He just disabled limits now he or she’s up another sniff.

(Monty) There we go…​ very sexy client yes, but that would be the reason just that, like that example right there and imagine. I’ve got, I’ve got a library doesn’t opposes I could use the front end of one of the background pattern makes sense between sweet, yeah, anyway, thanks! Next question.

(Audience) Background for Windows apologists, they should deal with yourself dancing, yeah, is it going to be a boosted? There’s no backdrop necessary. Oh, you mean in them in the video or that I used to importing those motion capture works via infrared cameras that see only the dots so there could…​

01:59:43.085 -→ 01:59:44.625 (Truebones) he’s lying folks. He doesn’t want to say he wants to say, Oh, Yeah, was real motion capture we put in Poser. No, you’re lying just like WunGun he used fucking TrueBones, you moron. Oh yeah, all this technical stuff. I’m going to. I’m going to say. All this technical stuff about infrared light and everybody will be fooled into believing that I’m a motion capture expert shut the fuck-up.

(Monty) Leave the room so long as there, not infrared reflective right. The cameras emit infrared being that the dots only see and then I have 8 cameras in their room and they triangulate the position of each dot. There’s 3 on each shoulder. The hands and it judges the distance between them and therefore allows me to do motion to motion. Prety much.

(Audience)Do you use a skeleton as a base?

(Monty) Right so for certain things like that, you know, I do a Bush and I do that dance. But my legs aren’t long enough. I have to do corrected the biggest misconception motion capture is it does work for you. That is completely wrong. The movies make it look like that.

(Truebones) Oh, he’s right about that. That’s exactly what Wungun thinks. If i use FBX and MotionBuilder, MoCap will save the day and I won’t have to make a movie. Nope, I’ll just use fake everything. And nothing I did was real and then at the end of it. They took it all away from me. What a retard. You fucking retard.

02:01:13.122 -→ 02:01:15.885 (Monty) Sometimes I’m where you’re telling people I use motion capture data on something less of an artist despite up until now not having rashly used motion capture, but the case being there’s a lot of cleanup like…​

(Truebones) he just. He just said folks I never use motion capture up until today. Listen to this, he sounds just like fucking WunGun

(Monty) my legs on his long my shoulder with not the same. But like so for example, if the girls when they put their hands get it like this. Their arms are longer, so their hands will like this and I have to do a lot of corrective work and there’s some gimbal lock involved in the shoulder rotation.

(Truebones) Ah ha. Did you hear that? He goes there’s a lot of corrective work, including a gimbal lock. Involved in the shoulder rotation now stupid. Looks just like WunGun look at his face! Look at his indignant face it, looks just like WunGun folks. The skinny version of course, the skinny white version of WunGun right here, Monty Aum. Who there’s a lot of corrective work? Including gimbal lock in the shoulders. I probably use motionbuilder too. And I’m not supposed to, but I made a fortune off it? Why 'cause I’m Monty Aum. the fucking Asian cocaine dealer of the CG industry.

02:02:42.820 -→ 02:02:46.830 (Audience) Character around.(Very soft, inaudible)

(Monty)Look like bare structure right poster itself there on the programs that are better for it. I’d say, use motionbuilder, even probably invest in a better motion capture system.

02:02:59.340 -→ 02:03:02.448 (Truebones) Who did you just hear it? I would say motionbuilder the I can’t afford motionbuilder 'cause I don’t have no money. But I would say use motionbuilder even though nobody has $5000 laying around for motionbuilder go ahead use motionbuilder. WunGun use motionbuilder

(Monty) translate motion capture. Poser simply reads (the) joint rotation. It says my hand moved up this far this classical. 5 degrees and it doesn’t care what how much if the arm is 30 feet long. It still going to do it. It won’t read the end points or whether the destination is so interact interaction. This stuff, which is why in the movies. You see motion capture is done via the cast. An actor who has the same face and scale of,. That’s very, very similar to the person who is being projected

02:03:54.320 -→ 02:04:00.884 (Truebones) right. Submitted he doesn’t do that, he uses Poser it yes.

(Monty)Yes, yes, yes, I am I do that.

(Truebones) Who must wait a minute? What was that question yes? Yes, I do the artwork what?

02:04:12.390 -→ 02:04:13.440 (Audience) Hummus.(Inaudible)

02:04:14.860 -→ 02:04:21.172 (Truebones) Yeah, there, he goes, wiping his nose again. Did you see him, wiping his nose?

(Monty)Come up here,

(Truebones) here is a perfect example,

(Monty) honey come up here here - is a perfect example, honey, come up with this costume. Starting Monday finished it. (Clap from audience) Making a model is now not what it is

(Truebones)Something to be proud

(Monty)of people, the first thing we did is we went clothes shopping. That’s a leather jacket. We found at faith that at H&M. There’s a script under that some really some really like some corner store down in Johnston, Rhode Island where we found a little here and then I’ve balrog material. Now this is a good metaphor for how I build stuff. I start with things that already work design wise or functionality functionality. Wise,

(Truebones) what he means is Truebones. Why are you sniffing? she just snapped her neck up there, like? Why you sniffing you? didn’t save any Coke for me? Monty, save me, some Coke please.

(Monty) I start with things that already work design wise or a functionality functionality. Sniff


(Monty) Why so like back to the Infinity war. Built in the actual models from Final Fantasy X

(Truebones) some great, thanks so much.

