It’s from Truebones! Just how good is Truebones Animations?

So you might be wondering, how good is Truebones Motions and why is it our business?

Truebones level of animation is below Junior animator. If you go to art-school, the art-teacher would catch this and ask the student to correct. Otherwise, the student would fail art school.

Truebones sells ripped assets that are targeted for certain game-models. It would cost thousands of man-hours to fix the ridiculous amount of foot sliding, avoid hands going into body, legs walking into teach other and errors. The costs would be so much that it would be better to start from scratch.

Truebones sells his garbage motions which have errors Truebones cannot fix. Here you go. Truebones sells it and gives no refunds.

Feedback since this was published

I love it. I love it. Thanks for criticizing my work absolutely love it. Oh, nobody's perfect is that what you want perfection.

No Truebones, you still make stupid mistakes in your latest mo-cap, that junior animators don’t make.

Example animations

In the below animations, no matter how many tweaks Truebones does, the shoulder goes into the body -

Figure 1. Shoulder Correction Fail

and the model’s legs goes into each other -

Figure 2. Hips Correction Fail

The walk cycle is so screwed, the models legs goes into each other -

Figure 3. Walk Cycle Fail

Key takeaways

Think for yourself…​ Look at that beautiful model! Why is the animation so screwed? A junior animator wouldn’t do this kind of stupid animation.

Do you think Mocap, dancing around stupidly around using a Kinect camera would be able to make perfect walk cycles?

When buying MoCap or motions, ensure they are correct. You cannot repair bad animation, you can only ask for a refund or re-take until perfect.

Nobody sells motions so screwed like how Truebones does. Do you see EpicGames Fornite dance motions where the character’s hands goes into their bodies? So why are Truebones animations so poor?

Obvious Answer

The obvious answer is…​

Truebones is not an animator, he is a scam-artist without any portfolio.

Truebones does not have any MoCap facility,

Truebones is not interested in any after-sales support,

Truebones is banned from Unity, Unreal and sells ripped garbage.