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I-Clone iMotions Ride / ?v=6yVYWHzpbHo
Iclone iMotions Chain / ?v=zEufgvhi1zg
I-Clone Dance i-Motions CHOKE / ?v=9CBoh26ercE
"Do Or Die" DANCE iMotions in ICLONE / ?v=9CBoh26ercE
Olivia (they lost and turned out) / watch?v=YE-cy4RVck4
Olivia and DANCE i-Motions for I-Clone / /watch?v=WwTPzPDyhoU
Patrone i motions / /watch?v=umUpZBnLKps
Sno Man Battle Rap / ?v=nEeeDxueXUY
Snoman 2 Battle Rap /watch?v=JGfr_QNL4G0
U ARE BAD! Michael Jackson /WUNGUN Parody /watch?v=cog6wQwQSWI

f1b075786b9fa5716b2360180f9ef99525b13146 olivia-they-lost-and-turned-out.mp4
5b5bb9caf0069046f51ff720c0974d35284cb652 hitler-finds-out-the-i-clone-character-animation-contest-was-rigged.mp4
90d8a9b58fa7d6a68864f2ac2d8f81aa07511015 u-are-bad-michael-jackson-wungun-parody.mp4
54ba78112fd5e9a03a39d9c44718301f3c671afb snoman-2-battle-rap.mp4
40cb7658cb1682e4424515f6c891e7994fa10752 sno-man-battle-rap.mp4
3ef43fd260399129f3f8e5bec1a42010911f3035 patrone-i-motions.mp4
aa6190993451d460122c66eba78a61b1ab1e40d4 olivia-and-dance-imotions-for-iclone.mp4
c6df03cbd733b2b859edd55a561b2cbf3fc3fe70 iclone-dance-with-imotions-classie-criminals.mp4
fdef9072d737920f6a512fe4008e3b6aaf25a1a9 do-or-die-dance-imotions-in-iclone.mp4
f59c86e43901aa1b9f289082dc78878792fb46f4 iclone-dance-imotions-choke.mp4
efddb0fc7de06e9089de6b4086aa0538efb09918 iclone-imotions-chain.mp4
435bf67901418f78ebfa1b1f10e9cad1806b93d8 iclone-imotions-ride.mp4

The 3D Hypocrites
Published on Jun 10, 2017
Joe Shows what can be done with Iclone and Dance motions

Joe vs WUNGUN is at it again, so heres JOES RE-BUTTLE Parody/ MASHUP, Michael Jackson Dance

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Animation Review

How good is Truebones Animation?

Truebones is not an animator. These movements are from CMU.

Hands in Body
Figure 1. Hands in Body
Hands in Body
Figure 2. Hands in Body
Hands in Body
Figure 3. Hands in Body