(Monty) rip the models from the game and most everyone else out there who

(Truebones) who was really, I can just see WunGun right now. Be so cool, he he told me to use Motionbuilder and he only uses Poser. He doesn’t even Mocap it. He just acted like he did MoCap. I want to be just like Monty. I wanna do cocaine and be a stupid fucker…​

(Monty)It’ll be in a rhythm the model will make poses or porn…​ or something but I myself thanks? I myself decided? I want to make a movie out of it, and put it out. You can use models thing will be. It’s fine. Now moving down. I’ve got you know you saw the first, second ago, or cloud here. He’s built off the parts at work.

Like his hair is from Crisis Quarter but his pants are from Kingdom Hearts and then I substitute the parts. I don’t think aren’t deep by detailed enough and go from there. The program I uses Maya and I’ve only been using it recently. I do build a model in Maya and drop it into Poser as a single object and then pulls it aside - Very very busy and I do modeling but I try to avoid it because it’s one of those things that takes up a lot of time - you’re technically rebuilding a human and it’s there’s a lot of biology involved

(Truebones) right,

(Monty)I guarantee my biology probably using

(Truebones) right, he keeps sniffing. He’s a cocaine addict. Yes, my I can guarantee you my biology isn’t right…​ yes, he keeps sniffing, cos 'cause your nose is so full of cocaine. You can’t even stand up straight your you gotta put your foot on the chair to keep from falling over you dumb moron…​

(Monty)anyone else? 02:07:43.630 -→ 02:07:48.628 Yep, when would you say you got it all this stuff to say I’ve always wanted to make movies I guess I used to do a lot of still work and I would always think of those is like frames from the movies. I wish I’d made I started I mean, I started making films because. Play Tekken together subgrade, will be like, you know if it was if it was now back then. I’d be like? What superpower you have and you see my old stuff that be like, so folks. Let me just

(Trueobnes), so folks, let me just say, Monty Aum got famous because they using TrueBones. Somebody saw Haloid…​ The movie and said 'how in the hell did this guy make all those moves in just Poser and he doesn’t even have a mocap studio? We gotta snatch him up. He doesn’t have a mocap studio! and we do! and he’s made more than us folks. I’ve seen it before it happens. Every time somebody uses TrueBones shit like this happens. This is Monty Aum. So I just wanted to show you who and what Monty Aum was about there’s another…​

02:08:59.720 Uh…​ there’s another movie where he’s showing some stuff but he keeps sniffing through his nose. I know for a fact that he or she has a dark side and that dark side is cocaine. And TrueBones…​ they’re using TrueBones I repeat Monty Aum, was a customer of TrueBones. So this is a cautionary tale. Folks don’t use MotionBuilder don’t use cocaine and don’t listen to a word…​ One word that this insane WunGunShun wants you to do so, if you’re subscribed to WunGun…​ Do this right now. Go over there and unsubscribe just hit the unsubscribe button folks do it right now, I’ll wait.

So this is like the mad creation of…​ Monty Aum, this is MontyAum’s Frankenstein right here…​

WunGuns…​ WunGuns…​ uh number one hero in life is Monty Aum. And we just showed you why…​ cos' he’s a liar. just like WunGun…​ Damn drug addict just like WunGun.

02:10:36.310 So today kids we show you why you should not use motionbuilder from Autodesk. Autodesk prohibits the use of Motionbuilder and its other products for commercial uses except character creator. That means making money with it if you want to use the educational version of Autodesk motion.

To learn then yes that’s fine. But what you can’t do is one make an animated movie and then use it to raise funds in Indiegogo or other fund raising platforms

No 2 Make Training videos, then monetize those videos on YouTube or other platform.

No 3 Make animated videos, then entered in a contest and win $3000 what the retard WunGun doesn’t realize is that he is not immune to prosecution from the law just because he or she is a black person also, what the retard didn’t realize is that Joe doesn’t use motionbuilder for any reason other than to make a free unmonetized tutorial to those who ask for guidance? Yes folks today, we go show. You why you don’t want to use motionbuilder at all. There’s no reason for it.

There are much better programs like I Kinema that. Offsets in retargeting of the motions much easier than motionbuilder ever could motionbuilder is over complicated and requires characterizations for the most simple retargeting or offset tasks lesson, here don’t use Autodesk Motionbuilder to create your film after all care Heller from auto? So…​ So I think that’s going to be, it for this show folks.

We could go into IKinema Web animate, but I’ve already made tutorials. IKinema Web animate. It’s much better and far more cheaper than motionbuilder motionbuilder. Last I check was like 56000 dollars or 150. Subscription. And we all know WunGun doesn’t have 2 pennies to rub together.

So don’t use it don’t listen to him don’t listen to Crispin, don’t listen to his son don’t listen to jet don’t listen to Ben don’t listen to anymore on from fucking Reallusion, especially a moron named Silviu Carrera, the biggest Pirate.

02:13:10.630 Never was is trying to tell people all WunGun. Can I use motionbuilder? Can I use motionbuilder? Yeah. Go ahead go ahead use motionbuilder? Go ahead. Later loser.

Questions for Truebones

  • Why is this fucking scam-artist Truebones talking about cocaine and meth, 8-ball, cocaine sniff, and asking to 'save the coke for me'?? How does Truebones know so much about drugs?

  • Why is this fucking Truebones selling 1000+ models stolen from games?, and talking trash about one specific person?

  • Why is it that Monty Aum’s animation is not glitched, while Truebones is trash? Why is this fucking Truebones talking about animation, when he sells trash, borked and screwed animation that is derived from CMU?

  • Why is this fucking scam-artist Truebones talking about He/She? Is Truebones a fucking bi-sexual tranny?

  • Why is this fucking scam-artist Truebones talking about using WebAnimate, when MotionBuilder suffices? Are you getting commissions for resales?

  • Why is Truebones berating a dead person, when WunGun talks about him?