Business Registration Details


All business information are public. Why would a company not want their details private?

Lemonade Stand License

Figure 1. Lemonade Stand License

Truebones is a scam-artist who says he "registered" his business. It turns out, he applied for the lemonade stand license. The name "TRUEBONES" does not match his company name "Truebones Motions & Animation Studio" or "Truebones Motions".

This license does not allow commerce across state lines. This isn’t a sole proprietorship, a corporation or LLC.

Claim regarding doxxing

Truebones claims this site is saying his name (which is public knowledge), his email address (used by his business), his address (used by his business).

Truebones, if you want privacy, you might want to rent a place other than sitting on your bed.

Business Concern

Why is it our business?

  • Truebones doesn’t pay income-taxes.

  • Truebones doesn’t pay for business registration, required business permits nor social-security.

  • Truebones doesn’t employ animators nor artists. So how are they making all this 'content' to sell?

  • Heart to Heart communications asks for donations, gifts and charity…​ which feeds Truebones.

  • Truebones keeps stalking, harassing and ranting on their customers for no reason.

  • Truebones harasses not just us, others too.

  • Truebones steals content and claims ownership of them, then issues false take-down notices for Autodesk, Adobe Mixamo content he falsely owns.

Claim relating to Business Registration

  • Trolls are affecting his Business - Truebones sells garbage assets and Truebones doesn’t have a business registration.

Private Registration Nonsense

'Truebones' does not exist. It is an unregistered business entity at 69 Oxbow Lake.

The business at 69 Oxbow Lake (which is public knowledge) is Heart to Heart Counseling.

Figure 2. Heart to Heart Counseling - Facebook
Figure 3. Truebones address at 69 Oxbow Lake
Figure 4. Heart to Heart Counseling - Yellow Pages
Figure 5. Heart to Heart Counseling - MapQuest Entry
Figure 6. PayPal Invoice with Truebones Address
Figure 7. Truebones reading off the letter online
Figure 8. Truebones
Figure 9. Juicepack with Truebones Address
Figure 10. Truebones Address

Truebones does not exist on any Company Database.

Figure 11. Search not found on Company database

Truebones removed his address because he put privacy complaints on certain videos. If you are a business, your address is not private.

Figure 12. Truebones Address
Figure 13. Truebones Address, on Unity3d
Figure 14. Heart to Heart Counselling
Figure 15. Joe dancing