Opa Graz

The person’s name is intentionally misspelled as that person wants no relation to Truebones

Truebones is a scam merchant who has no business to sell stolen content.


Figure 1. Truebones Terminates Opag License

Sam Smith, 1 day ago Made with Truebones? Truebones does not give you permission to use. Please remove all movies that refer to Truebones motions.

OpaG, 1 day ago wow, you are not an intelligent person you sold me a license. it is in your collection 2015 that I bought from you. I almost feel sorry for you …​

OpaG 1 day ago sorry, your license is from 2013. now enjoy another day in your strange life. peace.

Sam Smith, 1 day ago @OpaGrampz Yes, and I have REVOKED your license. For being a Stupid little kid BULLY.


  • Truebones has no business, except slander, defamation, scamming and lying.

  • Truebones content sold to Opaz contains motions originally from CMU, Adobe, Autodesk, so he is selling smoke.

  • Truebones should refund Opag, but he does not. Reason? There is no EULA in the motions he sells. Truebones never gives refunds. Truebones lies and claims PayPal is holding it up, but anybody can easily click the refund button and give money back.