Hitler Finds out The I Clone Character Animation Contest was Rigged




Hitler uses…​
Figure 1. Hitler uses Adobe Mixamo, Kubold or AnimSteet as his animation source
Hitler uses…​
Figure 2. Hitler wants other artists to subscribe to Truebones

Hitler Goes Bullistic when he finds out all is not what it seems in the ICLONE industry. In FACT the GAME is Rigged, on all accounts and HITLER must deal with what hes created.

Hitler Finds out The I Clone Character Animation Contest was Rigged


The Latest Realusion IClone Contest Result has just arrived from UPS.

Straight from the Berlin Post I have it right here, it’s now list the No.1 best character animator of all time.

It is rumored that your favorite animator "WunGun Shun" may have secured the No.1 spot.

We will soon know if your boy "WunGun Shun" even made the Top 3.

It’s Ok. "Mein Shun" has got it secured, He will certainly be the No.1 best animator in the world.

Mein Fuhrer…​

Sun "WunGuns" 1st place award has been revoked for using Truebones and Gender Fraud.

Joe McPeek has replaced Miss Shun by rule and has reclaimed the No.1 Animators spot.

Those who use IClone, iPISoft, Unreal Engine, or iKinema get out…​

How in the Outer Space Mind F@@@@ did McPeek beat out Miss Shun?

Dammit Mein Wungun WTF, you couldn’t even crack Endorphin right!

And then find out that our "Mein Shun" is a She Male? Now aint that a complete mind pickle!

I’ve read hundreds of my sisters Cosmopolitian magazines.

I’ve been to countless Mili Vanili concers with my sisters

You’d think someone would know the difference between a man or woman by now…​

Ever since Mixamo started giving everything they had away for Free and then Adobe Fuse?

My Furher "Trouble in the Tomb" proves it was…​

I don’t give a flying frick about they fact that they use a cracked Mixamo and Endorphin

But fuhrer, Sun did not use Mixamo, just stole Truebones and…​

Mixamo in the "bone names" doesn’t F matter to me and you know it…​

It must be a F@@@@ error!

If the Reallusion Judges think they can just judge and say all this crap about the world’s best Animators.

and expect me to accept and beleive and swallow all this F’ing garbage!

Joe McPeek is now forever the No.1 animator of all time, I hate him and his face too,

Life is an ironic bastard and I can’t beleive all of this bullcrap!

If I wanted to F@@@@ buy or a crappy AnimStreet or Animeeple I would have by now.

and iPiSoft F** lied about having to use 2 kinects just to make simple 360 rotations.

But no, they couldn’t have chosen the best character animator in the world.

For Cripe’s sakes they could of chosen someone like me, the BEST dam MoCapper man on earth.

Someone that uses a Perception Neuron suit to make MoCap gestures.

For Frikc Sakes, where did I fail?

I even tried to teach myself to use Autodesk Maya, 3dMax, and MotionBuilder just in case of a disaster like this.

I should have known that was never f** gunna happen wat a waste.

Oh and one more thing I’m pissed about

I blame Mixamo, F@@@@ adboe and Mixamo ruined it for everybody…​

What in the hell was she doing with that Free Mixamo crap?

It’s okay, they cancelled your brothers Sketchfab accounts yesterday.

If one she could have used Makamo instead…​

Its pathetic Miss Shun should of never switched from Daz3D to PoserPro. She should have kept and used her Truebones all along

and her balls…​

Its too late now and its all your fault

Although if I had my own way, I would not ever used Mixamo, Kubold or AnimStreet for my moCap Source

I would have keyframed it all completely by hand.

Renew my Truebones Subscription