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My name is Alvin Snerling. My artist name is 'Wungun'. In 2015, I won the 2015 iClone Game Character Animation Contest. I have many videos of I, myself, making scenes and animations in iClone. I used my own animations and approved sources - motions from Reallusion Asset Store, Mixamo and from various MoCap companies.

A person aka 'Truebones' claim that I used his animations without permission and posted my address and personal details on-line. This was later found false.

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a) Include the link (or links) you want to be taken-down. Limit to 10 per email.

b) Include your full legal name or your business name, and full address.

c) Include the statement, that under perjury of the law, your email is true and correct, that you own the copyright to the material on this site, and under perjury of criminal arrest and/or legal action taken against you if found false.

Old News

May 20th 2020 - Truebones stalks, harasses and talks bad about Realusion Forum members.

May 16th 2020 - Truebones makes more than $10,000 a month. Truebones pays no taxes, is an unregistered business that rakes in money. Truebones does not pay for ANY licenses what-so-ever, nor does he pay any royalty fees to the original content creators.

Figure 1. Truebones is a drug-addict. Your payment to Truebones fuels Joe live-streaming smoking weed, slander, harassment.

May 15th 2020 - Truebones smokes weed. Marijuana is still considered a controlled substance due to it being illegal under federal law, Truebones does weed at his business address, Heart to Heart Counselling.

Figure 2. Truebones emails fake threats, fake DMCA notices to take-down other people’s content. That is racketeering, extortion, abusing DMCA notices

May 14th 2020 - Truebones tries to extort Rokoko and Unity Extortion. Joe asks Unity Moderator where to send DMCA notices to?

Truebones gives a master-key to unlock his content. He claims it’s free. It’s a bait and switch

May 19th 2020 - Truebones gives his friends a master-key to unlock his content, then claims Gumroad did not bill them. This is bait and switch and credit card fraud. If you didn’t check with your bank for unauthorized credit card charges, you would get stiffed or hard-luck.

  • Feb 15th 2020 - Truebones Small Studio. Truebone’s mo-cap studio is 5x5m or smaller. He closes the toilet door before he livestreams. How does one do Mocap? (New: includes bed).

Why this site is made

Truebones wearing his rape-mask
Figure 3. Truebones wearing his Jason rape-mask

Truebones is a fake merchant, whose business model is built on selling other people’s assets (with his assets taken down).

Truebones daily, rants about others who doxxing, slandering, defame, harass, libel of those who contact him, or point out the errors of his way.

3 Truebones slander and libel, his critics by calling them the N-word, tranny, cocaine addict, meth addict, drug-dealer instead of legit (sometimes free) sources to distract attention from his blatant stolen and ripped garbage on Gumroad. Truebones makes arguements that makes Truebones look good and everyone else guilty and stupid, including slandering artists - such as Monty Oum, issuing false-take-down notices to Epic Games, selling models and motions - in an unapproved way - and does so, without agreement nor compensating the affected companies, illegal business and more…​

4 Truebones repackages CMU, AutoDesk, Bless, models and animations from other companies, harasses others who uses Mixamo, Autodesk, claiming it’s Truebones!, when the original model/animation came from CMU, Mixamo or Autodesk.

7 Truebones is offering 60% to a whopping 90% commission on reselling or promoting stolen assets. Truebones is able to offer high commissions, because his costs are nearly zero, and he goes around putting fake take-down notices on Mixamo, Autodesk assets, while reselling them illegally.

Prayer for Relief

This website is to expose lies, theft, and put notice to - Epic Games, YouTube, Gumroad, Paypal and Reallusion to ban Truebones permanently.