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Key Issues

  • Truebones spams his stolen garbage

  • Truebones talks shit about others, gets banned.

Nonsense reply #1

Truebones Spam
Figure 1. Truebones talks nonsense
Wow, sounds like you put a lot of thought into it.

Vindictive, bitter and condescending...

Sounds like you have a long road ahead of you.

The best things in life are free and also fun.

I think you better scram buster,

your starting to tick me off..

Thats Mr.Bones to you!



Nonsense reply #2

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Figure 2. Truebones talks nonsense
The CGspeed and CMU BVH are LAME LAME LAME.

Visit animstreet, to view all said motions.

ALl of the CMU and Truebones BVH are there for display and preview.
Truebones Spam
Figure 3. Truebones talks nonsense

Nonsene reply #3

Truebones Spam
Figure 4. Truebones talks nonsense
That's obvious. :)

This guy... Joseph McPeek aka Mr. TrueBones....

Really does not know when to quit. With all of the posts he has done in this thread and on the Newetk
website and at CGTalk - where incidentally the thread was deleted - he can't seem to understand that he
continues to act completely unprofessional. ANYONE coming into these threads can easily see this.

The ONLY people who see his posts on these forums that may be interested will be the newbies who
can't afford any sort of mocap or someone who hasn't seen how he acts.

ANY business that uses his services obviously does NOT know how unprofessional he acts while attempting to
promote his business/service. He can't seem to understand that coming into forums and accusing a vendor
like Animeeple of unprofessional behavior ONLY make HIM look unprofessional.

If the people at Animeeple did in fact treat him poorly, you do NOT go on another forum and badmouth them.
You end up looking like an a$s - which he did.

And I have NEVER seen anyone who is "independently wealthy" hawk his wares in constant email and on every
forum and in every mailing list so often. All that does is make you look like you need every
penny you can get from people. This "wildman advertising" is just too much.

And NOW this thing with ipisoft? You can't say you "respect each other" and "are good friends" when you
practically plead with people NOT to buy ipisoft. You honestly cannot believe that people really
think you DO respect them and are friendly, can you?

Do you really think that the people here believe you when you say that?
Some people may be naive, but I sincerely doubt that there are ANY people here that are THAT dumb.

ALL you are doing here is continuing to tarnish your already destroyed reputation.
The more you fight, the more pathetic it looks.
Your best bet is to crawl away until you get some serious help on HOW to run a business and communicate
with people without looking like you are a serious mental case.
Seriously dude, you need to get some help because everything you've said here and on
the other forums just makes you look worse at every post.

Nonsene reply #4

Truebones Spam
Figure 5. Truebones talks shit about
Yes, I tried it, STAY AWAY!

It gave me a virus and crashed my computer last year,

Never used since, Cant recommend unfortunately,

it makes really bad animation, They even say so on the brekel website

Nonsense reply #5

Truebones Spam
Figure 6. Truebones talks shit
Aweee poor boo boo.

Just because someone buys something and is not happy with it doesnt give them the right to publicly bash it and make outrageous erroneous claims and lies against it.

If you can find a better deal, Go for it.

Quote from WillBellJr :Highly irregular for me, but most of yall know how I hate companies that practice shoddy business methods...

Before purchasing, read this thread to make an INFORMED decision

For some reason that shit there pizzed me off!


False Advertising

Wait a second, let’s be clear here.

1st. You offered to help me in your first post, which I appreciated. 2nd. Then I sent you my fbx file. 3rd. Then in your second post you told me, in order to get your help, I would have to buy a support package from you (in other words, pay for a service). So you offered to help at first and asked me for the file, then you ask me to pay you???…​

I then told you to delete the file I sent you in private and understood that business is business that I wasn’t interested to buy any of your service.

Then you tried to convince me not to buy ipisoft ????? I sent an email to ipisoft asking why do I have you trying to convince me not to buy ipisoft. Well,…​ got my answer.

I still think your reasons for people not to get ipisoft at $195 is not genuine. And why you are so concern if people get it or not? Good that you are offering a free service though. But still, is no reason enough to bash the software.

I would agree with your perspective / opinion if your claims were true and backed with real data. But unfortunately they are not and again, for someone who never used ipisoft, it is very intuitive and easy to use.